If Erdogan falls, Turkey will fall - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

If Erdogan falls, Turkey will fall

Everything they touch turns to ashes. An infertileness, a bad luck surrounds everywhere.

Everything they design, think and pass through their minds, damages the country and the people, make them suffer and brings forth anger and rage.

It drives them crazy to see their immunity, which they"ve possessed throughout the 20th century, being interrogated and taken off their hands.

They believed that they were the owners of the country, the people, the state and even the religion. So much that, they grew accustomed to use these values and when some people come out and say "No, it"s not so," they go mad right at that second.

As they grow mad, they attack here and there. They destroy, they ravage. They do not hesitate to shed blood and ruin the country. They say that "If it"s not ours, let it be no one"s and if we are non-existent then let everything be annihilated".

For the sake of their purpose, there is no power that they wouldn"t form an alliance with. There is no sacred thing that they wouldn"t trivialize.

There is a reverse ratio between Turkey"s joint kindness and their immunities and privileges. Because of this, reuniting with Turkey, the people, the past and the futures, is out of the question.

We took shelter in Anatolia and we want a new history

After the World War I, we managed to protect Anatolia. We took shelter in Anatolia. We"ve built a wealth with struggle and splendid self-devotion. They"ve lighted upon this wealth. They embraced it and transformed it into their own property. Because of this fact they always quarrelled with Anatolia. They didn"t see them as one of their own. They didn"t talk to them. They remained insensitive to their longings. They"ve crushed their honours.

And now, after the first breakage a century ago, Turkey is living their second breaking. Turkey is discovering his own rising, recovering, remembering the past and looking into the future potentials.

Their fights are because of this. Their fights originate from the fear of losing the country and the state as their premises and that the country will transform into a common country of everyone living in it.

That"s why they are trying madly to misdirect this walk and to stop and to prevent this rise, this recovery. They are mobilizing every power under their hands. They are forming new alliances in order to stop Turkey"s big leap and creating scenarios, which are renewed every few months, and trying to enforce them.

They seem like they are even ready to risk starting a civil war in order to prevent Turkey from passing that faith line. They are trying to fool everyone by writing failure stories. With an extraordinary informative power and an intellectual treachery, trying to break the back of the country with partners both from the inside and the outside, they are trying to prevent the beginning of a new history after centuries.

They have mobilized all the opposing areas within the country. Used them all and exploited them. While they were down in the streets for their own political plans, behind this there were different fictions and plans. These miserable beings, weren"t aware of where their struggles were planned at, or, they"ve shown their lack of foresight with taking a role in big projects.

We have gone through two coup attempts in a year

Turkey survived two coup attempts in a year. They were going to immobilize the government with the Gezi Protests and apply the Ukraine project. Out in the open, there was a Turkey design that even exceeded the government. People, who were aware of this flagrant project, nullified it. Some simple simons can"t understand this scenario even today.

When they failed, by gathering a conservative mass, they"ve started the 17 December coup scenario. This was project to overthrow the government and convert Turkey to Egypt. Erdogan would be Egypt"s Moursi, an organisation scenario would be applied and extended liquidations would be encountered. Politics, business world, media and bureaucracy would have been put in order from square one and Turkey"s passage from the faith line would have been prevented.

The conservative personnel within the state, worked like a foreign information web. Though, related project was a suicide for them and they really did committed suicide. December 17 attempt failed. When the details are leaked to the public opinion, the evil plans would reach even the most remote places of this country.

Everyone in Turkey will recognize the people who"ve waited for an order from overseas to overthrow the government.

This time on May 1st and during the anniversary of Gezi protest, when the German Security Intelligence stepped in, the Alevi card was activated. Some organisations under the control of the German Intelligence had hit the streets. When this couldn"t get support from the Alevi side, it was left as an unsuccessful attempt.

Like the resistance of moms

Now, after all these projects had hit solid walls and got shattered into pieces, they started to scratch Turkey"s most painful and sorrowful wound again. They got caught to the excitement of ethnic conflict. Anyhow, this conflict had a past and the sorrow were quite fresh. Via these sorrows they could have sabotaged the Resolution Process and finally stage their biggest project again.

They are working on this for days now. They are applying scenarios via Kurds and attempting to pull PKK to the conflict zone again. If the blood is spilled prior to the Presidency elections and if the Resolution Process is sabotaged, they can both control the election and reshape the possible alliances before the elections.

Whole of the antagonist communities in Turkey and the countries that wants to restrain Turkey in a once again manageable are, are supporting this scenario.

Because of this, for us and all the people that love this country and believe in fellowship and common goodness, it is time to resist to the core. This is their final scenario. If they fail this scenario as well, they won"t have any power and courage to stage anything again.

Because as they fail, they will shatter and scatter

"Turkey" is the reason of, all their hatred towards Erdogan, the images they are trying to draw and the perception they want to create. Because if Erdogan falls, they believe that they can be successful in their plans. If he falls, they believe that Turkey will fall, the rebirth will be prevented and the faith line will be broken.

Therefore, it"s time to resist for Turkey.

Like the resistance of mothers at Diyarbakir.


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