July 15 is not the last attack! Anatolia is under an invasion threat - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

July 15 is not the last attack! Anatolia is under an invasion threat

Since the invasion attempt was initiated from the “inside,” since they wanted to destroy Turkey from the inside before the open war, and since all elements on the inside were activated after the Gezi incidents, then the most colossal sanitation must be accomplished on the inside to ensure the existence of this country, the continuation of this state, the coexistence of these people.

The elements that had been positioned within the system and society, since the founding of the Republic, to be used at certain periods should each be declared a threat and they all should be eliminated, destroying any chance of conducting another operation ever again from the inside. This is called re-establishment. Turkey has found such an opportunity from this disaster. This opportunity should be used, the foundations of a brand new systemic establishment should be laid – not a reform – social ties should be strengthened, preparations should be made for the stronger storms waiting their turn.

Anatolia is under the threat of invasion for a second time

No coup attempt, no social conflict scenario, no political and economic crisis were ever served in such a frightening way. It is such an extraordinary period that we are on a path between existence and extinction, coexistence and division, shaping tomorrow's Turkey and having no future, living in Anatolia for another thousand years and ending the history of Anatolia.

Turkey is going through its most extraordinary period in history. Our presence in Anatolia, where we have been living for the past 1,000 years, has been threatened for the second time since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Getting stuck in the definition of intervention in the strict sense of the settlement of accounts between the state and Gülenist terrorists within the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) will prevent us from understanding the gravity of the issue.

Gülen and his terrorists should know this, which is why they are still able to make threats, still make preparations for the settlement of accounts. Then this means that preparations are being made for things other than internal invasion. Hence, the situation is critical and more destructive; preparations are being made for a destruction project.

We know what the scenario is

We know what the scenario is, what it targets, the kind of Turkey that is planned, and the sort of map work being done on the entire geography. We know what kind of destruction project was being implemented on that vast geography stretching from the Atlantic coasts to the Pacific since the 1990s. We know how this project is taking down countries one by one, how all their resistance centers are eliminated, and what kind of century-old siege and showdown plan it is.

The invasions, civil wars, the fighting terrorism nonsense, identity conflicts, economic crises, the pillage of sources are all aimed at taking the entire geography hostage for another century. Every step they have taken since the '90s, every invasion they have attempted, every terrorist organization they have bred and every terrorist attack complements one another. They never took a step back. They never hesitated and never gave up.

They are at our borders

In this period, the U.S. and Europe's entire policies aimed at our geography have been aimed at preparing the atmosphere for this invasion and occupation. With their political lies, democracy projects, economic promises, peace plans, they always tried to pave the way for this great promise, the big plan. We believed most, thought they were true and cooperated. But they all hit us and dragged us to suicide. Regional occupation has been continuing since the 1991 Gulf War. This, in the political sense, was a complete Crusade intervention, a complete occupation of the geography.

Now they are at Anatolia's door. After turning all the countries around us into ruins, they came all the way to our borders. They are testing before they make the open attack, testing through their terrorist centers on the inside, intelligence networks and their internal invaders who they have been breeding for 40 years and have placed within the system. Had they succeeded on July 15, Turkey would have already been invaded and taken over from the inside. The country would not have been able to recover again for decades and would have been on its knees in front of the U.S. and Europe. The destruction process would have begun.

Our allies declared war on us

We always believed and discussed for 20 years: There is such a global power showdown happening that Turkey is faced with two options. It is either going to downsize and continue its existence or grow and continue its existence. We chose to grow and exist. The resistance on the inside in this struggle to grow has been extraordinary and slowed Turkey down. Because they were all being fed and used as a weapon by the pro-tutelage circles on the outside.

Yes, we grew. They could not downsize us. We grew in leaps and bounds, gained strength and momentum and came to the point where we started to draw our own path. As we grew, their voices became louder. They first tried to control us through cooperation. After seeing that this did not work, they directly took a stance against Turkey. Who are they? They are the countries that have been our allies and partners for 50 years.

We constantly said, “The greatest threat for Turkey comes from its allies.” The July 15 attack, the invasion attempt was Turkey's allies' open declaration of war on the country. Yes, it is our allies that are hitting us; it is the terrorist centers fed by them that are hitting us; it was their intelligence and military forces that were hitting us now.

