If you don’t believe in Turkey’s ascension, look to the skies! It’s pushing the boundaries of knowledge and the mind - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

If you don’t believe in Turkey’s ascension, look to the skies! It’s pushing the boundaries of knowledge and the mind

To put it clearly, the most assertive, most determined rising country in the world today is Turkey. It chooses its objectives well, invests in power and knowledge accordingly, and has emerged as a new player in the global power domain with an extraordinary intellectual leap.

An extraordinary storm of attacks is being carried out both at home and abroad to stop this rise. Incredible alliances and surprising fronts are being established. Maps are being designed, predictions are being made left and right, and plots are being made to “stop Turkey.”

The great showdown

Those people we thought were our “friends,” who we thought were “one of us,” those who we thought needed to defend Turkey's great claims most intensely are joining the anti-Turkey front; they are abandoning all that they believed in and defended until now and attacking Turkey.

What sort of a fight or fear is this, what kind of a great showdown is this? What sort of a “global front” was established that whenever Turkey makes a breakthrough, whenever it takes great steps in all fields, the attacks start?

The attacks are emanating from the U.S., from Europe, and from regional countries, from their extensions within, from the internal front they built. It is flowing from terrorist organizations, from opposition parties, from those who conjure up nothing but evil.

Major dissidence: You do not belong to Turkey!

This fight is for us all. This is a great fight launched to return the political history of centuries, the region to itself, to find itself, to end the evils and suffering we are witnessing today.

If you are not on our side, if you are against Turkey, if you are unable to be happy for our country, then we are in great disintegration. And this disintegration is obligatory now.

This is because if you are walking with others and not with Turkey, if this is what you have chosen, then you have disassociated yourself from Turkey. The immoral act of seeming to be a part of Turkey and then stabbing it in the back must come to an end.

Erdoğan: Landing on the moon in two years. We couldn’t have imagined this a few years ago

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recently revealed Turkey’s 10-year space program in the form of 10 articles. We know that all the countries that are already conducting research in the field of space are monitoring this development very closely. We saw that this led to a great wave of joy in our country. However, the nefarious in our midst are also hastily working towards cutting the nation’s happiness short.

Those 10 articles are as follows:

1- Making contact with the moon for the first time on our Republic’s centenary. In other words, we will be on the moon in two years. There is no doubt that the next step will be to reach Mars.

2- Producing a trademark capable of being a global player in the field of developing new generation satellites. States and companies are going to be directed this field, with global breakthroughs made in the fields of technology, branding, and investment.

Localization of time, space; globalization of ideas, claims…

3- Developing a regional positioning and timing (navigation) system that belongs to Turkey. This is the Turkification of time and space, its localization, leaving Turkey’s mark on it. This signifies the localization of time and space, and the globalization of the idea and claim.

4- Ensuring access to space, and establishing a space port business (in an ally and sister country).

5- Increasing our efficiency in space through investment in the field that is referred to as space weather or meteorology.

6- Boosting Turkey’s efficiency with respect to astronomical observations and following space objects from the field.

7- Further developing the space industry ecosystem in our country.

8- Establishing a space technology development zone.

9- Developing our effective and efficient human resources in the space field.

10- Sending a Turkish citizen into space.

Rivalry of future-making countries: the Turkey surprise

All these subjects are being planned so meticulously to ensure that for the first time, Turkey will pave the way to the future and beyond the age. A new era is starting, a new age is being ushered in, which means Turkey is becoming one of the world’s few superpowers.

This is no pipe dream. Countries that are reading into the future are making serious preparations. There is an extraordinary competition between the countries that will build the world of the future. Some countries are tired, some are very dynamic and energetic. Turkey is among the top rising countries. Its claims, goals and preparations are all geared and ready to go.

We’re going all in

Turkey’s space program is not a standalone venture. It is one of the main pillars of a civilization leap, a power leap. We are a country that plays big in the economy field, in the energy field, in the defense field, in the systematic transformation field, in the knowledge revolution field, in the geopolitical goals field, in terms of carrying the rich political heritage of the past to the present, and most importantly, in the area of awareness, understanding, and confidence.

It is a great pleasure and honor to be a member of a generation that is witnessing this great rise, which we all personally dreamed of and considered highly unlikely.

This ‘revolution’ will be completed

These goals cannot and will not be sacrificed to mental myopia, evils, jealousy, personal ambitions, and personal vengeance. Regardless of the origin of the attack, regardless of the direction of the storm, and regardless of the sort of evil alliances built, Turkey will complete this great revolution.

The scale has now changed. Turkey’s perception has changed. The power domain has changed. Every new day, every new step, will increasingly multiply this power and efficacy. Turkey’s intelligent, determined and assertive steps, and the great power change in the world, which we have never seen before, is fully opening this field to us.

Limits of knowledge, limits of mind, limits of speed. We will not be late again

The human race is pushing the limits of knowledge, the limits of the mind and speed. Human history never before reached such a threshold. Our thoughts are not limited to the earth, nor are our dreams limited to the world, or our knowledge limited to the past.

Turkey is trying to take the lead in this race. We will be in the lead. We call this the new rising period.

I will end with a statement from President Erdoğan: “We were late to realize the power change that started with geographical discoveries. Today the world is entering a new period.” This is why we lost our global power role to others. This is why the Ottoman Empire collapsed. In other words, we will not be late again. This time we will rise as they fall.


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