Mohammed Bin Zayed: What kind of negotiations did you make for Mecca! You are Turkey’s enemy, you are evil!

My article titled, “Mohammed bin Salman, dear prince, this call is for you: You cannot protect the Kaaba with those who occupied Jerusalem,” from the previous day, led to a deep ripple in the region’s countries. An exhausting attack campaign, a media operation was carried out immediately after it – first in Arabic, then in English.

The campaign was organized through many countries, from Egypt to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). But it was obvious that the center was the UAE. Despite the reactions growing like an avalanche, I did not see a single serious criticism or content worthy of taking note. Why? Because everything stated in the article was true. There was even more to it.

It was revealing a new scenario that was recently written and put into practice in the region. It was exposing the hidden alliances, the targets of those alliances and the plans to build a front against Turkey.

All plans were made to ‘stop Turkey’

A new wave of invasion was being presented through the U.S.-UAE-Saudi Arabia-Israel axis. The UAE and Saudi administration was under the control of Israeli intelligence and they were applying U.S.-U.K. instructions to the tee. It was made to appear like they are targeting Iran, bur all the overt and covert scenarios, the alliances were being planned on “stopping Turkey.”

Let us note that if a new war is going to break out in our region from Syria to Iraq, from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) to Daesh, if another country is going to be divided, if several new terrorist organizations are going to be established, all of these are going to be done by this axis. If this axis survives, it is going to be the carrier of the most destructive Western wave of invasion targeting our region after a century. We will see this soon.

I think next week, I am going to start discussions on that dark scenario that will open the door to this new front’s disposals on Turkey, its “internal operation” plans. The scenarios I am talking about are not the ones in the past, they are the ones that just started, those that are being prepared today and the “operations” whose impacts and results we will see in perhaps a year.

Mohammed bin Zayed, the source of evil

But today I will say: The main target in that article is UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan. Because he is the source of evil. He is the headquarters of all the dirty plans aimed at Turkey.

Because Mohammed bin Zayed is the one who has Mohammed bin Salman in the palm of his hand, who is “bossing” him, guiding him, who designed the great plan with the U.S., Israel and the U.K.

He is the name behind all the regional-scale evil operations targeting Turkey. He is a monument of evil. He is a partner to all the threats our country is fighting today.

Mr. Prince, you are controlling hitmen, we know

We know you Mr. Prince, we know you established the army of evil. We know you have allocated most of your time and money to attack Turkey, that you are in an alliance with terrorist organizations, that you finance them, arm them and set them on Turkey.

We know that you are feeding every organization that attacks Turkey from Afrin to northern Iraq, that you are the one brokering the invasion projects of Western capitals, that you are responsible for the deaths of the thousands of people massacred from Yemen to Libya.

We know that you are promoting a scenario called “moderate Islam,” planned to “deceive fools” alone, to the Arab world, that your sole aim is to render the U.S.-U.K. hegemony dominant again in the region after a century, that Israeli intelligence is in the palm of your hand, that you carried out massacres in the entire region through Mohammed Dahlan who killed Yasser Arafat by poisoning him and that you control hired hitmen.

What kind of negotiations did you make for Mecca and Medina!

We know that you are the current version of Lawrence, who poisoned the Arab region a century ago and presented it to the British colony, that you have undertaken the same tasks, that you are one of the main actors of the “Jerusalem Deal” made with the U.S. and Israel, that you are making similar treacherous deals for Mecca and Medina, the sacreds of Islam.

We know how much of a share Mohammed bin Zayed, or MMZ – as his bosses call him – has in the Dec. 17-25 files, where he stands in the dirty money traffic carried out through Dubai, the kind of agreements he made with the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), how he provided funds for them, how much of a “partner” he is with those who crushed our people under tanks, bombed our Parliament and shot at civilians.

You are providing arms and funds to PKK, be careful

We know how you have been flirting with the PKK, how you have been working with the Democratic Union Party (PYD) after FETÖ failed, we know through whom and how you have been providing funds and arms to this organization with the aim of “stopping Turkey.” We know you have been spreading disorder and evil throughout, not only Turkey, but the entire region, that you established secret organizations and caused chaos in many countries, that you are conducting covert operations, that you have waged war against not only against us but also against Islam and the Arabs and that the mission you represent is an effort to build a Western invasion and tutelage.

You will be associated with terrorism, we know what you are planning in this country

Mr. Prince!

If you win, the whole region will lose. Even if you fail, Saudi Arabia will lose; do not pave the way for those who are going to destroy this country. You are dragging the region into a great disaster, don’t do this. You have become the representative of all plans aimed at shredding the region to pieces.

Your name will be associated with civil wars, terror, massacres and covert operations. Those who blame the U.S., Israel and Europe are going to hold you responsible as well for the evil of all these countries in our region, for all these migrations.

We know that both you and your partners are involved in the evil alliance formed against Turkey and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. We know that you are working to this end in many areas from NGOs to the media, from capital to politics and from security to intelligence. We know that nowadays you and your partners are trying to form a new wave in Turkey, fund certain groups and cause chaos in this country before the elections.

You cannot twist this arm Mr. Prince, you will be left on your own

You are not going to succeed in this new scenario either. Both you and your partners, the conservative-dosed plans you are carrying out with the U.K.-Saudi Arabia-Israel partnership, your pre-election plans are all going to backfire, you are going to lose.

You cannot twist this arm Mr. Prince. Do not struggle in vain. The more you struggle, the deeper you will sink. The more you act in anger, the greater mistakes you will make. Because of your enmity toward Turkey, which has turned into a disease, the day will come when you leave a terrible legacy behind. You will be found guilty of financing terrorism, or perhaps other covert operations. The U.S., Israel or the U.K. which you are leaning on are going to use you and throw you away, or they too will fail and you will be left on your own.

This region is not built with remotely set up projects. The region of the future will not be built that way either. Those who you invested in will also lose and they day will come when you will be declared as an enemy of the region. It is so difficult, in this state, with these policies, with these plans, to say that you even belong to this region, Mr. Prince. It is even hard to say that you belong to the Arabs.

You can’t stop Turkey. You can’t topple Erdoğan. Your crime files will be presented to you

A century ago, there were those who handed over the land of Islam to the U.K.; you have become their representative a century later. They were handing it over to the U.K.; you are handing it over to the U.S. and to Israel. But know that seeing Turkey as the enemy is going to be your greatest mistake. Take note: doing so much evil to Turkey is going to be your end.

Mr. Mohammed bin Zayed, we know your role in July 15. We also know what infrastructure you are trying to prepare with that evil axis these days. Toppling Erdoğan, stopping Turkey is beyond you. It is not beyond you only, it is beyond your masters too, take note. You think this is valor, nonsense, a threat, but it isn’t. Because you will see that it is not like that.

Mr. Prince, you cannot stop Turkey. You cannot topple Erdoğan. Everybody who failed to be raised with the spirit of these lands, who make available these lands to their masters, who made the sacreds of Islam subject to a deal, have lost.

You will lose too. But your criminal records will be presented to you. You will see…


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