Relations with the US and EU should be questioned

This is clearly obvious in the attitudes of the U.S. and European countries after the July 15 attack. They were sure they would succeed. They could not foresee that our people, the resistance of that history-making willpower, were going to ruin the game. They could not foresee that homeland defense. They were caught red-handed. They got caught with their bloody scenarios.

Now after this stage, relations with the U.S. should be placed on a rational ground. The EU project should be laid on the table and Turkey should expand the maneuver space necessary for the global power showdown.

The invasion attempt had been ongoing for a few years. They wanted to invade the country through marginal opposition organizations during the Gezi events. They thought they could do it. They saw how powerful Turkey is. On Dec. 17, they used the civilian power sphere, they thought they could take over the system without any bloodshed, bury Turkey's current leaders and never again allow such a cadre and understanding to take over the country.

They are implementing the Turkey “siege” plan

They almost succeeded. Both these interventions were multi-national and a Turkey project as being implemented. Then it was the election manipulation, followed by terrorism and lastly they brought to the ground the strongest cadre in the state's governing sphere, a terrorist organization within the TSK.

They were carrying out a plan to “siege” Turkey. The writers and illustrators on the inside were applauding this and some political and capital circles were cooperating in it. They were planning to cause Turkey to clash with Russia and confine it in Anatolia with the North Syria Project and drown it there. Had they succeeded in all this, they were going to start a civil war. They were going to burn Anatolia, turn our cities into ruins and we were not going to be able to recover for another century. Their revenge plans were detestable.

Turkey will not kneel as long as he exists, they know this

All these are connected and stages of a single project. Because everybody, friend and foe, know well that as long as Turkey remains this powerful, the geographical locations will not surrender and that no map can be drawn. They know very well that as long as President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan exists, they are not going to be able to get the country to kneel. This is why for years they have been playing on him and carrying out that terrible image operation.

They know very well how he activated our country's backbone, the kind of force he turned that history-making nation into. Take note, in every intervention they tried to eliminate Erdoğan and his cadre, they tried to divide that backbone. Because these leading cadres and the backbone constituted a power that could change the geography's destiny. This power was a power we had never before seen since World War I and it was producing a challenge, a brand new political rhetoric.

July 15 is not the last attack

It's not over… July 15 is not the last attack. Do not think that things are over and that this multi-national intervention period is closed. Erdoğan and his team are going to be targeted again. New scenarios are going to be activated to destroy the backbone following him. All terrorist organizations are going to commence attacks at the same time, they will want to expand identity wars throughout the entire country. Because after every failure, they put into action bloodier and deadlier scenarios.

Nobody should try to confuse or blind us. Nobody should try to treat our nation like a fool or produce horror scenarios or try to undermine the effects of the July 15 disaster. Nobody should try to protect, whitewash or hide the partners of the multi-national attack on the inside. Nobody should get into personal plans thinking, “OK, we did it.” This crisis is going to continue at least for another five years.

We have a single axis, defending Anatolia

After this stage, all political rhetoric, movements, identities have joined at the homeland axis, at the defense of Anatolia. Those who are left outside of this are foreign, internal threat and enemies. Gülen and his terrorists are still continuing their active position within the system and while they were internal threats, they are rapidly turning into outside threats. They are going to be used as the deadliest weapon against Turkey for a long time.

Also, do not forget that the internal threat elements in this country are not limited to the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ). When the time and place comes, they too will be activated. That is when certain circles will greatly surprise you! This is why we are calling to a new political identity, to the homeland axis. We are calling to end this historical threshold with victory so we do not face destruction.

We are going to be here for another millennium

We have been in Anatolia for the last millennium and will remain here for another. After saying that we are going to either downsize and continue to exist, or grow and continue to exist, we are now faced with a new choice: Either re-establishment or destruction.

We chose to grow and continue to exist. Now we are entering the re-establishment period. This is going to be our defense line! After July 15 we are going to prepare for open war. History will again write what the millennia-old Anatolian resistance is. 2017 might be the date of a historical showdown, a kind of Apocalypse war.


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