How exactly is Turkey threatening the US? The threat always emanated from the West for the last millennium. This is the greatest force since the Ottoman Empire

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, “The Russian S-400 air defense system is threatening U.S. security. It is important that Turkey and all U.S. allies avoid Russian defense systems.” 

An explanation needs to be made about how exactly the S-400s pose a threat to the U.S. These systems are defense systems. They protect countries against likely air raids. How can an S-400 deployed in Turkey threaten the American continent? 

Or are the missiles being perceived as a threat because when the time comes, the U.S. and the West are going to attack Turkey? There is no part of this statement that can be analyzed based on futile discourses like, “They are a threat for NATO systems.” 

Is what they are against and consider a threat the S-400s or Turkey’s extraordinary preparations in the field of defense technologies? This is the issue. 


Turkey’s borders or US borders? What is US doing at the zero point of Turkey’s borders? 

Then, should we perceive the definition of this threat as: Did the Mediterranean, the Aegean, the Black Sea, Syria, and Iraq all become U.S. seas and lands, and we didn’t get the memo? Do U.S. borders start in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea? 

Are Turkey’s borders becoming U.S. borders? Are they starting their defense at the zero point of our borders? Let us assume that this is the case. Then what is the U.S. doing at the zero point of our borders? 

If Turkey is not a threat to them, if they are truly an “ally” or “strategic partner” as stated in all those twisted lies, then why are they establishing military buildups on our borders? Why are they building military bases? Why are they building fronts? 

These preparations are not against Russia, China; they are directly aimed at Turkey

Why have they been deploying thousands of truckloads of weapons to organizations that have been attacking Turkey in Syria for decades? Why are they building an army against Turkey there? Why are they prolonging an indirect war against us? 

Why are they arming the Aegean islands? Why are they establishing a military buildup in Dedeağaç? Why are they cornering us in the East Mediterranean? Why do they want to turn the Black Sea into a “battleground”? 

Is all this for Russia, China or Iran? Never! They are all aimed at Turkey, against Turkey. Is Anatolia still a U.S. garrison? Then will they be protecting us against ourselves? 

Against which threats did we seek refuge in these weapons? What were we supposed to do when they denied us their own defense systems and implemented a heavy embargo, while simultaneously besieging our country, making their intentions crystal clear? 


Who pitted our neighbors against us, drove terrorism into Anatolia? 

If U.S. defense starts all the way here, then where does our defense, where does Turkey’s defense start? What does defense mean for Turkey, and where do the new threats emanate from?  

Let us evaluate the situation considering the present alone: Who stands against us in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, at our southern border, every country we reach out to, every country with whom we establish a rapport with, in every plan we prioritize Turkey, at home and abroad, and in every project that represents Turkey’s fortification and rise?  

Who is the one preventing or trying to prevent all this? Who builds alliances, making threatening statements and building fronts for this purpose? Who is the one pitting our neighbors against us? Who is the one driving all the terrorist organizations in the region to Anatolia? 

The S-400s are not the issue. Turkey knows when and where to use these systems, whether it will activate them or keep them dormant until it is the right time to bring them out. It may even use it as a trump card in negotiations. This is not the main reason behind this persistent discussion. 


They want us to be vulnerable to attacks, to always depend on them

They are telling us to “Always remain in defense,” “Always be dependent on us,” “Always remain vulnerable to attacks,” “Keep away from mechanisms that will resist our interventions, whenever and however we do it.” 

They are telling us, “If we please, we will favor you or strike you; if we like, we will change your regime or protect it. Do not bring forth any will, do not draw your own path, and do not act independently in any way.” 

They are telling us, “Be our armed power, our garrison country, our front country against Russia, China, and the Muslim region like you were in the past. Run to war wherever we drive you. Remain in whichever alliance we place you.” 

A country capable of building this mentality, transferring the foresight of centuries over to the present will not agree to these terms

They are telling us to refrain from altering the post-World War I order, to remain as the West’s eastern front, to avoid any action that will bring the region to us and awaken the main axis of the earth, which stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts. 

Do they really think that all this completely flies over our heads? Do they think that Turkey, which built this mentality, which carried the political foresight of centuries over to the present, marched to the center while the world is being rebuilt, and analyzed the region’s future even better than the U.S. can agree to all this? 

Blinken is speaking with the hackneyed cliches of the old world. His statements represent the Cold War era mentality and habits. His words reflect the panic of the U.S. that is losing power and influence as the global order collapses and a new world is being built. 


The greatest force after the Ottoman Empire. An awareness growing from Africa to Asia 

But Turkey is no longer a country they can just tolerate, direct, control, or drive from one place to another. It is not a country that will act upon instructions from the U.S. and European capitals. Not anymore. Never again. 

Turkey has a lot more to say for the region and the world than the U.S. and Europe. It has much greater goals. It is establishing a more significant influence. It is displaying a growing awareness from Africa to Asia. 

Loud and clear: Turkey is much more effective than all European Union countries put together, from the Atlantic coasts to the Pacific coasts, from the depths of Africa all the way into Asia. 

This is an extraordinary power. It is the greatest power rise after the Ottoman Empire. This is a surprise that will change global power maps and shake the world’s axis in humanity’s central geography. 


Same main threat for the last thousand years; always emanating from the West

The world is very much aware of this. The U.S. and Europe all know. Hence, they are trying to stop this wave from expanding any further. This is the reason underlying all the interventions carried out and planned through psychological pressures, military deterrence, economic attacks, and the front built within. 

Blinken, Biden, the U.S. political mind, and all the deep structures they have must know: The U.S. is the primary threat to Turkey in every area. This is what our perception of the region and the world tells us. This is what our view of Turkey, the way we interpret the U.S. and the West, and how we perceive the present and the future tells us. 

The main threat has never changed for us in the past thousand years. They great threat has always been from the West for the last millennium. We identified the same threat once more today. Old statements and cliches do not signify anything to us. Because we have now started to make our own claims. 

That ship has sailed 

We experienced the disaster of the Western threat a century ago. It will not happen ever again. Because the trajectory of history has changed, the flow of water has altered. We are emerging; the rest of the world is emerging. The West is no longer the world’s center.  

Turkey is no longer a country you can control, force to do what you say, confine into narrow spaces, and frighten. That ship has sailed. There is no such world, no such U.S., and no such Turkey. 

You will adapt.

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How exactly is Turkey threatening the US? The threat always emanated from the West for the last millennium. This is the greatest force since the Ottoman Empire
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