Internal invaders! You are the by-products of colonialism, Turkey’s enemies and traitors! You will be crushed under the weight of history, by this region and our political legacy! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Internal invaders! You are the by-products of colonialism, Turkey’s enemies and traitors! You will be crushed under the weight of history, by this region and our political legacy!

There is a very serious “native invader front” present in Turkey. True, it’s a harsh description; but when everything is appropriately defined, the veil lifted and covert identities weeded out, this is the naked truth that remains.

It is not enough to call them “pro-tutelage.” This now transcends tutelage, because they will no longer settle for being the custodians of our country. Hence, they are carrying on an “express intervention,” a “direct attack.”

These political formations are affiliated with terrorism. They’re all controlled by the same mind, the same will

This front is forming partnerships with the U.S., European countries, Russia, China, Israel, some Arab regimes, multinational companies, global capital, in brief, with all known powers, in efforts to stop Turkey.

Terrorist organizations are awarded “tenders” in this area. Certain political parties and formations are conducting “power negotiations” in this area. Some major companies see this area as a tool of “lucrative investments.”

Some intellectual groups, media groups and members choose to use it as an area where “cheap negotiations” are made.

When we look at these, we see a connection between them, a relationship, a sort of solidarity. Not only that but there is also a common mentality, a will, a power, a multinational coalition between them.

They’re waging war on everything local, everything Turkish

They are carrying out a cut-throat war against everything that is local, that is Turkish, against this country’s political legacy and free future.

Remaining stuck in the past, relying on protection, seeking shelter in another power, requiring guardianship, and stopping confrontation are their rudimentary principles.

The reason underlying this approach s is not fear alone. This is the way their political identities, comprehension, spirit is, because this is how they were groomed. This is how they were protected for years within Turkey. They were kept dormant for these days.

This is an issue of identity: Trojan horses, British Gurkhas.

As a matter of fact, they are foreigners. They do not feel a sense of belonging to this country. They prioritize the interests and expectations of London, Washington, Brussels, Moscow, some Arab regimes, and Tel Aviv rather than those of Ankara. They unleashed them on the ground at the most critical times. They rant and rave and hurl threats.

This is an issue of identity. They do not love this country, its people or this land. They scorn and treat everyone who isn’t them as ignorant, continuously giving orders.

However, when Turkey, when our nation stood up and made global breakthroughs, and treated them as the mouthpieces of others, they lost it.

They are actually the Trojan horses, the British “Gurkhas” within Turkey.

They’ve always opposed Turkey, whether it be about Libya, Hagia Sophia, Syria, or the war against the PKK

They opposed every step Turkey took in the name of the national struggle. They opposed our country’s, our nation’s fight against terrorism in Syria.

They stood against Turkey’s game-changing success in Libya.

They opposed the rise in the defense industry. They opposed the armed UAVs which altered the history of war. They objected the achievements made in internal security and the fight against terrorism. They opposed the resistance against the economic coup.

They objected to the opening of Hagia Sophia. They went as far as to say, “The Blue Mosque should be turned into a museum,” and attacked both Turkey’s mind and legacy.

In fact, they have no political identity. Like a chameleon, they changed colors according to others. Some are from the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), some are from the Good Party (İP), some are conservative, some Islamist, some liberal, and some are leftist. Yet, they all stood united under a single umbrella. They overtly and covertly established partnerships with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), with terrorism.

We have been fighting the same coalition of powers for a millennium

Those who bombed this country’s Parliament on July 15, 2016, and those opposing turkey’s support for Libya today are one and the same. Those who attempted to assassinate President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on July 15, and those who are working in cooperation with the PKK today are one and the same. Those who tried to stop Turkey during the July 15 coup attempt and raise difficulties for Erdoğan and Turkey today are one and the same.

They all had the same coalition of powers backing them, because this coalition consists of the very same powers we fought against in Anatolia, in the region for the last millennium.

They are all going to wither away because they have nothing to say, no superior objective in favor of Turkey other than being Gurkhas, being pro-tutelage, being hitmen.

A superpower is rising. History will crush them.

They are taking position based on the world’s power map from half a century ago and using that same discourse. This is the case because they are still standing in the same place as they were half a century ago. This is what they represent.

Yet, the world has changed. History has changed. The global power map has changed. The time when it was possible to accumulate power from Western capitals is over.

Turkey has changed. A great power has emerged. We are witnessing the rise of a superpower. Both the East and West have now seen Turkey’s rising power.

However, even though they are still using the same discourse from 50 years ago, Turkey is taking action with its thousand-year legacy, zeal, and experience. While the world is witnessing the rise of a superpower, everything they have opposed is going to materialize.

History is going to crush them, because Turkey cannot be stopped. Traitors cannot make history


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