Great country, marvelous victory! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Great country, marvelous victory!

Yesterday, Turkey literally made history.

The great Turkey took another giant step on its path. It put an end to its century-long fight for independence and had the final say. It declared to all, friend and foe, what homeland defense means.

With an amazing understanding of history, it showed that this country is the final defense line, the last safe haven and last fortress.

It renewed its call to the backbone of this country to continue its history-making role, its mission and responsibility.
It looked out for its history-maker leaders, revolutionaries. It gave them power and courage. It shamed all circles and the center that targeted them and buried them into history.

Yesterday, Turkey ended more than the instability, hesitance and concern that engulfed the nation since the June 7 elections. The result was a heavy slap in the face for the domestic invaders, those attempting invasions from the outside and shooting bullets at our country. Turkey gave a very harsh response to those who turned media headquarters into the headquarters of terrorist organizations, those who used their pens as weapons, those who sided with terrorist organizations and waged war on the country and people, those who tried to invade the country from within to take over the control.

Turkey delivered the trust to those who deserve that trust; to those who look out for the country, people and history. It told them, "Do not tremble, speak loud and clear, stand tall and continue to challenge." It drew a destination, no longer changeable, for the Turkey of the 21st century with a spirit from the Seljuks, the Ottomans, the fight for independence.

The national will that negated the Crusades, the Mongol Invasion and got back up on its feet again after World War I, showed those who ordered "The time has come, hit Turkey," and their orderly, that we will never bow down. Because Nov. 1 was not a general election, it was homeland defense.

It was complete homeland defense against those who carried the region's chaos to our borders in waves, those who turned our cities into war zones, those who hit our capital with terrorism, planned to oust the government through street riots, parallel organizations trying to carry out a coup with their intelligence that infiltrated the state to deliver the country to countries in the west and south, to terrorist organizations and the "joint front" formed by all of these.

As we said this is the last War if Independence and called on to our people to look out for their country, while trying to save the region's single stable island, their answer on Nov. 1 was given in the loudest voice possible.

We know now:

This country will never bow down. It will never go under tutelage again. It will not become Egypt, Ukraine or Syria. It will not be dragged into an ethnic or sectarian war. It will not be confined within the borders of Anatolia again.

Whether you are from the PKK, the People's Revolutionary Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C), the parallel organization, colored revolutionary, or the "Trojan Horse" intellectual crew, or even if you are Aydın Doğan, you will never be able to take hostage this country.

As long as we have a revolutionary like President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a state mind like Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, a state understanding that takes giant steps of progress in every area, this self-confidence surrounding our nation, as long as our people who woke up from their century-long sleep look out for this great cause, you will be disgraced. You will lose. As we further fix out feet in the ground with a "ruthless resistance, “you will always be defeated.

You joined every dirty partnership. You backed all anti-Turkey circles. You disgraced your own country and people. You tried all ugly ways while waging war against the leaders of your country.

You failed to see that this is more than the fight of a politic party, that it is a much greater cause that has been ongoing for a thousand years. You did not understand and waged war against both the country and this great cause. You looked at your partners and thought you would win.

You lost and will forever lose. You will lose like those who have been losing for a thousand years. There is no longer any hesitation or indecisiveness. Turkey is going to take greater steps. It is going to use its energy on taking bigger steps, not internal betrayals and instigations.

May the Nov. 1 victory bring luck to the AK Party, the leaders of this great cause, our country and people.

Yes, the pro-tutelage mindset lost. "Our boys" who stood shoulder to shoulder with the people succeeded. May this victory bring luck to Turkey and the region. The victory is the people's!


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