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Is the US fighting with Turkey in Syria and Iraq ?

If they could, they would get Turkey to sit at the table with the Kurdistan Workers' Party's Syrian franchise Democratic Union Party (PYD) and declare them allies, make it terror bait. They are going to sacrifice it for the map plans they are implementing through the PKK/PYD.

Following their division of Syria and Iraq through various games, suggestions and formulas, they are going to make Turkey personally implement their plan to turn the south of Turkey and the north of these two countries into a single terror zone. Once they achieve this plan and divide both countries, it is going to be Turkey's turn. That is when they are going to start attacking Turkey with all their might.

The U.S. has very dirty, imposturous plans that it is implementing together with European Union countries through the terrorist organizations in the region and it even has serious takers in Ankara. The countries that personally planned and carried out July 15 have plans to achieve the results they failed to achieve through the coup by closing in on Turkey from the south. Today, we see how these plans are implemented in Syrian and Iraqi territories.

Stop at the border, hit from the south

Just as they made a partnership with Fetullah Gülen and his terrorists on July 15 for this purpose, there is a trap they have set up against Turkey – in the guise of fighting Daesh – through partnership with terrorist organizations like the PKK/PYD in Syria. They are now in efforts to achieve what they failed to do within the country through the Gezi Park events, the Dec. 17 and Dec. 25, 2013 coup attempt, the Demirtaş project and the bloody July 15 attack, through these organizations from the outside.

They are threatening Turkey from the outside and hitting it from the south. And they are shamelessly promoting all those dirty files in Ankara. They are trying to deceive with the camouflage of a formula, regional solution to save Syria.

All their calculations are adjusted to stop and slowdown Turkey, to confuse minds. All their plans are adjusted to force Turkey, which has taken action after July 15 and turned toward the source of terrorism and threats, to take defense, to make it regress, to confine it within its borders and to push it outside the Syria and Iraq equation.

Yesterday our media became pro-PKK/PYD

Do we know what the U.S. is trying to do, the U.S. which yesterday made a fuss about the “Raqqa operation" with the PKK/PYD – which they are hiding under the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) coalition – they are selling as a “fight against Daesh," which disregards Turkey's warnings and what's more is forcing Ankara to become a single front with the PKK?

They attempted to sell yesterday's operation the same way they did that tumultuous Mosul Operation, that plan to have the Hashd al-Shaabi and PKK/PYD enter Mosul. They found buyers, too.

Our media, which is too eager to promote everything without knowing anything, leaped at the “operation" statement and yesterday, it suddenly became pro-PKK, pro-PYD. It set to promote this operation, which actually aims to stop Turkey from turning toward the region and to block it, through the SDF, not Daesh.

They are attacking us in Syria and Iraq

Yet, all these games were targeting Turkey. They were aiming to stop the Euphrates Shield at a point, negate the intervention in Tal Afar, Tal Abyad and Afrin. This is why the organizations in the region were activated against Turkey. Pro-Iran organizations, the U.S.-backed organizations in Syria, the PKK/PYD were all pushed into open war with Turkey.

To state is clearly: Today, the U.S. is hitting Turkey from Syria and Iraq. It is doing this through organizations, but that is not at all how it really is. All their plans in the region are against Turkey. The bullets used by the organizations are all U.S. bullets.

This indicates that the U.S. is openly at war with us in Syria and Iraq. It tells us that the period that started with July 15 has not yet ended, that Turkey needs to be ready for a multi-fronted defense, that as it is clearing the country of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and the PKK, a while later it is going to become an absolute requirement to fight the threats that will come inside at the south of its border.

While this is the state, we need to be very careful about all attempts aimed at dragging the country to inertia, to leave it defenseless, to give in to diplomatic maneuvers, to undermining threats, to delay military mobilization.

So what? Are we going to cower?

Preparations have been long ongoing to intervene in what has been happening in Syria and Iraq. But suddenly you look and there is another scenario being played out on the other side. Again, through the PKK, again, through Daesh, but it is always the same forces behind them. If we enter Afrin, Tal Abyad or Tal Afar, they are apparently going to set Turkey on fire. The PKK and Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) are supposedly working for this. Apparently, the moment we cross the border, scenarios like the Kobani incidents are awaiting us. Apparently the maps are going to change by April – the U.S.'s terrorist partners in the region have been instructed in this direction.

So what is happening? Are we going to surrender? Are we going to cower? Are we going to ignore the opening of the Turkey front after Syria? Once the Syria map of all those organizations is redrawn, are we going to sit and wait for their attack on Turkey?

If we do not take a step today, we will have nothing else left to do but this. We will have no choice but to show humility and accept the fate we are deemed worthy of. There is a multinational project and all details of this project are clearly in the open. Whoever is trying to hide these is dangerous.

What did Dunford want? Or did he make a threat?

They named the Raqqa uproar “Euphrates Anger." Even this shows clearly the message they want to give Turkey. So, why did U.S. Chief of General Staff Joseph Dunford come to Ankara while all this was happening? Why did he request such a meeting? Did this visit have any connection to the PKK's Raqqa plan?

What could Dunford have said, wanted or suggested?

Let's take a wild guess: Stop the Euphrates Shield. Do not try to enter al-Bab, we have given it to the PYD. Let's enter Raqqa together, but let the PKK/PYD also join. End your rapprochement with Russia in Syria. Stop the buildup at the border. Do not even think about entering Afrin, Tal Abyad and Tal Afar. Don't dare go outside the borders. Do not set your sights on Syria, Aleppo, Iraq and Mosul. Just fight Daesh there and we will take care of the rest.

They imposed a doomsday scenario on Turkey

Is that all? What will happen if Turkey does not do these, takes its own path and takes action to ensure its own security? Could Dunford have made a threat? If you look at the above-mentioned developments, if you look at the U.S.'s plans for the region, its terrorist partners in Syria and Iraq, if you look at the promises to the PKK/PYD, it is possible that he did.

On July 15, Turkey awoke from a deep sleep. It overcame a major threat, but it also figured out what the doomsday scenario targeting it was. It saw the trap that was set a century later. This was a destruction plan. Friends and allies of Turkey were determined to destroy, to divide Turkey, to change its map.

Self-defense has stepped into action, and cannot be stopped

It has activated its own self-defense. It started an incredible struggle against the partners of this plan on the inside. The operations targeting FETÖ, the PKK and HDP are carried out within this context. The same Turkey challenged the threat approaching it from the south of its border, established a buildup at its borders and started preparations to intervene in certain regions.

It had no other option. This was a matter of life and death. Regardless of who was standing against it, it had to do this. It was going to be destroyed the moment it left this defense half way. Now all plans had been revealed, nothing was a secret anymore. We could not stop, we cannot stop, we must not stop.

Those plans are going to be ruined, or Anatolia won't remain

This is our current situation. We are going to fight with our own hands, our own weapons, our own state/national force, our own people; we are going to stand tall and challenge all threats that come our way. If the threat comes from Iraq, we are going to intervene in Iraq, if it comes from Syria, we are going to intervene in Syria. We have the power, means and experience to do this.

Since the U.S. is hitting Turkey in both Turkey and Iraq, we are going to choose to receive the war on those lands rather than at home. This is why we are not going to hesitate to turn toward Afrin, al-Bab, Tal Abyad and Tal Afar, intervene there and destroy their terror bases.

Unless the plans of the U.S., which has promised the north of Syria and Iraq to the PKK/PYD, are ruined, there will be no peace left in Anatolia for probably a century. You can sure of this.


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