‘Local agents’ are jubilant following Joe Biden’s Armenia statement. ‘Pro-US conservatives’ have been unleashed on the ground. But the world’s axis will change. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

‘Local agents’ are jubilant following Joe Biden’s Armenia statement. ‘Pro-US conservatives’ have been unleashed on the ground. But the world’s axis will change.

U.S. President Joe Biden used the term “genocide” in his statement regarding the events that transpired back in 1915, which called for a celebration among the front of the “native invaders.” They had absolutely no shame whatsoever, and did not think, “What of this nation’s centuries-old legacy?” 

They did not stop to think how the political gene that was transferred over from the Seljuks, from the Ottomans to the Turkish Republic, that has been taking extraordinary steps for this country’s next rise will judge them; they did not think that they would be banished from history. 

They took the risk. They forsook religion, faith, the country, the people, and all values. They trampled over them all and disgracefully started attacking everything that belongs to us. 



Those opening gates from within the fortress are pointing US barrels at Turkey

They openly displayed once more that they are in favor of U.S.-Western tutelage over Turkey, that they support the foreign siege, and the pursuit within aimed at destroying the country. They proved that they will raze Turkey to the ground, open the gates from the inside, and surrender the country in the event of a foreign intervention. 

They pointed U.S. weapons at Turkey; they joined forces with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) (Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP)) that says, “Face the genocide,” and attacked Turkey. They supported the British on the Gallipoli front, the Russians on the East front, and the Greeks during the War of Independence. They supported the PKK in Syria and Iraq, Armenia in Karabakh, and the U.S. and France in the Mediterranean and the Aegean. 



‘Pro-US conservatives’ have mobilized

The “native invaders’ front” fits perfectly. It is now clear that the tutelage chain, which has reached our day from the Ottoman era, is represented not only by today’s liberals, is composed not only of the “absolute pro-West” group, but exists in every political view. 

To add insult to injury, it has been ascertained that the biggest role today has been given to the “pro-U.S. conservatives and Islamists,” that the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) is not the only one that was invested in with this regard. Similar investment was made in those who were known as nationalist, as conservative, as Islamist for decades. Now they are the ones who have been unleashed on the ground today.


All fronts of the 21st-century’s ‘War of Independence’ have been revealed

They were caught red-handed; and the dimensions of the betrayal, all fronts of the 21st-century’s War of Independence have been revealed. Those who want to take control over Turkey from within have become clear once more, whom they are investing in, whom they are bringing forward, and for whom they are preparing the ground. 

First reactions reveal everybody. Some openly exhibited their pleasure, some celebrated in secret. Some posted shy criticisms, while others accused Turkey, the state, the government. Some, on the other hand, linked the statement to Turkey’s mistakes. 

Some went further than Biden and accused Turkey, our nation, all of us of committing “genocide.” Some, in all their slyness and hypocrisy, displayed fury against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to the extent that they would sell off the country. 


Hagia Sophia, Karabakh victory avenged! Andalusia plan concerning Istanbul… 

Liberals, neo-nationalists, conservatives, right-wing, left-wing, “nationalists,” and even “Islamists” were joyous. They relieved themselves with statements such as, “Biden struck a blow on Turkey, “ “He put Erdoğan in his place” and “signals of intervention.” 

Even the fact that Istanbul was referred to as “Constantinople” did not perturb them. They did not realize that this was vengeance for the victory in Karabakh, vengeance for reopening Hagia Sophia as a mosque. It hasn’t crossed their minds that the West has a great plan for Istanbul, just as it destroyed Andalusia centuries later, and that they served this plan with their position. 


The great representatives of this identity, the mind that has established empires, this is not an interior political affair

They are doing it on purpose. They are consciously exacting their revenge on Islam and Turkey. Therefore, the situation is very critical. It means Turkey is being besieged from within, that fronts are being built within, that the great attack will be carried out from within. 

Thus, this means that the great representatives of this land, this civilization, this identity, this political gene, the mind that has established empires, will be caught up in much rougher fights. Therefore, Turkey’s issue is not a matter of democracy, political power or internal political affairs. It is a matter of security, a matter of survival, a matter of settling centuries-old scores. 


The term ‘genocide’ is not the issue. Biden is the helpless leader of a disgraced country

Biden’s “genocide” affirmation has no political response in today’s world. A state that has been established on the blood of millions, a state that has massacred hundreds of thousands of people in even the 21st century, the helpless leader of a country that could not properly choose its own president and thus disgraced itself in front of the world, does not have the moral capacity necessary to evaluate an event that happened a century ago. 

The U.S. lost that competence in all fields; it is no longer the world’s center; it is rapidly losing ground against the emerging powers of the 21st century, and is at loggerheads with half the world. It has no credibility left. It has no reliability – and never will. 

Furthermore, World War I period theories lost all “sanction” power against a rising country like Turkey. We saw this in Karabakh. We saw it in Syria, in Iraq, in Libya, the Mediterranean, and in the Aegean. We will continue to witness it in many more areas. 


They’re planning an attack bigger than the 2016 coup

We are facing truths and threats much beyond the term “genocide” being used in a U.S. statement. 

This threat is the fact that the Republican People’s Party (CHP), the HDP (PKK), the Good Party (İP), the pro-tutelage conservatives who defected from the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) ranks, the marginal ideological groups, and terrorist organizations are preparing in tandem for a battle bigger than the 2016 coup attempt, aimed at pushing Turkey into a corner. 

The U.S., Europe, Israel, all powers that are disturbed and concerned by Turkey’s rise, its historic milestones, the claims of centuries being carried over to the present, support this structure and this battle. 


We overcame greater crises, betrayals. This too will become history… 

It may seem like a hyperbole to you, but we will witness much more reckless examples of this in the upcoming days, months and years. The plan to “oust Erdoğan,” which is presented like a local political pursuit, is a major project aimed at making Turkey a slave to the U.S. and Europe all over again. This clash will be ongoing throughout the 21st century. 

But history has taken a turn; the plan has taken a turn; former civilizations have returned with new statements. Power maps have gone down the drain; we will witness new ascensions, new establishments. The mind that built empires and reigned over continents in history will overcome this as well. It overcame much greater crises and betrayals in the past centuries; this too will be history. 


Turkey’s liberation starts in our minds. Be the nation’s voice, life, weapon

We, who believe in a strong Turkey, of the 21st century, a central country, the claims of centuries, the region’s independence, that this is all a civilization fight, will strengthen Turkey’s axis, gather on that axis, and stand on a much greater front. 

Never allow those who present all these claims as political or a personal grudge, and Turkey’s shortcomings to muddy your mind. Turkey’s strength and liberation start in our minds and then spread across continents. This is how it happened and how it will unfold once more.

Thus, support and strengthen this wave, which has come a century later, regardless of your political party, your identity, your religious belief, your environment or political prejudices. Be Turkey’s voice, life, strength and weapon. 


We will change the world’s axis once again. This is their fear; this is what the fight is about. 

Do not allow them to stop Turkey from internally or from abroad.

So what if Biden called it a “genocide”? Like we care! 

We will continue on our path, continue our great march. We will not hesitate, fear, trample, stop or turn back. Both history and the region are calling on to us. We will answer these calls. 

This is what all the fight is about. This is what all the fronts have been established for. We are the nation that best knows how to fight this battle. We will change the world’s axis once again. This is their fear. 


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