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It’s expedition time now: Afrin, Manbij and east of Euphrates

There could be no objection to Turkey first intervening in Afrin, then Manbij, clearing those areas of terror elements, eliminating the threat growing at the zero point of the borders, and breaking a sort of multinational wave of intervention through terror.

Whether it be internal politics concerns, ethnic concerns, or certain foreign intervention arguments, nobody can hide behind certain camouflages and take sly shots. 

Nobody dare try to slyly promote fear to us

Those who have been applying internal distraction tactics for the past year cannot resort to “innocent justifications” after recently failing to prevent the intervention and secretly serve another agenda under the pretext of “supposedly warning Turkey.”

They cannot promote fear among the public. While even the U.S. is stepping back in the face of Turkey’s determination, they cannot attempt to beat Turkey with the U.S. stick and try to make it panic. They cannot threaten that the same scenario will be repeated with reference to the Ayn al-Arab (Kobani) incidents.

These people and circles can no longer slyly make adjustments to this country as the tools of the internal operation. Both hiding that the Democratic Union Party (PYD) is a crypto and using the ethnic card, especially in such an atmosphere, will not be a position, stance that will be forgiven.

Entering Afrin is homeland defense, it is the continuation of the July 15 resistance

Entering Afrin is homeland defense. It is a national struggle. It is the effort to eliminate the greatest and closest threat for Turkey. It is not a war but defense. It is the effort to secure our country’s present and future.

It is the elimination of those who wanted to open the “Turkey front” front on July 15, those who want to cultivate that front through attacks from the south. It is, in some way, the continuation of the July 15 resistance. Because those who attacked the country through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and those preparing to attack it through the terror corridor have the same base. Even if the tools and hitmen change, their bosses are the same. The plans for Turkey and for the region are the same. 

The more Turkey grew the more its claim grew; threats and enemies grew as well

Turkey’s threat perception is not only on the inside or at the zero point of its border. It is much beyond its borders, in the depths of the region. Turkey grew a lot. The more it grew, the bigger its claims became. The more it grew, the bigger the threats became. The more it grew, the more its enemies increased. This fight, the reasons behind the fight, its estimated results and the fight that will be put up need to be well grasped.

Because, the Seljuk-Ottoman Republic of Turkey’s continuity is now in a new time interval and a new rising period. The history-making role is once again on the shoulders of our nation. There is no longer just Turkey, but Turkey, together with its region. There is no longer a front country for others but a center country, a “Turkey axis.”

Those circles will rapidly diminish

Both the political plans and economic growth efforts on the inside, as well as the approach toward the region are all adjusted to this great showdown. Whether we like it or not, this is the way it will be. This is the foundation of the 21st-century march; preparing for this both internally and externally is an obligation.

Those making strict internal politics plans both now and later, those attempting to pursue power with external support, those taking position in accordance with the covert operations of others will diminish and be utterly defeated when faced with that political gene and that experience.

War against terror is over; a greater showdown has begun

Turkey’s security concerns have changed. The era of the war against terror is now at an end; the era of settling scores with multinational interventions has started. While those multinational interventions were first served through terrorist organizations, they are now starkly open. Both friends and foes have changed; old friends are now involved in plans that are aimed to push and diminish Turkey.

In response to this, our country has formed new social resistance lines through its deep historical experience, and has started to strengthen this line by the day. Whether it be FETÖ, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) or the forces behind them, this dynamic structure will ruin all plans, nurture the great march and continue the rising period for both Turkey and the region to the very end.

Now everyone take note: This great showdown will conclude in victory. Those who have been casting a role for Turkey will, after a while, start seeking remedies for their own problems. As Turkey is on a rise, we are going to see them halt, as a matter of fact, regress.

The threat has regionalized, defense has regionalized

Then, the waves of attack that have been set up with the invasion plans of the terrorist organizations and foreign forces coming from Syria or Iraq, their plans, will be received much beyond the border, in the depths of the region. If the threat has become regionalized, so will the defense. If the threat is global, then the defense must also be at the global level.

Similar to the entire terror corridor, we are face to face not with terrorism but a multinational intervention in Afrin, which is located in the most western part of it. An external threat is in question. The PKK and the PYD are foreign threats; they are tools of foreign intervention. This fact is the same in Manbij. It also applies to the east of the Euphrates. 

The US will not be able to hold on in this region

The Euphrates Shield already divided the corridor into two. Its gate to the Mediterranean through Afrin and Manbij will be closed. But the real fight is going to take place in the east of the Euphrates. Because the foreign map in the east of the Euphrates through terror organizations, the project to form an intervention garrison in the entire region is serious.

Because there is going to be systematic efforts aimed at dividing four countries in this region. But the close stance of the region’s countries is going to remove the U.S. from this corridor. You will see; if this stance, this tendency, this determination continues, the U.S.  will never be able to hold on in Syria. It will have to gradually leave the region.

It is now time to show how ‘Turkish’ everyone is

It is now time for expedition. It is now time for everyone living in this country to take position along the Turkey axis; it is time for solidarity and to become centralized. It is now time to support the fight put up by our security units. Yes, the operation in Afrin is going to be carried out and victory will be ours. It is going to be carried out in Manbij and victory will be ours. A security shield will be formed for Turkey. The operational areas on the internal and external intervention areas will also be closed off.

Regardless of how much they plan, Turkey is going to continue on its path with determination and strong steps. The “Turkey axis” will gain surprising strength for the region’s peace in general, its brotherhood, and to end the multinational interventions targeting our countries.

It is now time for everybody to show “how Turkish” they are…


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