Is Egypt's Sisi capable of invading Libya? Will Saudi Arabia, the UAE win the war? We will take both Sirte, Jufra. Keep your empty threats. Israel is going to annex the West Bank. They’re trying to deflect from this. Libya, N Iraq are the same front. Saudi, the UAE, PKK are on the same side. Turkey is conducting ‘Claw-Tiger Operation' against this front - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Is Egypt's Sisi capable of invading Libya? Will Saudi Arabia, the UAE win the war? We will take both Sirte, Jufra. Keep your empty threats. Israel is going to annex the West Bank. They’re trying to deflect from this. Libya, N Iraq are the same front. Saudi, the UAE, PKK are on the same side. Turkey is conducting ‘Claw-Tiger Operation' against this front

Egypt’s junta leader Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi meant to threaten Turkey and Libya when he said, “If you cross our red line, Sirte and Jufra, we will intervene.”

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are saying, “We stand by Egypt.” They are the ones pulling his strings anyway.

Crown princes Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia and Mohammed bin Zayed of the UAE are Sisi’s bosses. They say jump, and he jumps! He has no other choice, because the coup in Egypt was staged by Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Saudi Arabia is the cause of the collapse in the Arab world

This duo was tasked by the West and Israel to redesign the whole region. It is more so the task of bringing regional countries under tutelage all over again, while invading and dividing those that refuse in order to give weight to Israel’s priorities and Western sovereignty.

Thus, they are going to continue what they started in Libya in Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco. They destroyed Iraq and Yemen, and staged a coup in Sudan. They carried out massacres in Egypt and brought Sisi to power.

Saudi Arabia is the sole reason behind the Arab world’s current collapse. The al-Saud family lost every single war it became involved in since the 1991 invasion of Iraq, and paved the way for the invasion of Arab lands, and too add insult to injuury, caused the collapse of numerous Arab countries.

New colonial map implemented through UAE, Saudi Arabia

Currently, a new colonial map is being implemented through the two princes of the UAE and Saudi Arabia. This time, Arab nationalism is being exploited, and a new invasion map is being implemented in accordance with the priorities of Israel, the U.S., and Europe.

It is clear that this is going to be the greatest collapse of the Arab world, and signals an end for the current regimes. As they deploy Western armies to all countries, they are unable to see that this is, in fact, suicide. They are unable to see the power shifts and trends in the world; they are carrying the war and invasion to Arab territory.

They will never be able to win this war. Mohammed bin Salman and Mohammed bin Zayed are going to go down in history as the people who destroyed the Arab world.

They don't have the audacity to say a word to France!

Why is it that as Arab states are collapsing – with the exception of a couple of countries – non-Arab Muslim countries are gaining power? The answer to this question alone will be enough to explain what is happening in the entire region today.

We are yet to see these countries speak up against France, which destroyed Libya. We did not see them say anything about the Russian presence in the country. If all Western countries were to raid Libya and tear the country apart, they would not – be able to – say anything. We are aware of this.

Israel is going to annex the West Bank. They’re trying to hide this. Their secret negotiations will be revealed!

All the kerfuffle made by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and their partners right in sync with Israel annexing the West Bank, striving to wipe Palestine off the map, and making the final preparations for the annexation with America is a U.S./Israeli tactic.

They are threatening Libya and Turkey. What do you think? Don't you think that the overlapping of these threats and the annexation of the West Bank is a “cover-up”? Don’t you think it’s an attempt to divert the attention of the Muslim and Arab public?

Similar secret negotiations were made to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as well. Now, they are carrying out similar dealings for the annexation of West Bank.

They’re selling off Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem once again!

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Mohammed bin Salman, and Mohammed bin Zayed are embroiled in these negotiations. They are going to play hero by opposing Turkey and hide their betrayal.

Whoever stood against us in World War I, whoever surrendered Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, and Palestine to the British back then, the same powers, the same Arab tribes are standing against Turkey again today. They are with their “masters” again.

A joint front in Northern Iraq: Saudi Arabia-UAE are negotiating with the PKK.

