Jewish Nation-State Law, ‘Age of extremisms’ and exhaustion… It is against these threats that we call for a ‘Great March!’

Israel declared itself the sole “racist state” on the face of the earth by passing the Jewish Nation-State Law yesterday. Arabs, Muslims and others were declared, according to Jewish theology, second class, as the “servant class” of the Jewish nation. The racist wave that settled in the heart of the Middle East became even more reckless after the Apartheid regime in South Africa became history.

This Israeli law fed on U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move its embassy, the neocon racism that declared the “Armageddon war” during the George Bush administration and targeted our region, and the racist waves that took hostage both coasts of the Atlantic – and it was timed accordingly.

Israel is massacring the “second class” or those who were “nothing” with this stance

As of today, a new era of conflict will begin between Israel and the Muslim world. The efforts of some Arab countries to cozy up to Israel and join their joint security shields against the Iran threat has further encouraged Israel. Because the Arab reaction to this decision was cracked before.

Despite such an announcement, there is no change in the way Israel is perceived. Israel was already such a state, already viewed in that light, already acting accordingly and already conducting massacres with this mindset. Israel was already committing mass slaughters of the Palestinian people in Jenin, in Gaza and in every corner of that tiny piece of land with this stance.

Israel never accepted the Palestinians it massacred and tortured as “human.” As is articulated in this new law, Israel always viewed them as second-class citizens or as “nothing.” Ever since it was first founded, Israel acted not like a state but with the mind on a terrorist organization. This is how it viewed the region and the people living in this region and based on this, Israel constantly became aggressive.

“Forcing God to doomsday,” “initiating an Armageddon war” and “Resetting” like the biblical flood

Israel never had a “humanitarian” concern – and it will not have such a concern in the future either. It is a state of fear that has no friends and sees even its closest allies as threats/enemies. It will continue to be the same from now on too – only, more openly. There is no need to even mention that a twisted mentality, which considers everyone on the face of the earth other than themselves in the “slave class” is a threat not only to our region but to all of humanity.

There is much to say about Israel’s “Jewish Nation-State” or “racist state” outburst, but it has already been said or written numerous times to date. It might help to remind those supporting the idea of “forcing God to doomsday,” and “initiating an Armageddon war” in the name of a “new start for humanity,” perhaps in the name of a “reset” similar to the biblical flood, in the name of forming a “generation of the chosen ones” against the excessive population of the earth, is further pushing the Jewish theology, the Israeli far-right.

There’s a silently growing “global storm

But in this article, perhaps it would be of greater benefit to discuss where exactly Israel’s said outburst falls in the general tendencies of the world. Because this is “what is new” in all this. This would be to understand the new tendency, the storm, to evaluate the world of the future, to prepare for it and strengthen areas of defense accordingly.

I am talking about a “global storm” that has been silently brewing for some time. I see this danger whenever I observe the West, the East, the U.S. or European countries, whenever I follow political waves or social identity changed, and whenever I focus on what areas states are making investments.

Racism that is bred in the U.S. through neocons, the contrariety that has turned upside down the Trump-era established system or global system, countries like Germany deliberately feeding and strengthening the far-right, Western states strengthening the central power domain while starting to neglect democracy and freedom, discarding European values within a couple of years post-World War II, xenophobia becoming the language of the state, the West taking an aggressive position against the rest of the world in terms of civilization/identity, along with many other similar developments, are actually warning the whole world against the rising Eurocentric threat.

Age of excesses and exhaustion: End of the West’s global hegemony after four centuries

This is exhaustion. It is perhaps the pains of the end of the West’s global hegemony after four centuries. Because it is the first time power is shifting from the West to the East. The “Atlantic mind” that has invested in the age of excesses and the West that has turned to racism, the terror mindset, economic plundering and cultural defamation and discrimination are attempting to continue being the global boss – a position it lost morally – through aggressiveness, threats, and pillaging.

This is irrationality and its end will be dangerous for the world and result in the collapse of the West. This is why we are witnessing the most pivotal milestones in human history, and witnessing the power map change so dramatically for the first time in centuries.

Israel will further bolster its aggression. Perhaps many European countries will, like Israel, surrender to fascism and try to amass power this way. Because every country has seen the global storm approaching and are resorting to whatever it can gather power from in itself, its history, and its identity to escape this grave threat. As Israel tightly grips Jewish theology, Germany will hold on to racism, the U.K. to its imperial claims, and the U.S. to the plundering mindset.

Investing in the “great transformation,” “Great March” and power...

Now, in the current period which the West holds on to its dark past, we are seeking ways to beckon a bright history to today. While they turn to their racist, bloody colonial past, we are calling our bright past to manifest itself today in preparation for a new rising period. And while doing this, we are fortifying our defense lines against the “global storm,” renewing our social solidarity, restructuring the state and turning toward what is local.

We have been discussing this matter for some time. This is the great rising wave Turkey has been leading. This is the “great transformation,” the “great march” of which we reached the final stage with the June 24 elections. This is what we are referring to when we mention indigenization and nationalization. This is more than a quest for local power only – for us, it is bringing carrying thousand-year-old claim to today. It is a preparation to challenge the great storm on a global scale as well.

The era of objecting to these threats – which are approaching from the West and targeting the world in general, but mostly our region – through democracy and freedom discourses has come to an end. Because even they no longer mention these discourses. The only way to combat it is to invest in power. And this is exactly what Turkey is doing.

Habit of “making adjustments” to the state

This is what I mean when I say religious groups, nongovernmental organizations, political circles, and everybody is required to put themselves through this indigenousness test. I am pointing to a great transformation: I am saying that everybody will have to shift where they stand, what they say and their view of the nation and the world.

From now on, nobody has the power to “make adjustments to the state.” Regardless of how powerful you may be at on a social level and which power domain you have authority in, you have to make peace with this local tendency. You are not going to have the power to change it – it will be change you. If the state transforms, if society transforms, then so will you.

Because we see nothing “better” than supporting this mind, which has been building the history and region for the last millennium. To grasp the significance of this struggle, you first need to look at Israel’s decision, the deep change in the West and Turkey’s great march, and understand them all.

Otherwise, history will sideline you.


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