July 15 is the last War of Independence. We won, the Great March has started. History has changed and so will the geography.

A miracle happened two years ago today. A miracle never before seen in the history of the world, never before recorded in political history, a miracle that reversed political history in the matter of a few hours, that presented extraordinary examples for human history and overturned the global power map.

A miracle of a thousand years happened in one night; the resistance spirit that spread through these lands for a thousand years, in Anatolia, in Mesopotamia, in the Balkans, in the Caucasus, in the Mediterranean, in the Black Sea, on the African coasts, through every inch of land that belongs to “us,” and that was thought forgotten suddenly surfaced.

That night, an attack was launched on Turkey through the U.S., Europe and certain countries in our region. This was the heaviest attack after World War I that was started by the hand of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), which has been breeding inside the system for four decades.

It wasn’t a coup but a civil war plan. It wasn’t an intervention but an attempt to push Turkey outside of history. It wasn’t only FETÖ attacking but also the West bloc. It wasn’t a project to switch the government or the regime, but a project to divide the homeland, to separate the Thrace and Anatolia, and to divide the country into a couple of pieces.

Toppling Erdoğan,

Dividing the country, execution lists, concentration camps..

The primary aim was to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, to martyr him via the hands of the assassins sent to Marmaris, to make the state dysfunctional, to start a civil war through ethnic and sectarian identities and get everyone to kill one another, and to turn Turkey into Syria and divide it into pieces. The second aim was to prevent Turkey, which is rapidly growing, strengthening, turning to its own history and regional basin, that is activating the Seljuk/Ottoman political gene, from further growing and becoming a threat, and to destroy it and comfortably apply the plan to shred the region into pieces.

On July 15, they were opening the “Turkey front”; that was the decision. The tanks had left the barracks, the traitors within the military were released on the streets, the bridges were blocked off, execution lists of thousands of people were prepared, and concentration camps were determined for tens of thousands of people.

The people’s parliament was bombed, civilians were crushed under tanks, people were sprayed with bullets on streets, and a massacre was set off. The terrorist teams of that low life protected by U.S. intelligence in Pennsylvania were targeting our country, nation, homeland, values, history and whatever belonged to our unity and integrity.

A miracle happened:

All fears were overcome.

The fight of the century took place in a few hours

But a miracle they could never have calculated happened. Our people united on the homeland axis with great fury in a couple of hours. Hundreds of thousands of people poured onto the streets on every corner of Turkey. The masses were marching toward tanks and bullets. Their enthusiasm and courage was unprecedented. Everybody young and old, women, with strong hearts were changing history; people who have never before even seen a weapon in their lives were running toward the bullets. That night all fears were overcome.

Our people, who have been making history through the fighting tradition ever since the Crusades, had got back on their feet with the Çanakkale spirit. It wasn’t only Turkey being saved, but a region was being revived; a thousand-year-old “relentless resistance” was being activated. A counter-revolution was taking place. The people of Anatolia were bringing a multinational alliance to its knees – against all the aggressive countries of the Atlantic Alliance.

That night, the fight of the century happened in a few hours, and the global power maps were overturned. That night, everybody who was martyred, who became a war veteran, disabled, lost their parents, prayed, who carried their anger to the streets and articulated it, to whose hearts God revealed glad tidings and made fearless, were sacred for this nation.

We revived with salawat that night, we brought the homeland notion to the 21st century

The photos that night, the scenes, the footage were the most striking moments of the world’s political history. There was a lot the world could learn that night from the tanks and people, bullets and people, and the homeland and the people who live there.

That night, there was a nation in the country that awoke with salawat, revived with the adhan (Muslim call to prayer) and was protected with prayers. That night, the biggest attack since World War I was repelled.

July 15 is a summary of our thousand-year-old history, the struggle we have been putting up since Manzikert, it is a turning point. It is the revenge of World War I. It is the legendary struggle, uprising, and unstoppable rise of a nation against multinational attacks.

July 15 is the declaration that we are “us,” that our hearts are one, that we stand shoulder-to-shoulder, that we are Turkey, a nation, that we stand on the “homeland” axis, and that we are Anatolia. It is the heaviest blow to the “treachery” that has been ongoing for centuries.

That night was liberation, localization.

The rising period has started…

July 15 is the end of the slavery that started with World War I and has been kept a secret to this day; it is re-existence after a century, the start of a new rising period, liberation, nationalization, localization, and Islamification.

July 15 is the landmark of our return to history, to culture, to the region, to fraternity, to our plans, and to our claims. It is the sign that we are devoted to the Great March.

July 15 is the announcement to the whole world that we will not be turning back, that if necessary, we will give thousands of martyrs but still continue on our way, that the region is not going to pay attention to garrison states, that we are going to disregard the guardians of imperialism, and that we ended the frozen history of the 20th century.

July 15 is proof that we started a new history after World War I, like we did after the Crusades, like we did after the Mongol invasion; it is proof that we overcame a third huge shock, that we learned how to walk with our shoulders upright once again, that we disregarded those who had tutelage over us, and that we have become great Turkey for the first time after the Ottoman Empire.

From now on, every inch of land in this country is a defense line

July 15 is the sign that we turned the “Century of Siege” into the “Century of Reckoning,” that in the next step we are going to switch to the “Confrontation Century.” It is proof that we are done with the 20th century, and that we will never again consent to a second 20th century.

July 15 is the resistance of our nation; it is the children of Anatolia resisting against those who sold off their country and their people with the spirit of Çanakkale. It is the time that those who were bred for decades, protected under the name of religious movements, terror organizations, nongovernmental organizations, under the title of intellectuals and activated when the time came, were buried into history.

July 15 is the history of the men who shielded bullets with their chests that night, who lay in front of tanks; it is the history of women who would not retreat even a step in the face of bullets and those who ran toward martyrdom in the dark of night. Those who are the epitomes of how each inch of land in this country, every village, town and city will turn into defense lines and resistance fortresses when the time comes, are the leaders of the resistance tradition that has been ongoing for a millennium.

A war of independence happened that night, the ‘last fortress’ was secured

July 15 is the last war of independence we fought against tens of states, including the U.S., Germans, the Britons, and against traitors. It is our latest victory. That is the night we changed political history. It is the night we continued the fight we put up in Kut al-Amara, in Gaza, in the Balkans, in Caucasus, in Sarıkamış and Medina.

July 15 is the day Anatolia, the last fortress of the region, the sanctuary of everyone who has been thrown out of their own countries for two centuries, the homeland of those who are stateless, where all orphans are accepted, taught the entire region the right way to do things, showed them the methods of the new wars of independence.

That night God showed that He stood by our nation. He has also given the glad tidings that on the path to victory, He will be with us as we continue on that Great March with stronger and firmer steps.

We won that night: History changed and so will the geography

The “Relentless Resistance” is continuing. This is a destiny for us, for our nation. This is the destiny of those who have not cried once throughout the ages, who have not kneeled in fear, sought refuge in others’ history, but the destiny of those who have given martyrs on these lands for centuries.

And, we are going to keep our fists clenched and continue to walk on the homeland axis.

Those who came to destroy us on July 15 were defeated and lost. We won. We beat them; this victory is ours. They are surrendering to Turkey’s “great rise.” There is now a “Turkey axis.” History has changed and so will the geography.

Do not stand with those who remember that night without a tear in their eyes

That night, it was those who walked side-by-side with Turkey’s political leader, those who followed him won. That night, we won one of the greatest victories of our millennium-old political history. That night, those who watered this country with their blood are as great as the defense of Medina, the defense of Jerusalem, the martyrs of Çanakkale.

We will never stand with those who are stoical when reminded of that night.


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