'July 15' was going to be the start of World War III - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

'July 15' was going to be the start of World War III

You cannot grasp Turkey's troubles, the problems it is made to overcome, the prices it has been made to pay simply by looking at Turkey, focusing on the inside alone, by confining it within the country.

If you reduce the fight that we rose to challenge, the resistance shown, the terror coalition standing against us, the obstacles in front of Turkey's founding mind and will, the multinational attacks conducted one after the other to eliminate this history-maker role and leadership to Turkey's weaknesses alone, if you perceive it as its weakness, if you surrender to the discourses marketed in this direction both inside and outside, if you surrender your minds and thoughts to this sinister campaign; you will be greatly misled and do injustice to this country and miss out on history.

The developments we witnessed in the last three years are worth a century. We experienced great changes in the country's political history, social identity, historical awareness, as well as surprising, head-spinning speed, struggle and showdowns in its fight for the future. We are in a fight for revival, for existence once again. We fought against an international will that hit our head each time we got up on our feet and constantly imposed that we stayed down.

They wanted to exclude us from history

Almost the exact same attack that spread through our lands in waves in the early 20th century was resumed in the first quarter of the 21st century. Everything happening in Iraq, all that is happening in Syria, the security policies aimed at our region, the military interventions, the civil war scenarios as well as the ethnic and sectarian war projects were all parts of that great invasion.

Every war, every attack was a rehearsal to bring the threat closer and into Turkey. And that is exactly what happened. They wanted to open Turkey's borders to debate. They wanted to spread the violence into our homes, streets, into our country's cities.

They conducted invasion and civil war trials at the center of Ankara and at Istanbul's Bosporus. They attacked our people and country with tanks and aircraft. They wanted to eliminate everybody who put in great effort to Turkey's great movement. They wanted to exclude the founding mind, the founding will, the masses supporting it from history.

All three countries were going to be disabled

They imagined something similar to what they did in Andalusia to disconnect Anatolia from Istanbul, which has been ours for five centuries. They managed to fit the plans of centuries into a few years. Those who perceive July 15 as a coup scenario need to know that those planned for after July 15 are even more critical.

The atmosphere was ready to attack from the Syria-Iraq border, the terrorist south was already set for attacks and the forces in Syria-Iraq were already tasked with this secret duty. The infrastructure of a war that would eradicate both countries was prepared in cooperation with Iran. We were already dragged into the open combat environment with Russia. The scenario was planned in very fine details. Iran and Russia were targeted by the scenario as much as Turkey.

'World War III' was going to start on July 15

Had July 15 been successful, most likely that oft mentioned World War III would have been ignited. The West would have started the fire that would set the entire world on fire from Turkey, without looking at its own crises, without facing its own problems.

This was such a plan that one action would have led more than one country to war, with probably hundreds more new organizations emerging, wreaking havoc in the entire region, and endless clashes would spread at the speed of lightening from Russia, Pakistan, Iran to Yemen, to Saudi Arabia, to Central and North Africa.

This aspect of July 15 was never understood or discussed. The kind of scenario, the kind of plan, the kind of calculation, where they wanted to drag the region and the world, why it was supported by everybody from the U.S. to almost all European countries, why these countries are giving so much protection to Fetullah Gülen and his terrorists are still yet to be adequately questioned.

History actually changed that night

Gülen and his gang were not the issue. There was no such reality as the entire West lining up behind an organization. The support they gave to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and all other organizations, making them attack our country, our territory and people as though they were leading forces, was a product of that grand plan. They were hitmen, they were weapons, bullets and they were going to use these weapons until they ran out of bullets.

Hence, the July 15 attacks were the second biggest wave of attacks after World War I. It was the declaration of an attack on Turkey 100 years later, an attack that would tear the region into parts, destroy it and suffocate it in ethnic and sectarian wars and perhaps make it lose another century.

This is why the July 15 resistance is a struggle that has changed history. It will leave deep traces not only in the history of Turkey but also humanity. One of the biggest chaos scenarios in world history was negated. Nations and countries also have destinies. This is our destiny. That night, divine providence became manifest, hundreds of thousands poured to the streets, leading to a scene never before seen in world history. Our nation actually ruined that grand plan to start a world war.

The world's entire fault lines have become active

Do no listen to the new operations of those trying to undermine and weaken Turkey's struggle, in fact challenge them. Do no hear those who act like something like this never happened, those who are trying to make the issue seem like it was Turkey's incompetence, like they are problems caused by the small fights on the inside, like they are rights issues, like it is a bad management crisis.

While all the developments we experienced since the Gezi events are each multinational interventions, while this is an open attack on Turkey, while it is the product of a plan to topple Turkey and tear the entire region into pieces, seeking the source of these attacks inside Turkey is complete blindness.

Those who look at history will see the kind of showdown the world is in, that old cases have been opened, that some countries have brought their imperial pasts to today, that some countries are solidifying their defense shields to protect themselves, that the West, which has conditioned itself to shape the world of the future, is intervening in all regions of the Earth, that all the fault lines in the world have become active.

