Is it an ‘American Perestroika'? The world will stop the US, immobilize it

We are face-to-face with far more dangerous madness than in the term of George W. Bush. We are encountering a new Evangelist, far-right Israeli wave, a fascism threat. As a matter of fact, this threat is more global than the previous one and is capable of leading to more widespread results. It is not only targeting us but the whole world - it is striking even the U.S. itself.

The power struggles within the U.S. itself, the fight between U.S. President Donald Trump and the established order have become a general problem of the world and its biggest crisis. Both sides in this fight are cooperating with the extremist ends of the political spectrum and strengthening the opposition front against each other. So much so that an extremely convenient atmosphere has formed for the Evangelist deviants. They are getting stronger, taking over control and gaining opportunities that will, according to them, bring them a little closer to the doomsday war. Thus, this is turning the U.S. and its own civil war into the primary threat for the world, for all nations.

They're preparing for a kind of Crusades

The U.S. appears to be in an economic war with Turkey, European countries, Russia and China, with Latin America, in other words, the whole world - with the exception of a few countries. Although this war seems to be economic, it is going to lead to political, military and geopolitical results - as a matter of fact, to destructions. However, the U.S. using religious/sectarian groups while carrying out this war and promoting it nationally, using their power, ascribing a kind of "Crusader mission" to the war is going to double the destruction it will cause in the world.

The madness of the Bush era led to the September 11 attacks, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, slave trade that spread to all corners of the world, a worldwide witch hunt, applying torture religiously, the plundering of numerous countries, the division of others, and ethnic and sectarian fights spiraling out of control. Back then, the U.S. was at the peak of its power. Its military, political and economic power could not be withstood.

US is playing its last ace, in efforts to delay the collapse

It had defeated the Soviets, won victory and left no power to stand against it. Thinking, "The earth is all mine," it set out to lay its hands on countries, resources and continents. It rampaged everything with such greed, such recklessness and such arrogance.

It was going to establish the "New American Century" and take control over the whole world. The invasions of countries and civil wars that followed September 11 were all started to ensure this dominance. Yet, it was not long before the world saw the limit of the U.S.'s political, moral, economic and military power. It is this realization that brought the end of both the "American dream" and the "New American Century." That is when the U.S. started to lose friends and even the madness of neocon deviants became useless.

This time, the U.S. is busy working for its self-preservation, isolationism, and trying to delay its regress and even collapse, rather than taking control over the world. Taking its economy under protection and making threats with its military power are the last aces the empire is playing. It is trying to lay claim to its own country, not the whole world like in the Bush era. Yet, the infighting, the destructive war between the internal power groups is further exhausting the U.S.'s energy.

An 'American Perestroika'. Far more isolated, more unreliable

We do not know yet who is going to win the power showdown between Trump and the established order, but Trump may go down in history with an "American Perestroika." Regardless of who wins, the U.S. is going to lose.

Because the U.S. is no longer the U.S. it was in the early second millennium. The world is no longer the world it was then either. There is a common awareness now that will stop the U.S. from rampaging all corners of the earth. This awareness has identified the U.S. as a threat for the whole world - a threat that abuses the economy, the dollar and all the powers it possesses, that cooperates with terrorist organizations, that wages war on supra-national structures and destroys everything that exists instead of being one of the powers to establish the global system.

Perhaps for the first time after four centuries, new powers have emerged against the U.S. and the Atlantic axis. There was no such thing before. The rise of a power that would balance the West was out of the question even during World War I and II. But now there is and the global power map is changing in the most cataclysmic way.

The world is going to restrict the US, immobilize it

The earth's center of gravity is shifting outside the Atlantic. Aware of this, the U.S. is attempting crazy things with all its might to prevent the shift from the period of stagnation to the period of regress. But it will not succeed this time. It will become more isolated and gradually even more unreliable.

The world is going to further limit, restrict and immobilize the U.S. It is going to have its connections in many regions cut off. It is going to have new powers stand up against it in many regions. Every country is going to act faster and with greater determination to distance themselves from the U.S. These suicide bombers that are threatening the entire world are eventually going to blow themselves up.

But history has taken a turn, we are back again

This is exactly the point where the showdown between the U.S. and Turkey emerged. Turkey became the voice of a global disintegration and raised its voice in sync with such a power movement. The economic attacks on Turkey are part of this worldwide power showdown and shift.

But history has taken a turn; we are rising and will continue to rise. We are going to establish rapport with rising powers and settle in a more central position in the world of the future. Let them make threats as they please, attack as much as they wish. It will not matter how tough the showdown is. We are going to win, because the rising period has started. Centuries later, we have started again…


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