Kut al-Amara or the Kato mountains: Our people have been martyred since Manzikert

We have been martyred for this land since Manzikert. We have been shedding blood, losing lives and paying a price for centuries.

All the lives we lost in the Balkans, the prices we paid in all the wing areas of Anatolia were all for this country, for this land, for this nation.

This land is where we fought against the Crusades, where we settled scores with the Mongol invasion and where we witnessed all the pains of World War I.

Maj. Gen. Aydoğan Aydın, Col. Oğuzhan Küçükdemir, Staff Col. Gökhan Peker, Lt. Col. Songül Yakut, Maj. Koray Onar, Capt. İlker Acar, Capt. Nuri Şener, Capt. Serhat Sığnak, First Lt. Abdülmuttalip Kesikbaş, Sgt. Maj. Mehmet Erdoğan and Sgt. Maj. Çavuş Fevzi Kıral, Specialist Sgt. Zeki Koç and Specialist Sgt. Hakan İncekal, who were martyred yesterday are the latest of our people to have fallen martyrs for this land in the last millennium.

Anatolia is the living Andalusia

Anatolia is our living Andalusia. We are never going to experience the fate of Andalusia again. We are not going to give a second chance to those who are preparing a fate like Andalusia's for this land.

Regardless of whether they try to divide our country through civil war like on July 15, 2016, or siege it through the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) from Syria, or activate all Western armies or release all terrorist organizations on Turkey, we are not going to allow them to achieve this goal.

It is not going to happen this time.

Our third rise, their third civil war

The times have changed; they are going to focus on their inside showdowns and we are going to start the third period of a great rise from this land. While we strengthen the third rising wave to defy them, to defy the bad memories of the past, they are going to be dragged into the third civil war.

Do not forget, the PKK is an outside power, it is an invasion force and a representative of the tradition of the Crusades. The Democratic Union Party (PYD), or whatever other name it runs under, is adjusted to create the atmosphere for invasion. After the Crusades, after World War I, they pushed them to the forefront as a Trojan horse for the third great invasion.

They are attacking with US-Israeli flags

Then we are going to fight against them like we did with the Crusaders. We are going to fight like we did in Çanakkale. Whether inside Anatolia, whether on Syrian territory or on Iraqi land, we are going to fight them wherever they are like we are fighting an outside force.

Fighting these hired murderers, who attack our lands with U.S. flags, Israeli flags, German flags, U.K. flags, who use their weapons, who attack our countries, who attack our people, is, for Turkey, the biggest showdown of the 21st century.

They are trying to invade Turkey through the PKK/PYD. They are trying to divide Syria through them. They planned the civil war on July 15, 2016 through the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ). Had they succeeded, they were going to divide Anatolia into who knows how many pieces. They were going to tear away Istanbul, they were going to tear away the southeast and apply a map like the map of Sevres.

PKK and FETÖ: Same boss, same goal, same sell out

Had they succeeded, the PKK and PYD were immediately going to attack from the south, then open the Turkey front and apply their joint plan with FETÖ. They both had the same boss. They were both being controlled from the same center and their instructions were coming from the same place. Both the calculations and plans were obvious, the hitmen, the murderers were obvious.

This is the kind of fight being fought in the Kato mountains. The one in al-Bab was likewise. The fight that should be fought in Qamishli, Ayn el-Arab, Manbij and Afrin is the same. Regardless of which country's flag they take refuge in, regardless of which country's lap they sit in, as part of the struggle being put up on this territory for the last millennium, they will be seen as one of the main enemies.

Sudden, shocking intervention of Gurkhas, Crusades leftovers

Unless Turkey wins this war, it cannot shape the 21st century. No nation in the region will reach peace unless it wipes out from these lands these "Trojan horses," these "Russian Kazakhs," these British "Gurkhas," these enemies of history and geography, these "Crusades leftovers."

Thus, regional conditions should be pushed with a game changer, with a preference for extraordinary intervention, regardless of which country's weapons they use, regardless of which country's flag they line up under.

Right in this period, the formulas prepared in Western capitals, spread through the agents on the inside, should certainly be ignored. It should be known that these are part of the regional invasion, that they are spread to weaken the struggle and gain time.

The struggle in Kato is same as the one in Kut al-Amara

The struggle put up by Aydoğan Pasha and his team in Kato is part of the struggle we have been putting up since the Seljuks. The struggle put up by our martyrs, who shielded bullets with their chests and changed history on the night of July 15, is part of the struggle that has been put up for this region since the Seljuks.

Whatever the struggle in Kut al-Amara, the Channel, the Balkans, the Caucasus and in every inch of land in the Middle East and in Anatolia, the struggle in Kato is the same.

We are not talking about an issue of terrorism, let's come to our senses. We are talking about a historic struggle, a regional struggle. In other words, we are talking about a massive cause. A huge issue like that of the conquest of Jerusalem, a historic showdown like the conquest of Istanbul, of protecting Andalusia, raising it and turning it in to a regional power.

We are here for another millennium to protect the living Andalusia

In this fight, the paid herd of PKK/PYD soldiers are the hitmen trying to invade the region once more. They are the slaves who carry out the dirty works of the invaders. This is an outside threat, an invasion force.

The fight against them will be like the fight against invasion, like the fight against freedom and independence. The area of the fight is no longer the borders of Anatolia, but the entire region – determined, nonstop, worrying “what will the world think?”

May God have mercy on our martyrs. My condolences to our nation.

We have been on these lands for the last millennium. And by paying the heaviest prices.

They should remember that we will be here for yet another millennium, at least.