Leader of the 'Great March!' This victory is yours… This victory is the people’s… This victory is the region’s…

Bismillah! Congratulations!

Our country, Turkey, which has become accustomed to success for 15 years, won another of the greatest victories in its history yesterday.

Despite the eerie atmosphere, our nation let its political mind, its foresight do the talking and gave extraordinary support to the vision that will carry our country to 2023.

It paved the way for the giant steps to be taken from now on and revealed once more that there is no other option for this country but to advance and grow.

It activated our political gene that has made these lands our homeland for a millennium, and it made a great challenge to the world saying that we will make history on this land for another millennium.

Our nation did not fear, it did not worry, it did not display concern; it openly revealed its determination, courage and ideals aimed for the 21st century.

The great traveler… With the prayers of millions, without a care for the betrayals!

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the architect of the strongest rising period after World War I, made history once more against all local, regional and global attacks, covert operations, the global front that has formed against him, and the axis of treachery built inside the country.

Erdoğan, the leader of this country’s great transformation, the first power buildup after the Ottoman Empire, further strengthened his love in our people’s hearts. Turkey gave him the authority, the love and strength to complete what he started. It told him to continue on his path without paying attention to the betrayals, disloyalty, without giving up, and by standing steady.

He is going to continue with greater steps, directing the resurgence of Anatolia as the “great traveler,” and to rebuild the region for our nation. He is going to continue with millions behind him, with a millennium-old history behind him, with the entire region, with the prayers of the oppressed, and the destitute and the lonely.

The people won, the country won, the ‘homeland axis’ won…

What we went through yesterday was not an election. We took a strong decision yesterday in one of the most fragile moments of history. There was a front against us, as widespread and as strong as the one in the Crusade Wars, the one in the Çanakkale resistance.

There was a struggle, competition, showdown between those who want to shrink Turkey and those who want it to grow, those who want to make it regress and those who want it to shine, those who want to mandate it and those who want to make it a central country, those who supported the invasion attempt on July 15 and those who used their bodies and souls to shield bullets that night, and between the internal invaders and the locals.

There was a struggle between those who want to complete the final chain of the great change and those who want to “stop Turkey,” those who defend the homeland against terrorism and multinational interventions and those who are arm in arm with terrorists and interventionist groups. The people won, the country won, the ‘homeland axis’ won.

The final stage of the ‘relentless resistance’ is going to happen

This is Turkey’s victory. This is the victory of a millennium-old history. This is the final chain of the “relentless resistance;” it is the last war of independence which will be victorious. This joy was felt not only in Turkey, in this country’s cities, villages and streets, but in the depths of Skopje, Sarajevo, Baku, Crimea, Africa, and in the cities and hearts of the people of Far East Asia. It was felt in Arab streets, in the hopes of those who are stateless. Because if Anatolia rises, the region will rise – they knew this, and we knew this.

We know a lot. We know all the disgusting things going on in German media, Israeli media, and in the media of the U.K./U.S. We also know what a great disappointment it is for those who are afraid of this country growing to lose their last hope.

Turkey’s strides are now going to be heard worldwide

We know the pain grieving the hearts of martyrs’ mothers. We know how this country received blows to its honor for centuries, who manhandled it, with which on-order policies it was consoled, and with which project leaders it was made to suffer and held hostage.

That period is now over. The era of those projects has now closed. The era of making adjustments to this country through multinational tenders has ended. Now, Turkey’s voice is going to rise. Turkey’s footsteps are going to be heard abroad more than at home.

There is now going to be a geography-building Turkey that expands out to the region, the world. There is going to be a country that slams the projects of those going around from table to table with map drafts in their faces and presents its own maps. From now on, those who try to siege Turkey, make it kneel through terrorist organizations are going to go silent.

This victory is Turkey’s, this victory is the entire region’s, this victory belongs to all of us.

A new era has begun in the thousand-year-old reckoning.

May it be blessed.


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