Mobilize in your field; grab your gun or pen… Clench your fists, get ready! A glorious struggle is starting... - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Mobilize in your field; grab your gun or pen… Clench your fists, get ready! A glorious struggle is starting...

Never worry. Never hesitate. Never panic. Clench your fists, build up your anger, don’t muddy your mind, and gather up your courage. A glorious and exhilarating struggle has started.

The acutest era of the "relentless resistance" has started.

History is over in this country for those who are trying to put Turkey in its place. The era of giving instructions from Western capitals is over. The roads to discipline through fear, suppression and intimidation have forever closed off.

If the US has marked us as an enemy, we too have chosen it as an enemy

A century later, Turkey has switched to the great march and, one by one, broken all the chains of dependency. The firmest and strongest steps of the "Third Great Rise" are being taken. All of their plans aimed at "stopping Turkey" have blown up in their faces.

A blessed struggle has started against the U.S., the far-right neocon-Israel, the new plundering operation and against the new attack wave aimed at taking over Turkey and making it kneel once more.

The history-making political gene that has been building a region for a thousand years on these lands alone has taken action and, after the multinational interventions we stopped one by one for the last decade, we are in the final stage of the struggle today.

This has now been identified. The U.S. has determined its anti-Turkey stance and Turkey has chosen its own path. If the U.S. has marked us as an enemy we too have chosen it as an enemy. If the U.S. is trying to strike us through economy and other tools, we will know how to cut off its hands and extensions in the region.

US is the primary threat; it is as clear as day!

From now on, especially after experiencing the July 15, 2016 coup attempt, everybody trying to soften up this country, this nation on behalf of the U.S., everybody trying to send certain signals and take position, are betraying this country, this land and history. Because they are trying to hide the danger, the threat and readying the environment on behalf of others to catch Turkey off guard.

The U.S.'s approach and actions have made it the primary threat for Turkey in the country itself, at our borders and in our immediate environment. A country that openly targets Turkey through terrorism, structures like the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), the economy, military sanctions, civil war and invasion plans, is an immediate threat for us; the situation is as clear as daylight.

A country that sent death squads to martyr this country's president does not need any other reason to be a threat. A country that has taken the person who has committed the greatest crime against this nation as well as his organization under protection has, beyond being a threat, openly declared war against us.

This is a geopolitical disintegration, it will shake the entire region

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's statement, "If the U.S. continues to disrespect our people, we will seek new friends and allies," is our greatest reality toward the 21st century and the process has long started. As it has started, our areas of conflict with the U.S. will further expand by the day.

The issue is not Pastor Andrew Brunson or taking economic measures for the U.S.'s trade deficit. The issue is not just an economic war. This is a political, geopolitical struggle, intervention and attack. This is a disintegration and it will shake the entire region.

It will continue. And as it continues, Turkey will ramp up its resistance. This country (the U.S.), which has been discredited in every country, save for a couple of its puppets, with the exception of the "Ghurkas" it is breeding in many areas of this country, will also be brought down a peg or two.

If we set off on a path, we won't turn back. You will learn this!

It has never been our nation's character to expect mercy submissively, shy, as if to beg, and it won’t be for centuries to come. The U.S. will learn this too, as will U.S. President Donald Trump.

Because we never made history on this land or in other regions through begging. Just as we have ruled three continents, we are also a nation that has suffered the greatest pains of history. But we never cried, we never took shelter in the mercy of others, and we never resorted to the sympathy of others; we hid both our pain and fury inside us.

Once again, we will not be begging. We will not sell our honor to reach an agreement. We will not act out of fear. We are a nation that does not think about turning back once we set off on a path. The world will once again witness that if we have started a struggle, we will not turn back.

Common threat for the earth... A country that has become the monument of hate

This clarity is obvious between the U.S. and many other world powers. We are talking about a U.S. that has declared war against almost all supranational structures, that is in open conflict with most of the world's center countries, that is doing this in the economy for now, but in time will likely do it politically and, as a matter of fact, militarily, and has become a common threat for the earth in this aspect as well.

We are talking about a country that is at the odds with China, Russia, Germany, Iran, Latin America, and the majority of the world. We are talking about a country that has now become a monument of hate thanks to its greed, plundering and belligerence. We are talking about a country that everybody is trying to avoid, that has done harm to everybody.

They insulted our honor and attacked our dignity. They attacked our country, nation and values. They mocked our centuries-old political memory. All this will not suppress us, we will never forget or digest these actions. Every step we now take is going to be based on a new miracle. We are going to surprise them as well as their partners in this country.

Mobilize in your field; grab your gun or pen…

Mobilize in your field; grab your gun or pen. A very tough struggle is going to start on our borders and beyond. The Euphrates Shield, the Afrin operation, the Qandil operation... These are only the beginning. We are now going to establish defense lines abroad, not on the inside of our borders.

Those who are in the media should use their words. We are going to start a great media struggle in the upcoming period. We are going to start a major resistance in the intellectual area, side by side with our people, on the homeland axis.

Businessmen and businesswomen should spread out to the farthest corners of the earth. If they are already there, they should double their travels. Every inch of the earth, the sea, the air are all now battle fields against the economic attack.

Those who are in intelligence should form resistance lines, battle lines in even the most distant areas where Turkey has activities and influence. They should start an intelligence mobilization for Turkey's great struggle, from Asia to Europe and Africa.

History has tested us on many occasions. We won then and we will win again

It is now the time for the economists, politicians, artists, and scientists of this country to think big, take great steps and chase great claims. Every city, town, village and street in this country is now a battle line.

History has tested us many times. After every great shock, we have managed to build a much stronger and brighter future. We will do it again. We will build it again. We will win again. Do not forget that these days are those days. Do not forget that these generations, this generation is that founding generation.

Do not forget that history is making a turn, that the West's four-century unilateral dominance is about to end. Do not dare try to weaken this great fight, do not pay attention to the carriers, hitmen and native invaders among us trying to confuse you. Do not take their fearful and paranoiac claims seriously.

We are all members of the 'relentless resistance' wherever we are

We are all members of the "relentless resistance" wherever we are. This country is testing the global system; Erdoğan is making the call for a new world, and do not forget, this call is reaching its exact address in the current global conjuncture.

Expect all kinds of challenges, all kinds of surprises this week, in the upcoming weeks and months, and prepare accordingly. Because we are not going to be able to pass that bridge before putting up this struggle. If we surrender, if we turn back, we will not be able to get back up on our feet for another century, because we will lose the 21st century too.

We see your game, we challenge you!

Clench your fists, build up your anger, join the struggle, and activate the region. But never submit to fear, intimidation and despair. Because they will see there is no such option as "disciplining" us.

And do not forget that this struggle is the fate of this nation, that we cannot escape this fate, and that this is the salvation of both this country and the region.

Erdoğan drew the path yesterday: We see your game and we challenge you. Because this is a century-old showdown!


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