Latest example to the ‘Era of Extraordinariness’: Saudis preparing for war with Iran

It seems as though every country, every ring of power is preparing for an era of extraordinariness. They ascertain what is approaching, try to reinforce themselves and their circle as much as possible, accumulate power, open the doors aimed at a power buildup and make great efforts to prepare the state and society for the new period.

I have been watching this process for years, hence, I coin the era in which we live as the “age of extraordinariness.” The world has been going through such a epoch  for the last three decades. As we evaluate every event, every development individually, as we drown in the specifics of each event, we are unable to see the complete map in the real sense. Perhaps this is what is imposed on us. Perhaps this is how we are blinded.

There was actually a coup in Riyadh

The latest instance of preparations for extraordinariness is the systemic change that took place in Saudi Arabia yesterday.

King Salman of Saudi Arabia changed the dynasty tradition in his country with a sudden, radical decision. He brought his son Muhammad bin Salman to the throne instead of the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Naif. He changed the entire administration system and cadres accordingly. His addition of “grandchildren” in the constitutional article which allows the throne to pass not only from father to son was sufficient. This process or preparation incidentally first started in the U.S. and Europe. Those who declared Islamists as the enemy three decades ago, those who have been trying to eliminate Muslims under the name of fighting terrorism, trying to push them outside of the global power domain, in fact, make it unbearable to live in the local area, changed the entire domestic security, citizenship and state of emergency laws in the last ten years.

The world is being dragged into an inestimable climate

We did not watch this carefully. We always got caught up in the noisy area, we couldn’t adequately grasp this systematic change. Hence, we were unable to produce a serious discourse. These changes were made in the U.S. and almost all European countries. The abnormal laws were enacted especially after September 11. They were all preparation for an extraordinary period.

The world is being dragged into an inestimable climate, civilization- and identity-based separations are starting to stand out, everybody is turning to their own power pool, they were calling their old accounts and claims to the present day. Of course, in connection to this, the world’s fault lines were becoming active and the covert power struggle was turning in to open clashes.

Being able to estimate in advance the storm to hit us

In these fragile regions, invasions, civil wars, ethnicity- and sect-based fights are escalating to the utmost. Those saying they are fighting terrorism were establishing tens of terrorist organizations and destabilizing the target regions.

The first 30-year bill of the period of “preparation for extraordinarinesses” was paid by the Muslim geography. Countries were invaded, civil wars broke out, religion-based and sectarian clashes destroyed our region. Now, all accounts were being presented through the clash of identities.

For years, I always personally tried to follow this process very closely. I put in effort to understand it, to form opinions in relation to the future of the world and our country. The entire issue was to be able to estimate in advance the storm that would hit us.

I was never caught unprepared

I could easily say I generally reaped the fruits of these efforts, I had the opportunity to discuss many crisis long before. I witnessed several discussions that initially made many ask, “Where did this come from?” and received great reaction in our close circle, from the circles which we are politically on the same side, sometime later become reality. It has been like this for years.

The only thing I have not been able to understand, especially for the last three years, has been how grown men, people who are known in the public as respectable, got caught up in personal fights, in games concerning their interests. Yet, huge waves are approaching, but they chose to subvert the great fight against these threats because of their personal priorities.

Sometimes I think that these people are also actually part of those intervention waves. That is when one becomes angry.

They drove to war everything non-domestic

For the last decade, Turkey has been preparing for this “Era of Extraordinariness.” Those who want to catch us weak, who actually chose us as victims, who do not want to see a rising Turkey once again after the 20th century, have attempted almost all kinds of multinational intervention for the last five years. The Gezi Park terror, the Dec. 17, 2013 and finally, the July 15, 2016 coup attempt.

They wanted to catch Turkey off guard, but Turkey had understood that the only route to salvation was to become stronger and further grow. This is the summary of the conflicts we experienced. In these conflicts, they mobilized all the terrorist organizations they bred and organized on the inside for decades. They activated intelligence structures such as the Fetullahist Terror Organization (FETÖ). They drove to war all “foreign elements” other than what is domestic.

Turn of history and power leap

But the political mind, the social memory did not allow this. On the contrary, just as it prevented interventions, it also triggered an extraordinary power leap – such as strengthening the center, strengthening the country, strengthening the economy and defense, developing the tools and discourses that would mobilize the community, such as building a country, a homeland axis.

Turkey was making a history leap, starting a rising period both for itself and the region. We call this the “turn of history,” the post-Ottoman era. After this stage, a Turkey activity limited to Anatolia was out of consideration. Because the entire region was a target, because as the region became divided, the threat was reaching Turkey’s borders.

The map the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and NATO allies are trying to draw in northern Syria was the scariest form of this. Because that map was the first steps of the project aimed at completely dividing Turkey. They had already shown this in the July 15 intervention.

The first crisis after this is going to be ‘regional’

There are no longer country and region plans like Iraq, like Syria, like northern Iraq. There are divided maps for each country. The first crisis after this is going to be regional. It is going to stir the entire region, include more than one country. These are the extraordinarinesses that Turkey has to prepare for – and it is doing so too.

The starting point of the regional war is planned as the Iran-Saudi Arabia war. The moment the Syria issue reaches a certain point, disorder is going to hit the Persian Gulf, many countries are going to be exposed to Iran’s threats. In such a disaster, the masses are going to be activated through their sectarian identities and that is how the war is going to be promoted.

It is planned as the Mecca wars

While Iran, which hit Saudi Arabia in Yemen via the Houthis is threatening Israel, it is making plans to invade Muslim countries. The ballistic missiles launched from Iran to Syria are the same as those launched from Yemen to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries are under the threat of invasion.

For the last year I have been drawing attention to this danger. I mentioned that the Syrian war is going to turn in to a world war, that states are going to take action rather than organizations. That is what happened. But there was an even greater threat, like the Iran-Saudi war actually being planned as Mecca wars. The articles I wrote under the title, “Before the tanks reach the Kaaba,” are all the result of this fear.

The true reason behind the Qatar crisis became clear with the coup in Riyadh. The new heir to the throne, who will be running Saudi Arabia from now on, is preparing for war with Iran and he cannot tolerate any country that has relations with Iran. In a statement he made on a TV channel in May, he accused Iran of trying to dominate the Muslim world and said, “Tehran’s ultimate goal is to take Mecca.”

Salman’s statement, “We will not wait for a clash to happen on our lands and we are going to strive for this war to be on Iranian territory,” was very important. The Saudis were saying, “The war is going to come to us anyway, then let’s take the war to their lands.”

Following this change in Riyadh, shortly, very rough winds are going to blow between Iran and Saudi Arabia and shake the entire region. Everybody needs to be very careful.

Do not think this is a sectarian war

Do not dare think this is a sectarian war. Do not dare think this is an Arab-Persian war. Whoever created the “War is going to settle in the heart of Islam, Islam is going to fight among itself” theory are planning for this.

This is a superior project adjusted to destroy everything that belongs to Islam – countries, nations, cultures, values, everything that is sacred. An “accidentally” launched missile hitting the Kaaba walls or Iran’s tanks reaching the Kaaba have certainly been considered within this project

As Muslims of the world, they want to leave us in so much shame that we can’t lift up our heads.