Maduro will go, Guaido will come. Gold and oil will find their ‘owner.’ It’s not about politics but ‘plundering’. The rest is empty talk. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Maduro will go, Guaido will come. Gold and oil will find their ‘owner.’ It’s not about politics but ‘plundering’. The rest is empty talk.

The U.S. uses terrorism as a bloody weapon against all of humanity. It feeds and breeds terrorist organizations, arms them and uses them to attack countries.

Then, it starts a global-scale campaign to fight terrorism. It declares all the countries that do not join this campaign as “pro-terrorism.”

It recruits terrorist organizations at almost all of its bases spread throughout the world. It trains them there and holds meetings in these bases as well.

Then, it uses that organization against the country where the base is located. Furthermore, it accuses that country for not backing the fight against terror, and for supporting terrorism.

How and why are leaders and countries punished?

It directly labels countries that do not make available their resources to exploitation, plundering, “bandit states.” It openly threatens countries that lay claim to their wealth, and pressures them through the global finance system.

Immediately after, it starts the process of destabilizing that country. Coup attempts, discharge of leaders, terror attacks, ethnic conflicts, economic crises, mass protests all follow, one after the other.

The practice to be applied against all these countries is obvious: economic embargo. It attacks countries’ economies, punishes their people, and starts to investigate and pressure countries that do not abide by the embargo – all for its own interests.

Every country that nationalized oil, natural gas has been attacked

It threatens every country that refuses to place its oil, natural gas, gold, mines, water, agriculture, and markets under its protection and control. It threatens then with war, invasion, internal conflict, and assassinations.

Almost all of the countries that nationalized their oil companies have come under attack. Almost every country that laid claim to its oil and natural gas has been dragged into chaos.

Libya is no different. Neither is Iraq.

They are torn to pieces. Some, similar to Saudi Arabia, have fully surrendered, been taken hostage, with their wealth plundered.

It applies sanctions on Iran and pressures countries to abide by the embargo. Then, it establishes its own parallel companies for Iran to enter the international economic system, and carry out its operations. If a country cooperates with Iran and attempts this, that country will be under open attack like the Dec. 17-23, 2013 judicial coup attempt in Turkey.

This is what happens if you don't make gold, oil available to US companies

Iranian money and the Halkbank matter was previously carried out through Dubai, through the U.S. and the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ). As soon as it shifted to Turkey, the period of coups started there.

Now, we are seeing the same scenario unfold once more in Venezuela. A giant oil producer is being threatened with coups, war and invasion because it nationalized its oil, it did not make it available to the U.S. and surrendered to U.S. companies.

It is being openly threatened because it did not make its gold available to the U.S., it did not allow the U.S. and Western companies to run its gold mines, because it did not introduce its gold to the market under U.S. control.

Maduro will go, Guaido will come:

Both gold and oil will find their 'owners'

Maduro will go and Guaido will come. Because Guaido sided with the U.S., U.K., Europe, and the Latin American countries under their control. Because Guaido has already surrendered both gold and oil, as well as the country's markets, to the U.S. and Western countries. He is someone who was assigned by those powers, those companies.

It also started to threaten the countries that support the people, state, and leader of Venezuela and its economy, that introduce its gold to the international system, while it is punishing them. As the U.S. stated it will be launching an investigation into Turkey for this purpose, it is also pressuring Russia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in this respect.

It’s not about politics but ‘plundering’

It is not about politics but plundering. Venezuela is next on the list of countries to be plundered. They are going to plunder its oil, its gold, and the country's existing wealth. There is no need for any political interpretation.

If you protect your wealth, if you protect your country, if you are trying to become self-sufficient and taking an attitude against exploitation, then you are under attack. The colonialism the West has been waging for centuries rumbles on.

They either destroy and plunder that country, or take control over it with a puppet administration and leader, or they punish the whole nation by making them kneel while they loot their wealth.

Isn't this why Turkey was also attacked?

Are our country's efforts for indigenization not the reason behind all the attacks aimed at Turkey in the last five years? What’s happening in Venezuela is similar. Nobody should play secret pro-Americanism or hide behind fancy words.

This is clearly an attempt to plunder Venezuela's fortunes. There is a leader, a country, a people that are being punished for not giving away or making available their gold and oil.

The rest is empty talk.


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