Intervention in the east of Euphrates: A covert opposition plan within Turkey. Fresh conflict in the Persian Gulf... Everything will be done for that 'map'!

The Syrian war is fast turning, and will turn, into a war of the eastern Euphrates. All through last week we published articles and reports that draw attention to this great danger. We insistently underlined – and will continue to do so – that attentions are being diverted to Idlib and Manbij, using it as a “veil” for the horrific plan and map in the east of the Euphrates.

The situation in Manbij is following a process aimed entirely at keeping Turkey busy. The U.S./Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Israel, along with “certain groups in the country,” are trying to divert Turkey’s attention elsewhere in a planned manner.

Turkey will not be ensnared in that trap

We will not fall into this trap. Our efforts to reveal to all the great threat that will booby-trap the future of our country, and to create public awareness in this direction will continue incessantly. Because this “map, garrison state” plan is the true cause of the Syrian war. It is the biggest trap set against Turkey and the next step is to carry the war to Turkish territory.

Thus, we say that there must be an intervention “even if it means suicide,” that the issue is not limited to terrorism, that it is a regional matter, that the region in question is going to be the main base of the dirtiest plans that are going to divide countries.

New conflicts are going to be caused, a sly opposition will form

Those who bombed the area only hours after the agreement in Sochi are striving for this map. If it does not work, they will break out conflicts again elsewhere in Syria. And if that does not work either, they will cause new conflicts in other close areas outside of Syria. Take this claim seriously.

If they do not do "anything new" in Syria, then they will very soon cause extreme crises in a nearby region, and draw Turkey and the world's attention here.

Allow me to share a more dire concern: this is such a big plan that new wars will be broken out for its sake. So we need to think well about the Turkey leg of that plan. Can economic attacks, underhanded, sly new opposition discourses possibly emerge within this context - especially before the local elections?

Covert opposition, crypto identities, conservative topping...

I can smell something fishy. A mass focused on the economy may turn the dissatisfaction into the form of an "inside operation."

It is possible to say that these groups will particularly target the solidarity of the Justice and Development (AK) Party -Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), and build a kind of "multinational project" on innocent mass reprehensions. It is possible to think that this time, unlike before, they will add a "conservative topping" to the new opposition wave and break the social resistance using this method.

If Turkey's intervention on the east of the Euphrates comes up on the agenda - and it will - that's when we should pay attention to how these "crypto identities" will behave. All of their "hidden" agendas will be revealed.

Do not think of the east of the Euphrates as a Syria matter. It is actually a Turkey matter, it is actually a matter of the entire region. All the interventions in Turkey since the Syria war started have been to eliminate those resisting their "new map" plan, which will include Turkey too. It will not be any different this time around.

The economic crisis discourse and those who hide behind it: Game-changing intervention

Why do I think this? Because similar to the previous ones, this wave will also be formatted within the context of the multinational intervention, and aim to "stop Turkey."

Nobody should forget that the Dec. 17-25, 2013 intervention was presented through a discourse of "corruption", which would provoke the masses. Let's not forget the multinational aspect of that intervention.

Let us not forget the kind of international fictionalization that was constructed through a local problem, and what was hidden behind it. We will very soon be seeing those hiding behind the current economic attacks being revealed. Hence we are obliged to act fast and turn toward a game-changer, plan-changer intervention.

Erdoğan pointed out the threat, 'veiling' it won't be enough

I am sure many people and groups lost sleep over President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan bringing up this subject in his last two speeches and saying something along the lines of, "Our target is the east of the Euphrates. We are going to conduct operations like Operation Olive Branch there."

This is a mind, a national mind; it is the sign that this mind has decided what it will do despite all the veiling. Also, this is a threat not only for Turkey, but also the closest threat for Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

They have been striving for the map in the east of the Euphrates ever since the 1991 Gulf War. They are going to form many divided garrison maps and then string them together. They have been applying this step-by-step until now. It is the first time that a will that stopped these steps, slowed them down, emerged in Turkey. And this means that our country has settled in its own political realm.

There are three options ahead of us: what does the Ahvaz attack signal?

I suggest that the matter be considered within a very vast context. Thus, they are going to try a new kind of intervention inside Turkey in the upcoming period, and a new conflict area is going to be formed in Syria, or thee extremely serious crises in the Persian Gulf area are going to be blown up.

The attack in Iran's city of Ahvaz that recently occurred is within this context. Iran, which is attempting quite reckless attacks in Syria and Yemen, has been struck in its home with this terror attack.

After the Syria war, the new front will be opened there. The Iranian-Saudi or the Arab-Persian war will be started over again in this region. It is clear that the attack in Ahvaz is U.S.-Israel-based. And this brings forward the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia.

The purpose is to get the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries into a conflict with Iran. A crisis like this would cause a chain of attacks that will destroy the entire region. Therefore, Iran and Saudi Arabia need to be very careful. Particularly the UAE's terror sponsorship must be stopped.

There's a plan to silence Turkey. But this country's axis is firm

Now, they are planning what they want to achieve with the Syria war in the east of the Euphrates. They actually got what they wanted. The entire region, all countries and individuals are obliged to fight against the invasion in this region. Because danger is a homeland issue for all.

Therefore, we should note that the "covert opposition" to be introduced in Turkey in the upcoming days actually has a "multinational" dimension to it. They will be implementing a plan aimed at silencing Turkey, disabling it. The president himself mentioning the discourse of intervention on the east of the Euphrates is a sign that this danger has been seen.

Turkey must never hesitate on this axis.


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