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Insulting President Vučić, insulting the Serbs. Western arrogance, American disgrace

The treatment of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić at the White House is not at all surprising. It is simply the latest demonstration of the racist and colonialist identity that those who see the world as their servants and their slaves have carried over from the depths of centuries to the present and are trying to rebuild today.

U.S. President Donald Trump sat Vučić across him as if ready for an interrogation, made him include the articles demanded by Israel in the Serbia-Kosovo deal, made the Serbian and Kosovan leaders sign a text stating that “they will move their embassies to Jerusalem,” and managed to pull off this charade in front of the entire world.

Neocons, Israel far-right, Arab Zionists: The trap has been set, the bigger picture revealed

The trap has been set; the big picture has been revealed; leaders and countries have been insulted; and an Israel hoax was played at the White House. They insulted the Serbian leader but it was, in fact, the U.S. and U.S. public that were disgraced.

They turned the White House into an Israel intelligence office. Those like Trump and Mike Pence fulfilled their duties as Israel’s lobby barons. An extremely frivolous, extremely unreliable, and extremely disrespectful manner of doing business.

This is the way neocons, Israel’s far-right, and new Arab Zionists [the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabian crown princes] operate. We are going to see even more dramatic and uglier examples of this: piracy, crudeness, bullying, and vulgarity.

This is diplomatic terror. Not Vučić but the US was disgraced

Regardless of which nation or leader, this behavior, this trap will humiliate the host country – and humiliate it did.

That day at the White House, it was not Serbian Leader Vučić who was disgraced but the U.S. and Israel. Their business attitude further disassociated these two countries from the family of global nations.

The world once more saw their true colors. It saw how these countries perceive them and what they are capable of doing.

The U.S. long lost its authority in international diplomacy. It no longer has credit anywhere other than in Gulf countries such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia along with small countries in certain parts of the world.

No serious state will take action according to the US

The U.S.’s opinion and leadership mission is no longer viable in the eyes of any serious state. No medium-scale country is taking position according to U.S. advice and guidance.

All countries are drawing a new path for themselves based on the global power shifts. The U.S. has nothing left other than its brute force. Yet, the limits of this power have also long been exposed.

Five-century colonial history; this power reign will end

However, in reality, this subject goes much deeper. It goes back centuries. This is also the reason why humanity opened the gates questioning the last five centuries. The reason why the West, which established a global sovereignty never-before-seen in history, is rapidly losing its power monopoly lies here.

The West’s five-century-long colonial background, the global power monopoly it has been holding single-handedly in relation to this must be destroyed and it will be.

Its financial system, military and diplomatic order, which have, without question, been running the world throughout the 20th century in relation to this power monopoly must be destroyed and it will be.

The capitalist and colonialist order must end – and it will. This must be the common goal of all nations and will be so.

Abu Ghraib, Zayed, Salman: Same racist insult everywhere

The treatment of Vučić is the same treatment shown for centuries to the “civilized” nations in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. The spirit behind the massacres of Native Americans on the American continent is one and the same.

The identity that destroyed the local clans and civilizations in Latin America is one and the same. Those who perpetrated torture through rituals in Abu Ghraib have the same spirit.

The treatment towards the states, regimes and political leaders in Ottoman territory in the 20th century is the same.

Today, through crown princes Mohammed bin Salman and Mohammed bin Zayed, they have put Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the same place.

Vučić was set up: What he read and signed were not same.

The racist spirit behind the massacres and destruction Israel deems worthy for the Palestinian people is also the same.

What business does Israel have in the deal between Serbia and Kosovo? Why would a problem in the Balkans take shape in accordance with Israel’s interests? If these countries do not follow through with moving their embassies to Jerusalem, will they break out a war in the Balkans?

Upon Trump’s statement, Vučić immediately does a double take at the deal, baffled. It is likely that the deal he read and the one he signed were switched. A team there changed the text. This is how country leaders are set up in the U.S. capital, at the White House.

The imposition in the articles of the deal that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital makes it U.S. and Israel’s solidarity of racism.

Humanity will no longer surrender to Western arrogance, oppression

Ever since their expeditions to loot the entire world, which they call “geographical discoveries,” which was really a project to colonize the world, there is almost no nation on earth that they have not oppressed, insulted, treated like slaves, massacred or held subject to genocide.

This is what the world questions today, what it has disassociated itself from, what it wants to end. Western arrogance is no longer something that humanity can tolerate. Every nation crushed and belittled under this arrogance needs to be protected.

This is what Turkey confronted. It rocked the global system to its core

This is what Turkey confronted. Using a powerful political discourse, with a great historical and geographical awakening, it questioned the foundations of the global system.

If you take a look at the statements made by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in his speeches in the last couple of months alone, you will see this. Turkey made a powerful breakthrough aimed at saving not only its present but also the future. It was a leader for many countries.

We have repeatedly seen the U.S. administration display similar behavior towards us. We liberated ourselves from a burden that belittled our nation and country, that kept it under tutelage, that switched governments with a single statement, that controlled its economy and internal politics, that doomed Turkey to poverty, and turned it into a garrison.

There are those who want the same for Turkey. We’re learning a lesson as we watch

The more we liberated ourselves the more we gained strength. From the internal power structure to foreign politics, from security policies to economic freedoms, but especially matters regarding psychological and mental freedom, everything changed. The more pace this process gained, the more Turkey stood out and came to rise as one of the world’s superpowers.

Today there are still those who have tutelage ties with the West or are trying to establish such ties, who are trying to gain power through this and drag Turkey to that axis once again.

We are learning a lesson as we watch this disaster unfold.

The world is no longer ruled by the West. Humanity will not surrender to this arrogance

Take a look at the world; every country that is able to distance itself from the West, pull out of its control chain, that refuses their tutelage, that reformats its relations based on stronger foundations gains strength. This is the case both in the economic and political power domain. This is going to become even more blatant in the upcoming years.

It might sound bizarre to some, but the world is no longer ruled by the West. It’s the end of the road for them. Its global power monopoly has been shattered. Humanity will no longer tolerate this arrogance and insults.

Serbia, Kosovo, don’t move your embassies to Jerusalem!

Serbia and Kosovo must never move their embassies in Israel to Jerusalem. They should not confine their countries to the axis comprised of the U.S., Israel, UAE and Saudi Arabia. It must not make this mistake. I am sure their own people think the same way. Otherwise, they will become nothing other than a toy, a puppet in the hands of the U.S. and Israel.


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