Good news about Idlib from Sochi. There is a much greater danger than the Syria war! That 'map' was also on the table

Turkey and Russia, Presidents Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Vladimir Putin stopped the intervention targeting Idlib and the clashes that would restart the Syria war with their meeting in Sochi yesterday. This is a victory. This is the strongest response to those seeking to restart the Syria war. This is a heavy blow to those drawing attention to Idlib while hurriedly working on other plans for the east of the Euphrates.

We'll tell you why...

Idlib is not the biggest crisis in Syria, the east of the Euphrates is. This is where the great danger lies. This is where preparations targeting Turkey's future are being made. If, one day, we are going to be a side of a "clear" regional clash, this is where the front will be. Because this is the region where the attack on Turkey's territorial integrity will come from. Because the map operations here are part of a plan directly targeting Turkey's territorial integrity.

The Idlib issue has been solved with a tripartite agreement that will last until a solution is reached on Syria. This is the "de-conflict" deal between Turkey, Russia and Iran. If some continue to prepare for an intervention targeting Idlib, want this or want conflicts to spread throughout the country again despite the deal, then they want the Syria war to start all over again.

The stress accumulated in Idlib and the Eastern Mediterranean is to gain some time for the east of the Euphrates and divert attention away from this area. Russia, the Damascus regime and Iran are all being dragged into a vast trap in this direction and the foundation is being laid for a covert U.S. game.

A destructive mind on the inside is confusing us

The map formed in the east of the Euphrates was most likely the main objective behind why Syria was dragged into war. Regional countries realized this too late. The cause of certain problems regarding Turkey's Syria policy is the result of the operational groups involved in that project directing Turkey and relevant units in this direction.

Because the plan in question has a vast support network within Turkey, and this is far from being in line with our country's national objectives. On the contrary, it is "a destructive mind." Though that mind currently seems quiet, it will be re-activated once the time comes. This is obvious and clear.

A very dangerous plan aimed at joining the region with Northern Iraq through the U.S. and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) - in a way that will also include the country's oil resources - and expanding it to the Mediterranean is being implemented.

The map plan has Turkey and Iran components

This is the biggest threat targeting Turkey's future. Coup attempts and internal conflict attempts have been applied in this country to implement the plan in question. Even the smallest neglect toward this threat will lead to grave consequences for our country's future.

This plan is the first stage of a much bigger "map" to be applied on Turkey and Iran immediately after Iraq and Syria. Therefore, once the north of both Iraq and Syria are joined in a common map, we will be presented with threats like open war and attacks for the Turkey component of the map if necessary. We are obliged to accept this from now and prepare accordingly.

A new threat graver than the Syria war is approaching

Every attempt aimed at extenuating this threat and allowing it to be overlooked is bad intentioned and every group doing this is the representative of another agenda. The longer the map in question is delayed, the longer this danger will be delayed; the longer it can be prevented, the longer this danger will be prevented.

There is a greater danger here than the Damascus regime for Turkey and Iran, and of course, for Iraq and Syria as well. I am not sure how aware we are of this, but if it continues like this, nobody should think the outbreak of crises more grave than the Syria war in the upcoming years is only a "likelihood." These countries need to take action from now for the map that will include their own lands too in time, and if necessary, display a joint struggle or one that will not have them stepping over each other's toes.

The Damascus regime cannot protect Idlib, that map will be completed

For us, Idlib is the closure of the gate opening to the Eastern Mediterranean. Our sensitivity in Idlib is the effort to stop the division the Syrian administration will never be able to prevent. Because the map spanning from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean encompasses one-third of Syrian territory, and will shred the country into pieces.

If clashes are provoked once again through Idlib and the Damascus regime takes control, those who planned that map will crush Idlib and complete the map. And we are going to face the reality that a while later, the invasion in Idlib is going to reach Afrin, and then Hatay.

The whole region should join a united struggle against this invasion

We can see the truth if we view the entire region as a whole. This is possible once we have a perspective of the region. Those who drag us into details at times we are stuck in tight corners will make us miss those big projects. This is what they have been doing successfully all along.

All elements of the region, Turks, Arabs, Iranians, whoever wants freedom and honor for the region must take action against this invasion and map. The greatest struggle must be against this invasion. Because they are laying the foundation of the biggest wars of the future, and ploys to destroy the entire region are being planned through this map.

Agreement reached in Sochi, intervention prevented in Idlib

The Erdoğan-Putin meeting in Sochi yesterday was the last hope for the whole region. The two leaders are aware of all the covert and overt plans being implemented through Syria. Russia has understood Turkey's Idlib sensitivity. As a matter of fact, the great danger has been understood.

The demilitarized zone will extend between 15 to 20 kilometers (9-12 miles) into Idlib by Oct. 15, and the process in question will continue with Astana. A buffer zone will be formed between the Syrian regime forces and opposition groups, while Russia will guarantee that there will be no intervention targeting Idlib. Massacres have been prevented. This is a major victory for the oppressed and a great disappointment for those making plans in the east of the Euphrates.

East of the Euphrates was on the table: Being aware of the danger

Up until now, Erdoğan and Putin have been able to overcome all kinds of crises in bilateral meetings. It was no different this time. Despite all the pressures and conspiracies of the world, the two leaders were able to prevent another very great crisis. This is a major achievement.

It was revealed in Erdoğan's statements after the meeting that the east Euphrates issue that I mentioned above was also on the table at the Erdoğan-Putin summit. For the leaders to agree on this great danger is promising in terms of Syria and the entire region.


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