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Sisi think they are going to simultaneously strike Turkey from multiple fronts. They are establishing fronts in northern Iraq and northern Syria, simultaneous with the front in Libya. They are negotiating with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) as well as certain Kurdish groups. The U.S. and France are not the only countries behind the Barzani-PKK deal. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are also involved.

Turkey’s Claw-Eagle and Claw-Tiger operations targeted the Saudi-UAE-PKK front being prepared in the north of Iraq. They are not going to give in, yet Turkey is also going to continue to strike.

As Turkey strikes, the war will move further south!

They are establishing (or working on establishing) joint fronts against Turkey in Libya, the Mediterranean, Syria, Iraq, the Persian Gulf, on our borders, and as a matter of fact, inside Turkey through their certain extensions within the country.

They are no longer able to attack from the inside. They are no longer able to strike Turkey on its borders. The greater their enmity grows, the more they attack Turkey, the further south the war goes. From now on, the war is going to head further south with every attack, closer to their own lands. Abu Dhabi and Dubai included!

That ‘axis’ was established against Turkey, not Iran

The U.S. and Israel established an “axis” composed of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, and Gulf countries. They told them, “Iran is threatening you. Establish a joint front. We will protect you.” It appeared to be the establishment of a Sunni front against Shiite expansion.

I wrote all the way back then that the real target of this axis would be Turkey. The issue is not Iran, the issue was the plan to “stop Turkey.” This included the West’s plans. They were trying to hinder Turks from becoming history-makers once again . Now, they are unleashing Arab regimes on the ground to this end.

FETÖ’s relations with the UAE must be questioned

All coup attempts, including the July 15, 2016 attempt, all terrorist attacks were conducted for this purpose. Therefore, the Fetullah Terrorist Organization’s (FETÖ) relations with the UAE need to be laid on the table as much as its relations with the PKK.

Turkey is putting up a great fight in the whole region, in the Aegean, the Mediterranean, Libya, Syria, and Northern Iraq. It is repelling all attacks, sieges, and enclosures coming from these regions.

A century ago, they tried to banish them from these lands and expel them from the stage of history. They are trying their luck once more. Thus, the need arises for us to fight on many fronts.

Sisi’s words are nothing but empty threats

There is not much that Sisi can do. Unable to solve even the dam problem with Ethiopia, dooming Egypt to poverty, offering its natural gas resources to Israel, the Sinai Peninsula is rapidly entering Israel influence. Sisi’s words are but hue and cry, simply bluffs.

Saudi Arabia lost all the wars it was involved in since the 1991 invasion of Iraq. It devastated every country it touched. It messed up Yemen. Every step it takes, raised to the bait by the UAE, is bringing the war closer to its own lands. The biggest trap in this region has been set against Saudi Arabia. However, they seem to be completely unaware of this simple fact.

Something should be done to ‘hurt’ bin Zayed

The UAE, Mohammed bin Zayed is fighting Turkey across the entire region using all means possible, and even unleashing terrorist organizations on the ground. Turkey must now amend its relations with the UAE based on “war law.” It is not enough to tell these countries to stop their chaos in Libya, Syria, and the north of Iraq. Something that is going to “hurt” Mohammed bin Zayed must be done.

Do not dare carry this war into Turkey. Those on the inside, I am talking to you!

If in such a case you take a footing that will slow Turkey, challenge it, cause it trouble and chaos within the country, you will be no different to the Arab tribes that struck the Ottoman Empire during World War I.

You will be like the insurgents who were activated stop Turkey during the War of Independence.

You will be like the traitors who took position on the British side as the Ottoman Empire was being brought down.

You will be in the same front as the PKK, which has built partnerships with every country that has an issue with Turkey, and has hit Turkey in the back whenever we are in trouble.

Nobody should dare bring within the fronts in the Aegean, Mediterranean, Libya, Syria, Northern Iraq. They will pay an exorbitant price. Look carefully at history, the region, and the falling and rising powers!

We will take Sirte as well. All they will have left is their empty words.


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