Khashoggi murder: Five executions, one cover-up can’t save you. Who will hold Mohammad bin Salman, bin Zayed, and Dahlan accountable? What will happen to secret torture centers, terrorist camps? Those two crown princes are fighting Turkey, everywhere, using every known method! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Khashoggi murder: Five executions, one cover-up can’t save you. Who will hold Mohammad bin Salman, bin Zayed, and Dahlan accountable? What will happen to secret torture centers, terrorist camps? Those two crown princes are fighting Turkey, everywhere, using every known method!

Five of the 11 men on trial over the brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul were sentenced to death.

The murder had been committed with a direct order from Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, by his loyal henchmen. An opposition journalist was eliminated using one of the most brutal methods known, with shameful messages given from Istanbul to Turkey.

Order given by Saudi crown prince. Hitmen silenced, but his three men taken under protection.

The case was a setup, the trial was a setup, the death sentences are also a setup. The Saudi administration, which refrained from disclosing even the whereabouts of Khashoggi’s body, resolved to kill those who did the crown prince’s dirty work to save Salman. This is an act of silencing, destruction of evidence, the liquidation of people whose loyalty is in doubt and who are likely to talk.

Saud al-Qahtani, the leader of the murder team, was not convicted. Even Mohammad al-Otaibi, Istanbul consul general, whom Turkey showed as the unwanted man and asked the king to withdraw, was not even accused. Ahmed Asiri, deputy chief of intelligence who planned the murder – and was supposedly dismissed – was released.

Three of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s closest men were taken under protection. Because they were tasked in operations other than the Khashoggi murder, and would continue to be tasked in others.

Disassociating murder from intelligence, turning it into ‘ordinary murder’

What will become of the five people who were sentenced to death? Are they really going to be executed, or will they be granted new identities? If there is fear of them talking, they will be executed and the Saudi crown prince will thus be acquitted.

Is this possible? This murder will be on Salman for life. Regardless of the millions of dollars spent on PR work, it seems impossible for him to escape this shameful situation. They are trying to use this verdict to cover the murder, to distance the state and intelligence from it, to turn it into an ordinary murder.

Mohammad bin Salman, Mohammad bin Zayed, Mohammad Dahlan: Trio terror, murder network

Regional terrorist organizations, the intelligence network directed by Mohammad bin Salman, Mohammad bin Zayed and Mohammad Dahlan are trying to prevent the murder and covert operations from being revealed. This is never going to be possible.

Because the dirty works Mohammad bin Salman and United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Crown Prince Mohammad bin Zayed carry out with their hired assassin Mohammad Dahlan are not limited to the Khashoggi murder. But the Khashoggi murder exposed them, revealed their plots.

If this murder is hushed up, one of the Middle East’s dirtiest cases will be closed. On the contrary, these murders, this network of covert operations, the bloody record extending all the way to the two crown princes’ war crimes, their adventurism which has turned the region into a bloodbath cannot be hidden in any way and should be revealed even more.

Who will hold the two crown princes accountable? What will become of their terror headquarters, torture centers?

Let them strive to close the case by sentencing five men to death. Yet, who is going to judge Mohammad bin Salman? Has he been acquitted now? Who is going to judge his boss Mohammad bin Zayed? Has he been hidden now?

Which court is going to try Mohammed bin Zayed, who established secret terror headquarters in Jordan, Egypt, the Gulf, in myriad corners of the region, who turned Dubai into the main headquarters of global terrorism, who directed murders, covert operations in numerous countries, including Turkey, who drowned opposition in money, who armed and financed terror barons (after the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Daesh, now Haftar), who caused civil wars and mass slaughters?

The secret torture, inquisition centers that were used by the U.S. in the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq are now under the control of these two crown princes. Who is going to determine where and how many secret prisons they have in the region?

Those two crown princes are fighting Turkey, everywhere, using every known method!

Once the time comes and the current money balance is spoiled, will they go to the International Criminal Court (ICC) or will they be held to account for their actions today in another way, I know not.

The Yemen case alone is enough to destroy him. The current Libya case is enough to bury him. Terrorist and intelligence networks are enough to destroy him. His betrayal of Arab people, using his nation on negotiation tables, undertaking regional responsibility for global attacks targeting Muslims is enough to destroy him.

These two princes are carrying on a relentless war against Turkey in every field, in every inch of land in the region, in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, everywhere in the Mediterranean and the Aegean, in Africa, Syria, Sudan and Libya. Their sole aim, sole agenda, sole business is this war.

Toppling Erdoğan, stopping Turkey…We realized before murder.

They build partnerships with everyone, every state, every terrorist organization that is against Turkey. They engage in everything that will disturb Turkey. They do this through extremely ugly methods. They are blinded and almost in agony due to their hysterical anti-Turkey sentiment.

They do whatever the U.S. says, whatever Israel says, whatever France says. They cooperate with all countries and groups in all these regions that are in dispute with Turkey.

We started writing the truths about these two crown princes long before the Khashoggi murder. We realized the network of new relations in the region. We realized that the network was designed to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and corner Turkey. Since that day, all these developments took shape within this frame.

Turkey’s future defended. No presence in Libya means no presence in Mediterranean. No presence in sea means no presence in Anatolia.

There are critical agendas much beyond even the Khashoggi murder. The two crown princes are galavanizing the entire Arab world to wage a war against Turkey. They were the biggest financiers of the “terror corridor” aimed at building thick walls between the Arab world and Turkey.

They fought against Turkey in Syria. They are fighting Turkey in the Mediterranean together with Greece, Egypt and Israel. Currently, they are carrying on the war in Libya. These two crown princes are involved in all plans aimed at drowning Turkey in the Mediterranean, confining it to the shores of Anatolia.

President Erdoğan is defending Turkey’s future in Syria, the Mediterranean and in Libya. If we restrict ourselves to land defense alone, we will be destroyed on these lands. If we have no presence in Libya, there will be no Mediterranean, if we have no presence in the Mediterranean, there will be no Anatolia. If we are unable to defend in Syria, we will not be able to do it in Kahramanmaraş or Sivas.

Crown princes outside, pro-tutelage circles within: They’re attacking out of fear.

These two crown princes are the Lawrences of the 21st century that they are pitted against us in the great fight. This is going to be their sole role in history. This is also the sole reason the Khashoggi murder took place in Istanbul.

There is a history in ascension and it is directing us towards our political gene, our region and claims. Do not let the attacks inflicted by the crown princes outside, the pro-tutelage front within scare you. Regardless of the resistance both outside and within, we are going to pass that threshold. You will see, it will happen.

They are attacking out of this fear.


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