Oct 29: We are at the 3rd airport: Those who collapsed the Ottoman Empire back then are attacking Turkey today. Whenever Erdoğan mentions ‘the east of Euphrates,’ some groups in our midst panic. The soldiers who became martyrs by freezing to death in Tunceli and those martyred in Medina are one and the same

It is Oct. 29, 2018 today. Those who took shelter in Anatolia, those trying to protect Anatolia after the Ottoman Empire was collapsed and after the region was divided into pieces, have been protecting these lands for 95 years.

They have been resisting for 95 years with the hope that if at least Anatolia, this last fortress, remains intact, a time will come when we re-rise, a time will come for the region to recover, and this history, which has been turned into the battlefield of all identities, will reverse.

Those who collapsed the Ottomans back then are attacking Turkey today

Those who collapsed the Ottoman Empire back then, those who tore it to pieces back then are one and the same as those attacking Turkey and trying to stop it today.

The fronts and the partnerships that were established in the Ottoman geography back then are all valid today; shots are being fired from the same positions. Those from among us who cooperated with them back then are once again suggesting roles for new partnerships and chasing tenders.

Just as a multinational front was built against the Ottomans back then, the same multinational fronts are being built today in the name of "stopping Turkey." Those who set off then to end the Ottoman Empire are taking action today to prevent Turkey's rise.

Those who attempted invasions, step by step, from Gaza to Jerusalem, from Basra to İzmir, from the Balkans to Baku, and from Istanbul to Gaziantep back then, are the same groups that are trying to destroy Turkey today through the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ), Daesh and other "partners" who are "in our midst."

Our two soldiers who became martyrs in Tunceli by freezing to death and those who became martyrs while defending Medina are one and the same

We know that this history, this showdown is not over. We, who have been patient for the last century, who have been waiting for history to make a turn, know that time has come, that the dissolution era is over, and that a new rising history is being written.

Our reckonings today, the consecutive coup attempts, open war threats, plans to siege from Syria, efforts to suffocate us on the inside through terrorism, projects to cut off our connection to the region and attempts to sabotage the national state mind that has been ongoing since the Seljuks are all part of this showdown.

This is why the July 15 coup attempt, the Gezi Park events, the Euphrates Shield and Afrin operations, and the fight against terror are as important as World War I.

Our soldiers who became martyrs by freezing to death in Tunceli and our soldiers who were martyred while defending Jerusalem, Medina and Anatolia are all martyrs of the same struggle.

What message did the four leaders give the world from Istanbul?

Nowadays we are witnessing a phase of that great showdown almost every day. We are trying to restart a great history from the nationalization of the state mind to economic struggle, from strengthening our military security shields to restructuring the state, from normalizing ourselves and our perspective of the region to the fight against the "native invaders" within, and closing new multinational doors of intervention.

The other day we met with world giants at the Vahdettin Mansion in Istanbul to solve our region's biggest problem. Turkish, French, German and Russian leaders discussed Syria's future at the Istanbul Summit, where the U.S., U.K., Israel, Iran and Syria were not present.

Even this picture alone shows how the world system is changing, how the new forces and axes are forming, and that an international problem can indeed be discussed without the same countries’ participation all the time.

The Syria war was a trap set up for Turkey. What's happening, this is only an airport!

The Syria war was a trap set up against Turkey and the entire region; we realized this and are trying to prevent it, deactivate it, and to reverse it. The will that divided Iraq, that led Syria to destruction was going to open the Turkey front after completing all this. It was going to cause an Iran-Saudi Arabia war and destroy the region once more a century on. We saw this.

We are going to inaugurate the world's biggest airport in Istanbul today. We decided on the Istanbul airport, we did it and all the world's giants stood up against us. We did not say, "What's happening, this is only an airport," because that isn’t true: we knew that. We decided, resisted and built it. Today, we are inaugurating it on the 95th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey.

We have always been a nation of great claims, great struggles

They tried to destroy while we strived to rebuild history, and re-strengthen the region. We always liked and knew how to play big. We have always been a nation of claims, ideals and great struggles. We never aspired for an easy history or witnessed such.

We never achieved an easy victory. There were times when we rose up against world giants and settled scores. While marching, while setting off with big aims, we really never looked back. Both our victories and defeats changed the world, shaped geography and turned maps upside down.

The more Erdoğan says 'the east of Euphrates,' those 'in our midst' take action

The more President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan mentions the east of the Euphrates, some groups "in our midst" take action - we are aware. As the world's biggest airport is opening, as we talk about "Canal Istanbul," certain groups on the "outside" take action - we see it. As major projects are being commissioned, certain groups, both locally and abroad, are taking action - we notice it. As we reshape the state and the system for greater goals, multinational, covert and sensitive plans are being implemented - we sense it.

All these are a part of the same showdown. The east of the Euphrates is not a terror issue. Being a barren desert land, there being no oil makes no difference at all. Because the east of the Euphrates is a mapping operation. It is one of the main objectives of the invasion of Iraq and the Syria war. Those who undermine this threat are part of another scenario.

Disintegration of the People's Alliance is the first step

Those trying to collapse the People's Alliance are also extremely annoyed with the intervention in the east of the Euphrates. They would completely close these roads if they could. As one multinational scenario is being played out there, others are implementing another scenario. The only country to resist this, to raise a voice against the foreign map drafts in the region is Turkey.

Because the People's Alliance is not a local election issue, or an issue of a vote, or who will become the mayor of which city. It is an effort to rebuild the political artery that dates back to the Seljuks. This alliance is not a party matter or something limited to fighting terrorism either.

Insider-Outsider: Look carefully around you, everybody's position is clear

There is an appalling conflict in Turkey between the locals and those being controlled from abroad, and the region's dynamics and multinational scenarios. While Turkey is growing, there are those trying to drag it down, shrink it.

While Turkey is globalizing and opening up to the region, there are those trying to confine it within Anatolia again. While Turkey is starting a new rise in history, there are those trying to stop it before it even starts. Just like a century ago. Just like in the "partnerships" a century ago…

Look very carefully around you, left and right; you will clearly see who is taking position based on which covert agenda, whose discourse they promote, and whose front they are standing on.

You just have to look carefully...


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