New declaration of independence for Turkey! We call this the ‘Great March’

June 24 is a new declaration of independence for Turkey. It is the proclamation of the rise of a new power, and the announcement of the 21st century Turkey to the world. It is now the time for a country that cannot be defeated to take the global stage.

It is another victory for our nation’s will, which has been making history in the region for a thousand years, against global interventions. It is the mobilization of our nation, which spread the example of “relentless resistance” across the region, with the same spirit of revival that was shown against the Crusades, Mongolian invasion and World War I.

The definition of strategic value based on our past, present and future…

June 24 is the end of the safekeeping period that continued throughout the 20th century. June 24 struck the opportunities of those who gave value to Turkey based on their own strategic interests. It is the reshaping of this country’s strategic value definition based on its own plans, interests, identity, past, present and future.

It is the collapse of the defense shields of those who have been making our country the gendarmerie of their own borders for decades. It is the first time this country’s defense lines are redefined according to its own homeland axis.

It is this country’s internal politics design, public solidarity, intelligence, military and civilian bureaucracy and capital structure escaping their area of influence. It is the reveal of those who appear as friends but are conducting covert wars, those who seem patriotic but are positioned on the multinational front.

It is no longer possible to stop Turkey until 2033

The doors to stopping Turkey by 2023 have been closed, these opportunities have been eliminated. The possibility of slowing down, stopping or taking control of this country, or condemning it to a certain axis through outside threats, attacks, covert operations, economic blackmail or the influence of domestic circles which have been invested in throughout the 20th century, through “internal invader” structures and “conservative opposition” elements is no longer possible.

Turkey’s rebirth and re-rise to the history stage is happening in the new global scale power structuring. The June 24 elections did not became a tool for internal politics in anyway whatsoever; it became the preference of this geopolitical change. The opposition bloc choosing President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as the common target is not a local choice; it is a target shown to them by the Atlantic axis that wants to control this separation, take it under control.

Think about who brought you together and why!

Why and how would members of the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ), which is an outside intelligence extension, members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which is the extension of multinational terror, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), which is Turkey’s founding party that has been turned into an ethnicity and sect-axis front party, and the İyi (Good) Party that was once supported by patriots and those who have been doing politics with their national vision and conservative identity unite with such a common goal, why and how would they be adjusted to destroy a single person? How and why would they follow Atlantic projects focused on “stopping Turkey”?

There is now a new Turkey for the U.S., the EU, our region, and the rising powers of Asia. Negotiations and relations will be readjusted based on this rising power. History, power, and political genetics have all settled in their own catchment area.

The struggle Turkey has been putting up for the last 20 years is the struggle of such a mind. A new Turkey that has settled in the global power domain has emerged after a new start and new and free historic rise a century later. This was an unstoppable process that could not be postponed. Those looking at our thousand-year-old return in this region, will see that similar situations happened in the past as well, that similar changes happened, and that the great change will take place calmly, systematically and cleverly.

They are fighting against Turkey as the “internal invaders”

Those who have comprehended the nature of Turkey’s struggle will also understand this great power separation and construction of power. We faced grave attacks from the outside, especially since the day President Erdoğan undertook the leadership of this change. Terrorism, coups, civil war plots, attempts to ruin social integrity, projects and plans to discredit Erdoğan in the eyes of the people and eliminate him have all been made for this reason.

Outside interventions are all aimed at preventing the emergence of a new power. But the resistance on the inside, the partnership on the inside is upsetting. They became the inside partners of terrorist organizations, political parties, civil society organizations, the media, certain extensions of the business world, the outside intervention. They joined the mobilization to stop Turkey.

They fought against Turkey as “internal invaders.”

This is what we call the “Great March”

That front was essentially built as an anti-Turkey front. That front was established to prevent the new sweeping change project within the thousand-year history, our people’s great challenge, and the rise of history. If you pay attention, one last move was made against Turkey’s growth, against it re-establishing itself by gathering the structures that it has had connections to throughout the 20th century.

But it’s over… There is nothing left that they can do. From now on, there is no chance of slowing Turkey down, or taking it hostage again.

This is what we call the “Great March.”


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