He’s more like a Daesh leader than the US president... This statement is a declaration of war, but it is Trump saying it after all. Turkey will enter the east of the Euphrates and you are not going to be able to do anything about it! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

He’s more like a Daesh leader than the US president... This statement is a declaration of war, but it is Trump saying it after all. Turkey will enter the east of the Euphrates and you are not going to be able to do anything about it!

U.S. President Donald Trump’s statement saying, “We’ll devastate Turkey economically if they hit Kurds,” is one of the biggest blackmails in political history. There is no way to explain it with any political language, justification or logic.

This statement is the sign of a deranged, out-of-control mind. It is the sign of a Daesh mindset, not that of a state president. A terrorist organization alone can make such statements. Only a terrorist organization can view events through such a mindset. This is an example of mindlessness much beyond Turkey and the region’s reality; it is a state that has lost its mind and fallen hostage to the mentality of a terror organization.

No country can make Turkey bow down with such a threat

No state can make Turkey do anything with such a threat. No power can take control over Turkey with such blackmail. The leader of a country who is allied with terrorist organizations, that founded Daesh to pave the way for invasion, that armed the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and made it attack Turkey, that is trying to close in on our country from northern Syria to siege it, that has divided the region into pieces, and is paving the way for new and numerous more large, regional conflicts cannot preach about our region and teach us with whom we will cooperate and how.

No country can protect terror by hiding behind an ethnic identity and threaten a country identified as an "ally" through this hidden intention. It cannot provoke its close neighbors against Turkey. It cannot provoke the Arab-Muslim world against Turkey. It cannot continue its secret objectives aimed at confining a country into Anatolia by hiding them among certain relations.

The US has become a threat for the world: We are facing a global bandit

Neither the U.S. nor Trump has the moral, the license, or the economic and political power to bring order to the world. The U.S. has long lost this power. Most importantly, its reputation and its persuasiveness have been extremely shaken and collapsed.

This is not the case for us alone. The U.S. is solely an aggressive state from Latin America to Russia, from China to Africa, and as a matter of fact, all the way to Europe. Its view, approach, the way it perceives the world has made it a global threat.

This is the new situation the U.S. administration and its public need to understand. Because their country is no longer a power that gives direction to the world and has turned into an organization. This is the great danger. We are facing an extremely barbaric and unbalanced state that is capable of doing anything at any time. Thus, we are face-to-face with a vulgar power that has lost its reputation. We are standing against a global bandit.

You cannot impose a map on Turkey: We are never going to experience the 20th century again

The era of those threats is long closed for Turkey. There is no longer a country that can be altered with a tweet, a visit to Ankara, or an article published in U.S. media. There is no longer a Turkey that can be invaded with terrorism without their protection. There is no longer a country that will fall for these bluffs, that can be forced to kneel with dollar operations, and that can be enslaved through economic terrorism. There is no longer a Turkey that can be cornered with money operations through Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

You can no longer impose a map on Turkey. It is not a country that can be forced to accept the new Syria maps, Iraq maps, and the Saudi Arabia and Gulf maps soon after. This is not going to happen. Because Turkey is no longer a country that is under tutelage control, and it has paid great prices in this fight. If necessary, it will pay even heavier prices, but the 20th century will never be repeated again.

Our region, our country, our mind

We are being threatened by the leader of a country that is at war with more than half of the world We are talking about the U.S., which dares to determine our relations with the Kurds, Arabs, Iranians, Central Asia, South Asia and the Far East, which comes to our borders from thousands of kilometers away and talks "security" rubbish to us, and which has been lying to this country for three decades.

There is nobody in this country who believe these lies anymore. There is no longer a political mind and social identity that will see our country, our borders or our region through the U.S.'s indoctrinations. Our minds, our knowledge of the region, our political wealth, our future plans are clear. Restraining these, restraining a nation with a vulgar display of power is such a foolish perspective.

Let us see Trump get his own country to listen to him before Turkey

The U.S., a state that has launched trade wars with China, Russia, European countries, Latin America and Turkey, among many others, will soon see this war strike itself. We are talking about a country that has no ally other than a few small states and a couple of terrorist organizations. This will be enough to understand everything.

Let us see Trump stop threatening Turkey and manage to get his country to listen to him first. A leader who is incapable of getting his country to obey him attacking Turkey in this way is nothing other than foolishness. The U.S. president needs to at once see that a new world is being shaped. What he needs to do is make his own country adaptable to these innovations. There are numerous examples in history about the degree of progress empires, which have set sail in the completely opposite direction to the course of humanity, have made.

From the Iranian border to the Mediterranean: there can be no non-regional force, no terrorist organization

Turkey is going to refuse to be surrounded from the south and never surrender to this. Turkey is going to easily, and with determination, take the steps necessary to negate that terror corridor, that map plan. Turkey is going to spoil the great game set from the U.S. to Israel, from the UAE to Saudi Arabia, and by all their partners within the country. It has both the power and wits to achieve this.

Turkey is not going to allow a terrorist organization or a country from outside the region to take control over its entire southern border spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean.

An intervention east of the Euphrates River cannot be postponed

Hence, Turkey will and must intervene east of the Euphrates River in Syria. The danger here is fatal and real; it is the most imminent and greatest danger for our country. Every day we postpone this intervention the price we will pay increases and will continue to do so.

The whole world should know that though we paid a great price, we are about to win that fight. We are about to carry our history-making will and gene to this age. We are sufficiently equipped to shove their threats and maps in their faces. We are going to do this and you will all see it happen. You will learn that we never step back…

Saying that you will devastate a country economically is grounds for war. But, it is Trump saying this after all.


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