Islam’s ‘center’ is being collapsed. The world’s ‘center’ is also collapsing. But Turkey is rising. Why?

As the world’s central power domain collapses, new powers - perhaps even greater ones - come to the fore. Surprising, shocking changes take place. Tragic collapses, dramatic, blinding rises are witnessed. These are changes that will shape centuries. These periods are the sharpest eras of human history. The rise, stagnation, collapse or revival of civilizations occurs in such periods.

No day-to-day thought, discourse and action is adequate to understand or explain this great tremor. By looking at the present and future from the depths of history with a wider perspective, mind, memory, with the effort to evaluate the region and world on a vaster scale, we find the opportunity to read the future, see what is going to happen after this, predict the Turkey of the future with the change in the map of powers, and the activity in the earth’s fault lines.

Turkey’s rising period has started

This is how we can clearly deduce what the current great showdown is. In my previous article, I wrote, “We are in the Seljuk’s founding period. We are in the Ottoman Empire’s founding period. We are in the Republic’s founding period.” Today, Turkey is at the beginning of a new rising period through the political continuity of the Seljuk-Ottoman-Republican period.

For this reason, it [Turkey] is the side, as a matter of fact, the center of a great struggle, a great showdown. This is why there is a kind of founding period, a period of centralization in the world of the future, and a major expansion period after the 20th century. This is the period of great claims, great plans, and great struggles. It is not an opportunity to be sacrificed to small plans, personal ambitions, and political blindness.

Mental fragmentation and mental paralysis has been our greatest defeat

We have the problem of not being able to read our time well. For the last three decades, we have been unable to comprehend what has been happening. We have mental fragmentation and the problem of perception caused by this. Everything we have experienced since the 1991 Gulf War, since “counter-terrorism centers” have been established in every corner of the Muslim geography, since fighting terrorism has become a global doctrine, since our minds have been paralyzed with political Islam discussions, and since Muslim countries have been occupied one by one or dragged into civil wars is actually a single project, the parts and the stages of a single invasion.

If you look carefully, you will realize that none of these were ever the opposite of one another – on the contrary they were always complementary. While all this was happening, the Western world did not step back even once; it produced new formats, new methods to push further under the most inconvenient conditions. Every one or two years, one more country was dragged into instability and we perceived this as that country’s special conditions. Because that was the thought that was imposed on us. This has been their greatest victory – and our greatest defeat. This mental paralysis has been more destructive that the annihilation of our countries.

The Western alliance is collapsing Islam’s center

Democracy and human rights projects included, every discourse and program spreading from the West to our territories is on a security axis and is one of the stages of the global showdown. There were such times when even those who resisted this showdown were dragged to the front in the name of that showdown, in the name of the Western occupation. They did not even notice this. This showdown includes such an eclipse of the mind, and progresses with such refined projects.

Today, the West is making the “center of Islam” collapse. They shifted the war from the bloody borders of Islam to the heart of Islam. And sometimes it happened and is continuing to happen not through war but by taking hostages. Frankly, a major invasion project is being applied to collapse the “center of Islam.” The collapse that started with the fall of the Ottoman Empire entered its second phase after 1990. Ever since then, all of the attacks targeting Turkey and the Muslim region have been aimed at this purpose.

It is right at this time that Turkey is rising!

In the last stage, they collapsed Mesopotamia with the invasion of Iraq. They are taking the Arabian Peninsula, Mecca and Medina hostage using the change in power in Saudi Arabia through Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Those who occupied Jerusalem a century ago are now taking Mecca and Medina under control using the same cadres. This is the last stage in the project dubbed the “War against Islam.”

Yet, strangely, the West’s own center is also collapsing while it tries to collapse the center of Islam. Actually, while the West’s centuries-old dominance is collapsing, and other powers are rapidly gaining prominence in the East. It is noteworthy that a new power including Turkey’s in a striking manner is standing out in the form of the turn of history while relations between Saudi Arabia and the West take a new form and all projects, agreements and alliance aim to collapse the center of Islam. This is where we need to stop and think.

There are certain preparations for after the elections

The reason Turkey is encountering such intense attacks both internally and externally is because it is on this historic rise. The matter is never domestic politics and it is not limited to political parties. It is not related to claims that the opposition will govern the country better.

After the elections, the campaign that has been conducted for the last five years with internal coup attempts, explicit attacks from the outside and terrorist organizations will most likely take a different state, the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean will become active, arms embargos from the West will gain prominence and economic operations will be attempted. They are going to try and push the country into a tight corner. The election was scheduled for an earlier date because this is known. This was done as preparation for national defense.

There is a project to ‘topple Erdoğan, stop Turkey’

Therefore it is obligatory to hold the alliances and political discourses that formed during the campaign period subject to assessment in this aspect. It is an obligation to question in this context why all of Europe and the U.S. is so closely interested in the opposition, why they are making suggestions, supporting it and why the plan to “topple Erdoğan, stop Turkey” has become the West’s joint plan.

I am evaluating the historical depth, geographical vastness, and future expectations in President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s speeches in this regard. There is nobody other than him who makes his statements in this direction. I perceive it as a historic rise, as the signal of one of the sharp turns in the history of humanity.

The Turkey surprise shocked them

The same happened in the Abbasid era. As the caliphate was collapsing, as it was becoming ineffective and unable to protect itself, a new power came to the fore and lifted the Islamic geography and transformed history. Now, almost the same transformation is being sensed again.

This is what Turkey’s rise is like, it is an intervention in political history. Those trying to collapse the heart, the center of Islam faced a great surprise – they faced the Turkey surprise. Now, they are trying to drown this. All the political plans in Turkey are linked to this.

This is a miracle, an opportunity, it is destiny…

Do not be fooled by the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s statements lacking any foresight, İYİ (Good) Party leader Meral Akşener’s political plans consisting of fury and anger, the multinational support given to them or the internal and external organizations mobilizing in their names. The plan is major, the fight colossal.

While the showdown of centuries, the showdown of the future is happening, do not let minor resentments, personal anger or disturbances impact you. Otherwise, we will drown in that chaos.

This election, June 24, is the time of such a choice for this country. Everybody needs to think big, undertake the great responsibility during such a great turn in history and act on a regional scale.

This is a miracle, an opportunity, it is destiny.


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