Never before seen political engineering. The establishment of a ‘multinational front’ within. Those 'cast out' from the AK Party are there! Their discourse is based on FETÖ-PKK’s common rage. Those clinging to the ‘Turkey axis,’ and those embracing the ‘multinational axis’ are going to part ways. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Never before seen political engineering. The establishment of a ‘multinational front’ within. Those 'cast out' from the AK Party are there! Their discourse is based on FETÖ-PKK’s common rage. Those clinging to the ‘Turkey axis,’ and those embracing the ‘multinational axis’ are going to part ways.

There are political engineering efforts underway in Turkey gathering all political identities under a “single front.” It is very serious and widespread as never seen before.

The aim is not a new political movement, a new political theory or identity. Efforts are much beyond the formation of a new political party.

Those planning this are trying to gather all groups, conservative, Islamist, leftist, liberal, nationalist, pro-Kurd under the same “front.”

There is no longer partisan identity.

They all have a single aim:

To stop Turkey.

According to them, there is no longer the Republican People’s Party (CHP), Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP), Felicity Party (SP), Good Party (İP) or the more marginal political circles and organizations.

Their time has passed. The era of all these party identities is over. There are no more distinctions such as secular, Islamist, liberal or leftist. All the traditional political poles that existed in Turkey until now are going to be no more.

To them, there is a single political plan, a single movement, aim and one struggle: That struggle is to prevent Turkey’s current rise, strengthening, return to its own region, return to its own history and memory.

It’s not a local project.

This front is preparation for intervention.

Those AK Party outcasts are there too!

This is in no way a “local” plan that is emerged from Turkey.

It is in no way planned based on Turkey’s priorities.

It is in no way based on the claim of a “better administration” or to “run Turkey.”

They, the mind behind them, their form of planning and networking, the political language they use, their provocations aimed at galvanizing the public show a completely “multinational” nature.

Those who were cast out from the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and rolled up their sleeves for new political formations are also in this “front.” Their paths and methods are also shaped in accordance with the priorities of this “front.” Because they are not breaking away, they are “being separated.”

Why are discourses of CHP, SP,

Good Party, PKK, FETÖ, those who separated

from AK Party same?

Just as they divided the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) in the “local” area, they are making plans to divide the AK Party to form a “conservative Good Party model” and complete the incomplete part of the front.

There is no promise, no new statement or political theory to date beyond the mottos, “Everything is going to be great” and “We are going to love one another.”

Their most powerful theory until now has been to make the Atlantic circle and European capitals’ destructive criticisms against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in a systematical manner within “organized criticisms.”

However, it seems this theory, this language gas been handed to them in a file. The language used by the CHP, SP, Good Party, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and those wanting to leave the AK Party are completely the same.

Such coincidence is not possible.

This is a political project and everybody is in the same position. Hence, never mind that they are separate groups; they are all formatted by a single core, a single center or a single coalition of forces.

They are PKK, FETÖ’s joint rage.

This whole front is fond of FETÖ. They build good relations with them and hang on to their “remaining” means and opposition arguments.

This front is in full harmony with the PKK. They camouflage with democracy terrorism, which Turkey has been fighting against in all realms, packaged as a supposedly “new approach” and promote their stance and these relations.

Their anger towards Erdoğan, the ruling government, the People’s Alliance, this nation’s idea of being a state since the Seljuks, is nothing other than the PKK and FETÖ’s common fury.

It is possible to say that the core of the “front” in question is formed of the FETÖ and PKK. Other political parties, opposition networking and their discourses are all gathered around this center.

The U.S. is the project’s master,

the owner of the front: Let’s see them speak a single word against it!

But this is not the issue either. The political engineering, planning and implementation is based on much vaster powers and circles. The owner, boss of the project is not a secret.

Those implementing it, those shaping the umbrella, those determining who will be in this front, and those assigning a common political language for them are this “pro-Atlantic” center.

Whoever inflicted FETÖ upon Turkey, whoever is their boss, whoever attacked Turkey on July 15, 2016, the architects, the bosses, the owners of this political engineering are one and the same.

No political circle in this front – or preparing to be in this front – will or can make a statement that would make the PKK resent them. They will not and cannot openly take a stance against FETÖ.

They are standing nowhere,

against Turkey.

They will not and cannot oppose U.S. pressures over Turkey, its support for terrorism, or its intervention attempts. They cannot speak a single word against its siege from the north of Syria and its cornering Turkey from the East Mediterranean.

Yet, they are delighted about U.S. efforts to collapse the economy. They are disturbed by Turkey’s intervention against organizations that are a threat to it. If they could, they would break out a war between Turkey and Russia. They would quickly pull our troops out of Syria and immediately end the fight against the PKK in Anatolia.

A final showdown for Turkey

This is a massive political project. Perhaps it is one final project for Turkey. It is a project to build a never before seen multinational alliance within.

Those who could not succeed with the PKK activated FETÖ. When they failed again, they started to set up a game with conservative circles. Because a national and conservative government could only be collapsed with the participation of conservatives. We are now watching openly how they are preparing a vast formation that will include them too.

This project is against Turkey. Plans are being made to siege Turkey from outside and stop it with the front within.

Both have the same aim. They are both being made to take control over Turkey, to banish it from history and imprison it under U.S. control.

Those clinging to the ‘Turkey axis,’ and those running

to the ‘multinational axis’ are parting ways.

Those placing Kemalists and the PKK in the same front have also thrown certain conservative circles in the lap of U.S. intelligence. Those that have been founding “Islamic-identity” terrorist organizations until now are today attempting to establish conservative formations through nongovernmental organizations.

Regardless, all political identities in Turkey have separated and will part ways. Those clinging to the “Turkey axis” and those running towards the “multinational axis” are separating and will part ways. The political engineering in question is based on this.

We are watching the dramatic examples of the separations all together. We are seeing how the Islamists and the leftists, the conservatives and nationalists are turning towards the positions showed to them by “non-locals” and how they are running towards the fronts of those breeding them.

FETÖ-PKK anger, language spreading.

Up until now there was the PKK and FETÖ. Today, a much bigger front is being built. We are going to see achingly where those who used to be “on our side,” “on the same front” will go.

The FETÖ and PKK’s anger and language have been popularized and become widespread. Those pitting them against us are preparing a much stronger army. They are going to come with them. All efforts are aimed at stopping our millennium-old history in Anatolia once again.

You will see that they will not side with Turkey in any way. The matter is not solely about Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu’s solidarity visit to the HDP. The matter is not solely the CHP becoming the HDP. They are all on the same side.

Turkey will go through great tests,

that game will be spoiled

But let it not be forgotten that this “rough” organization can no longer be hidden. A major portion of those that are in that front in some way for now are going to run to Turkey when they see the truth tomorrow.

We are going to see the patriots among the CHP, the nationalists among the Good Party, the suffering voters of the SP, those that are involved in Islamist groups and dragged into the multinational engineering today come to their senses. Because Turkey is going to go through unfathomable tests, which is going to have a shock effect on said circles.

The era of buying power from those working to shrink Turkey is now ancient history. Perhaps this will be their last game. This political engineering, those who have their hopes set on this, and those constantly struggling not to miss the train are all on the wrong side of history.

Time to empower the ‘Turkey axis.’

The conservative, national backbone will gain strength. Because the equation does not consist of Turkey alone. World-scale power shifts, political trends are giving strength to central power domains. This is the same for all states. Thus, Turkey’s future-oriented power domain is going to be formatted by those who are fixed on the continuation of the Seljuks, the Ottomans, the Republic.

Therefore, it is time to empower the “Turkey axis.”


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