March 31 can turn into a historic disaster for the CHP. Stage two of the 'Kılıçdaroğlu Project' is in action. The CHP is now a national security issue. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

March 31 can turn into a historic disaster for the CHP. Stage two of the 'Kılıçdaroğlu Project' is in action. The CHP is now a national security issue.

Yes, the March 31 local elections can lead to a historic collapse for the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP). It can result in an unseen disaster. It could be the official confirmation that it is no longer the Republic's founding party. It could lead to the elimination of the political thought that is playing for the center.

It could be the declaration that it has lost the Republic of Turkey mind, the state mind, the national sensitivity, that it is now a marginal front party only, that it is a substitute for the pro-Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) Peoples' Democracy Party (HDP), and that it is positioned on the multinational front instead of Turkey's national mind and backbone.

Stage two of the project: CHP is no longer a party of Turkey

On the morning of April 1, the CHP will never again get out of the place it has drifted off to. We are talking about a political direction that rejects Turkey, the nation, the homeland, the centuries-old political mind and genetic, that is in the hands of those who have a score to settle with this country that has drifted outside of what is local in this country's political history showdown, and is hitting Turkey from there.

CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu being brought to the head of the party was a project itself. It was a project to push the CHP out of the Turkey axis. Now, the second step of this project is being taken. The March 31 local elections is going to be the sign of this.

We are going to watch the CHP, which is taken out of the axis, go in a showdown with Turkey, not for Turkey. We are going to see the CHP, which is in the hands of those who have become estranged from this country, and as a matter of fact, those in a showdown with it, fight against the country.

They are preparing for the big showdown, not elections

This is clearly seen in their choice of candidates for the local elections. Whoever is positioning a political party whose list of candidates is prepared under the control of all anti-Turkey organizations, such as the PKK, the Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front (DHKP-C) that are under EU and U.S. control, they clearly have a major plan.

We know what this plan is. We see that this plan is to break out a flag against the centuries-old political genetic. We know it means to contain anti-religion, anti-adhan (Muslim call to prayer), anti-flag, anti-homeland sentiment all over again.

Contrary to the flow of history

There is something contrary to the flow of history. We know what it will mean to be in a "multinational" scenario against what is national while the nation rises, while the state rises, while history transforms.

What we experienced on July 15, 2016, was a trial. We understand what may happen in the next move, what may take place in which scenario, and its relation to the "CHP project." We are talking about a political party that has included hundreds of HDP or PKK members among its ranks, that was done in such a determined way that it has even disturbed its own base, the demands voted from the PKK, and whose candidates mock the adhan. I am really curious as to what the traditional CHP members are saying about all this.

CHP is now a security issue.

Everyone will see this.

On Dec. 29, 2017, I wrote that the CHP will be turned into a "national security issue." I shared my observations with respect to where the CHP project will lead. This is the point we have reached today. In another article published on Jan. 29, 2019, I noted the following under the headline, "Who is the secret mastermind controlling the CHP? There’s no longer a ‘political identity’ such as the ‘CHP’":

Who determines the main opposition Republican People’s Party’s (CHP) candidates? Who are their mentors? Who are these mysterious centers? Based on what priorities are candidates being determined? Are they Turkey’s interests, social expectations, EU interests, future U.S. plots targeting our country, or money/interest relations?

Whose mind is it that gathered the CHP, the Good Party, and HDP (PKK) on the same front, that is hiding all armed and unarmed organizations under the CHP roof? Are the Good Party's nationalists going to vote for the HDP? Are CHP patriots going to vote for candidates who are members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party's (PKK) political wing?

The will gathering so many contrasting identities under a single combat front is not local. It certainly is not. This means that the will that gathered so many organizations and fronts under a single roof, is largely determining the CHP's candidates as well. This means that it determines which HDP member will be running where for the CHP, where the name that will leave what mark of social conflict will be made to stand out.

What unites them?

This "roof" does not feed off of Turkey's center in any way, shape or form. An entirely multinational mind determines both this alliance and the candidates, and makes them stand out. The hand that was effective in the Gezi Park events, on Dec. 17-25, and on July 15, is effective here as well. Every country - from U.S. intelligence to German intelligence - is included in the CHP-led alliance, except for Turkey.

The will that has taken Turkey's founding party out of the Turkey axis and turned it in to an ideological conflict organization, and the will that has made the Good Party and the HDP a single front, is in pursuit of a new political wave, a new wave of clashes. Turkey's founding party has lost both its mind and center.

The formation of blocs between Turkey's backbone, its political genetic, and those being controlled from the outside against Turkey has become clear. This is the most serious political identification process our country has ever faced.

There's no such thing as the CHP mind,

But the 'multinational' mind.

The front aimed at uniting, developing and strengthening Turkey, and the front aimed at shaking and weakening Turkey, and making it vulnerable to operations from abroad, have become clear.

There is no such thing as the CHP mind anymore, but the multinational mind. The CHP has now completely lost its mind and has been taken out of the Turkey axis. It no longer leans its back on the nation, on its own base, but on terrorist organizations and multinational groups. From now on, the CHP is going to target Turkey and be used in the anti-Turkey bloc for an operational purpose.

Don't undermine the people's foresight, political genetic

This is what we will see on the morning of April 1. We will perhaps face the most critical results of Turkish political history. Of course, we should also think about how this will reflect on the Good Party and the Felicity Party (SP), which are acting together with the CHP.

Do not forget, all this is happening as history is shifting, as Turkey is on a rise, as the national state mind and the people's foresight is recovering a century later.

Nobody should undermine the nation's foresight, nobody should undermine the historical political genetic.


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