National consensus or election alliance: Everyone should choose their side, we are on the ‘Turkey axis’

Turkey’s pursuit for a national solidarity line, national consensus initiatives are not efforts limited to the elections alone. It is not a separate preparation for parliamentary elections, presidential elections or local elections. Of course law amendments, alliance agreements appear to be related to these and are carried out through them.

But there is a greater plan in question. It is a preparation aimed at the post-elections period, aimed at the threats our country may face, aimed at Turkey’s challenges, aimed at quests for regional and global-scale power. We are in a timeframe of major plans, great showdowns, great claims and great fights.

We have great claims, great fights

As Turkey, we have put up great fights on the inside; we were subjected to almost every variety of “inside operation” plans. We faced attacks from the south through terrorist organizations and “traditional allies,” and these are still ongoing. Our region is being redefined; maps are being redrawn.

Countries are being divided; entirely foreign garrison maps are being drawn. Similar maps are also being laid on the table for Turkey. New threats are approaching and Turkey is making preparations against these threats. The foundations are being laid for a very strong social solidarity as much as defense and internal security preparations, and operations to eliminate the threats growing beyond our border.

Two clear fronts: Either the Turkey axis or the ranks of the multinational intervention

Preparing for what will happen from now onward, rather than that which happened until today, is necessary. This is why we have been saying “homeland defense” for some time now. This is what all the calls to unite at the “Turkey axis” are for.

Not only our region but the entire world is in a very rough political climate. Fault lines are becoming active not only in the Middle East, but from the Baltics/East Europe to the Asia Pacific region. Therefore, we have no other choice and will have no other choice but to be strong in a world like this. No alliance relation, no one-sided partnership will carry us into the future.

This is why the ideological/political polarization and traditional political identities no longer have any meaning. We are now faced with two options. We are either going to align ourselves along to the “Turkey axis” or side with those who conduct foreign interventions in our country and region. This is why the upcoming general election, presidential election and local elections are the most critical elections in our political history. Turkey is obliged to overcome this threshold.

The most strategic threshold for Turkey

The country’s backbone, the society’s crushing power are obliged to unite on the Turkey axis and shrink and deactivate the internal and external areas of operation. It is impossible to complete the great change before overcoming this critical threshold. It is impossible for us to win after the 20th century, to determine the 21st century and after and to draw our own path. Then, what stands before us is not the election alone, it is shaping Turkey’s fate. It is the most strategic decision and step to building a Turkey that will never again be under tutelage and protection and that will never become a front country.

The new fight is of a regional nature: Give strength to the history-making will

Turkey’s backbone will be activated under the leadership of the Justice and Development (AK) Party, with the participation of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and other parties to give strength to the history-making will that has been shaping this region for hundreds of years. Even though July 15 failed, even if determined interventions were made against their plan to open a front through the terror corridor, even if the “inside operation” circles are greatly weakened, the game will now be regional and much bigger. There will be preparations for identity-oriented clashes; efforts to intervene in all vacuums, which they define as “weaknesses” will be sensed on the inside.

Then, everybody who believes in the “Turkey axis,” who believes in the great historic showdown, who says, “We will be the ones to determine the new geography construction” needs to join this alliance, act with a supraparty perspective and join in on Turkey’s great march and support its struggle. They need to join the political leadership, the political mind and our nation’s joy which brought our country all the way here.

We have to remember the June 7 project!

Remember the June 7 elections. The project was to drag the AK Party down enough to prevent it from coming to power alone. The Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) would be strengthened, and vote transitivity between the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) and the HDP would be ensured. The scenario planned entirely outside of the country was spread through Turkey through Doğan Group publications and broadcasts. And the goal was achieved. The result necessitated coalition.

The second leg of the project was to force the AK Party into a coalition with the CHP. This way, Turkey’s localization, nationalization, the political mind and cadres that wanted the country to stand out would be taken hostage through the CHP. Fortunately, the elections were renewed and this multinational project collapsed.

Native tools, collapsing from the inside

Had that project been successful, July 15 and the project carried out through the terror corridor was also going to be successful. There was a very big trap set against Turkey. It was the plan to divide Turkey internally and make it kneel. Now, if you pay attention, you can see that they are trying to achieve what they failed to do on the inside, from the outside. And we are thwarting these threats, with extraordinary determination, through offense instead of defense. This is the kind of intervention the Afrin operation is and it will continue.

Those who are left outside the national and Turkey axis, those who do not support Turkey in this great showdown will be used as the native tools of the new multinational intervention attempts.

CHP is being turned into a national security problem

CHP rapidly taking on the HDP identity, it being turned into an identity-oriented front party, a fight party, its marginalization, no longer being a party of Turkey, signals a new project. Such transitivity between the CHP and HDP will destroy this party.

The political circles that are not within the alliance will lose their discourse power in the great fights of tomorrow. Because such great showdowns are approaching that those parties will rapidly meltdown amid the fights in question.

Let us warn from now: Some are trying to gather power through pursuits in the ranks of the multinational intervention. These may largely become a “national security issue.” Circumstances may render such a definition compulsory.

Tomorrow’s Turkey is being built, beware!

The era of adjusting Turkey through June 7 projects, July 15 attacks and “terror corridor” threats is over. This country is a country of much greater claims.

It is impossible to find ground, to seek power on the inside through rapport with Germany, the U.S. or any other power. If anybody has plans other than these, if there is anybody who is a candidate for the internal tenders for new multinational plots, then let us warn them from here: they would be committing suicide.

The “Turkey axis” is powerful and it will become even more powerful. The partnerships that started in the form of an election alliance will further strengthen the ground. Our country is preparing for the world of tomorrow.

Everyone should choose their side, we are on the homeland axis

Everybody who thinks along the homeland axis, the history and national identity axis must take their place on this line of solidarity. Because, we have a geography construction and a historic showdown ahead of us.

The founding generation, founding cadres that shape Turkey’s new rising period are taking big steps. This is an opportunity that came a century later. Those who get caught up in small calculations will disappear in the wrong pages of history.

We are in our position, in the foremost line of the national axis, the fight front. We won’t have even the slightest hesitation about this. The upcoming elections are no different than the Afrin operation. Then, the cause of supporting great Turkey after that is also the same. Everybody should choose their side.


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