Let's leave small plans, shallow discussions

It is no longer time for petty arguments, conflicts of interest, fights in confined spaces; we are now in the time period that big accounts are settled. Therefore, there is no chance to understand what we are going through without looking at Ottoman history, without scrutinizing the World War I era, without thinking over Anatolia, without rightfully questioning Islam-West relations, without questioning what Turkey will change with Turkey getting back on its feet.

It is not the time for one-day statements, shallow arguments, street fights, but time to get into discussions at the countries level, regions level. It is time to talk big; to make bold statements.

We need to calculate well what more could be done by those who are able to open even Istanbul for debate in a single night on July 15, those who can discard Turkey which is believed to be integrated in the Western system, those who openly declared this on that night, and what they want to do.

Sectarian war is a nuclear threat that will destroy the region

We need to calculate what more could be done by those who have taken over the gate to Central Asia with the invasion of Afghanistan, those who have settled in the heart of Mesopotamia with the invasion of Iraq, those who have founded hundreds of organizations and enthralled our region to a feeling of endless fury and revenge, and see how desperate they may be. It is time to question how we have fallen into the traps set by those who have gained a power like sectarian wars in the entire region from Pakistan to Yemen, by those who use this power against all sects.

Our concentration on Turkey's interior since Dec. 17 and Dec. 25 was an obligation. For decades, the sleeper cells, circles, people raised, supported and bred for years for the initial intervention were activated and they tried to prevent Turkey from escaping that confined space it was pushed into. The same structure, the same powers had attacked from both inside and outside. The country had to remain standing, it needed to rise up to a great fight and this was done. The struggle is still continuing. But Turkey largely closed the outside area of intervention and is trying to close it by sweeping the country and eliminating those invasion leftovers. They are going to be dragged into greater crises than us.

If we lift our head a little, we are going to understand that we are not the only issue. Looking at Europe, the U.S. and the Asia-Pacific region, we are going to see that the world is caught up in a deep drift, that the international system failed, that international agreements and practices have become meaningless, that political and economic crises are showing their effects on the entire world, that the covert struggle between central powers is soon to turn into an open war.

We are going to see that those who are making interventions on Turkey, on our region are about to fall into deeper crises than ours. This is why they are aggressive. Their aggressiveness is a result of their worry to export their crises to other countries, to save themselves by taking a greater share from the spoils.

This is why we were withdrawn for a few years. Now, while economic crisis scenarios were played out by the same circles, and a plot was being implemented to take over the economy by making it collapse after intelligence, military, ethnic and cultural attacks, it seems like we are in no state to see what is happening around the world. But it is not like that. Not all the world's problems are in Turkey. A greater danger is spreading and growing on the global scale.

The crisis is within the West, not in Turkey

Actually, no country is in a state to conduct an operation on another country. Every country is trying to minimize their weak points, eliminate their weaknesses, to cover their own crises by creating new enemies and new fears and to export those crisis outside the country, outside the region.

If you take a careful look at the tension map on a global scale, you will see these centers and powers have themselves become open to operation, that they have started to intervene in one another, their weaknesses have come to the fore and fragilities have become more sensitive.

The waves of fascism that are about to take over the U.S. and Europe pose a great threat for the world, but they contain bigger threats for themselves. Saying that these countries are soon going to shrink common areas, turn toward their own national plans, and that this will, like in the past, create new areas of conflict, that the new wave of economic crises will hit these center countries, that they are going to resort to security policies, conflict scenarios, that the social disintegrations on the inside are going to deepen and as a matter of fact lead to eruptions; is not a sensational thought.

The new big war will erupt again in their home

They battled a lot in their own field for centuries over the colony distribution. It is going to be the same again. The spoils war of those who pillaged everywhere with the greed of sharing the world is once again going to cause big wars in their territories. This is not a wish. Those following the quietness, those closely watching the Western world will see that their common ideals are corroding, that disintegrations are starting.

Of course, Turkey is going to put up its own fight. It is going to resist against tanks, economic crisis operations and the sectarian wars scenario surrounding our region. We actually started preparing early for the bigger crises. We have been preparing since the Gezi events; we are strengthening our resistance; we have been cleaning out the intelligence apparatuses on the inside that have been waiting for decades for these days to come.

Stopping Turkey without overcoming the critical threshold

Whatever they do, regardless of their plots, they are no longer going to see a weak country standing before them. In this sense, Turkey is a lot stronger, more durable and ready for the future than many European countries. Our biggest defense shield has been remembering the century-old revenges.

Know that the issue is not inside Turkey, that it is not related to Turkey, that we are resisting attacks directly from the outside. Whoever on the inside is saying the contrary, they are largely marketing another agenda, another plot and beware of them. Know the greatness of our struggle and that this struggle is making us stronger and preparing us for the future.

New history is being written and we are going to be the victors of this history. They are attacking, because they can no longer manage Turkey. They know that a while later they are not going to be able to do anything. They are trying to stop Turkey without passing that critical threshold. But they have very little time left. The threshold is about to be passed. Then, there is going to be nothing left for them to do. We are going to be watching their crises, dilemmas and despair.

It is time for patience, solidarity, to speed up the steps in that great walk.


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