Operation ‘Kıran’ in Turkey, ‘Claw’ in Iraq, and a complete fortification in Syria... Case 1: Israel launching attacks through PKK/PYD bases in Syria. Case 2: Iran asked to 'withdraw 80 kilometers' from border. Case 3: An Israeli ‘safe zone’? No, this is a preparation to invade Syria. A very difficult military operation awaits Turkey. We are ready! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Operation ‘Kıran’ in Turkey, ‘Claw’ in Iraq, and a complete fortification in Syria... Case 1: Israel launching attacks through PKK/PYD bases in Syria. Case 2: Iran asked to 'withdraw 80 kilometers' from border. Case 3: An Israeli ‘safe zone’? No, this is a preparation to invade Syria. A very difficult military operation awaits Turkey. We are ready!

Just as we were saying that the war in Syria was subsiding, that a consensus would find ground based on the Turkey-Russia-Iran axis, and this tremor that has devastated the whole region was going to end, we find ourselves facing “a new initiative” almost every day.

Just as we were saying that Turkey is breaking terrorism’s backbone in the country, neutralizing terrorism in the north of Syria, spoiling the map of the terror corridor, just as we were saying that it is making the greatest security interventions in the history of the Turkish Republic, somebody launches their plans from scratch.

Just as the rapprochement between Turkey and Russia was reaching an enviable level, as impressive areas of cooperation are being developed with respect to the S-400s, the joint production of warplanes and other defense and security partnerships, new intervention tactics are launched locally and from abroad.

There are those who don’t want this war to end. They are determined to divide Syria

There are those who want this war to never end. There are those who are insistently destroying any chance of an agreement in Syria. There are those who are determined to divide Syria. There are those who do not withdraw the map drafts that will shake the whole region through terror elements. There are those who want to close in on Turkey through Syria, who want the country’s north and south to be detached and be pushed towards ambiguity through a chaos of terrorism for years, and design them as areas of intervention in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran and the whole region.

The U.S. in the north, and Israel and regional countries in the south are implementing incredible ploys to realize the “Syria leg” of the grand project targeting the whole region, much beyond tactical maneuvers and security concerns.

Turkey is going to intervene in the ‘map.’ Operation ‘Kıran’ in Turkey, ‘Claw’ in Iraq, and a complete fortification in Syria

The plan that was prevalent at the start of the Syria war remains the same for those countries today. Not a single item or priority has changed. They have never stepped back.

All partnerships, plans and programs besides this are tactics to buy time, further prepare the region for the project, and occupy those who are going to resist against that project today.

Turkey saw this game and understood who had what plans. Hence, it is putting up an extraordinary resistance and fight by engaging its own real defense moves.

It is putting up one of the greatest fights in history through the “Kıran operation” in Turkey, the “Claw operation” abroad (Iraq), showing wisdom in the west of the Euphrates, demonstrating its own “game-changing” power against the “map” interventions threatening the entire region by patiently preparing, despite all U.S. games in the east of the Euphrates, and challenging the entire West in the East Mediterranean as well as the Aegean.

A front established within the country: the new ‘big game’

In fact, as all oppositional elements are acting jointly with the U.S., Israel and their extensions – which are terrorist organizations – as the internal “fronts” of the “foreign siege” are being built, and this is being done as the identity of the “pro-Atlantic invasion front” is being activated inside through smooth discourses.

For us, Turkey’s current fight, the efforts it is making locally and abroad are the continuation of the political mind, the history-changing power from the Seljuks to our current day.

Right in this period, attention should be paid to those who are fighting within the country abandoning the front one by one and running to other sides and expressing the statements and objections of others. Right at this point, special attention should be paid to who is leaving the front. Because there is no longer a political identity, political party, political theory fight in this country. There is a Turkey struggle much above that, an interventional front against it. This is our new “big game.”

None of these are coincidental. Their first task would be to end the fight against the PKK

In such a period, no justification can legitimize this change of position. As a nation, which has been paying a price for these lands for centuries, we very well comprehend this plan, and so does the political mind. None of these are coincidental. None of them are personal political plans. None of them are related to that party’s political identity.

They have already taken up their position on the front of others instead of taking position in Turkey’s fight. This alliance established within, if it could, would pull Turkey out of Syria, end the fight against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), surrender this country to the Atlantic axis again, and abandon the East Mediterranean to the U.S. and Israel’s initiative.

This is the current plan. Therefore, there is a Turkey fight both within and around us. This fight is the continuation of the War of Independence. Because a bigger version of the game in Syria is perhaps being built inside Turkey. But we believe that the will and ideal, the experience and mind that has been shaping these lands for a millennium will overcome this as well.

Israel attacks carried out through PKK/PYD areas

Getting back to the Syria front:

Does the escalation in Israel’s attacks targeting Syria and Iraq in recent weeks grab your attention? Its attacks have reached capital Damascus. It is attacking numerous areas in Iraq. These attacks seriously diverge from Israel’s previous attacks. It seems as though they are forming their own “maps.”

Critical case 1:

Israel is conducting its attacks on Iraq through the north of Syria, from U.S. and PKK bases. Iraqi intelligence sources have determined that the attacks are made from Democratic Union Party (PYD) regions. Iraq’s claims continue: These attacks are financed by Saudi Arabia. Who is to say that they will not attack us from here tomorrow?

Israel’s ‘Withdraw 80 kilometers’ offer to Iran

Direr case 2:

Israel makes Iran an offer with U.S. support and through Russia. It wants the Iranian elements in Syria to withdraw 80 kilometers from Israel’s border. This offer is conveyed to Tehran. Iran makes it “look like” it is pulling away, but it does not. Then, Israel’s attacks on the area it wanted Iran to withdraw from intensify. As this is happening, Israel also starts attacking Lebanon.

How should we interpret all this?

1- Israel and Saudi Arabia have long started the war against Iran in both Syria and Iraq. Therefore, a new phase is starting in the Syria war. This new situation will lead to very serious divisions, conflicts, and “new situations” in Syria and Iraq.

Israel is preparing to invade Syria, not establishing a ‘safe zone’

2- Israel is establishing its own safe zone in Syria. Of course, with the support of the U.S., Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The whole world objected to Turkey’s safe zone. They tried to paralyze us. Fortunately we are fighting for our survival with our own initiative. Yet, Israel’s safe zone plan is seeing direct support from the U.S., the West and certain countries in the region.

3- Could this solely be a safe zone plan? There are strong concerns that there is a lot more than meets the eye. Israel is getting ready to occupy Syrian territory. It is preparing to breach the areas that it wants Iran to leave with ground troops. This will reset all plans.

A very challenging military operation awaits Turkey. We are ready

Turkey has no choice but to strengthen its hand and positions in the east and west of the Euphrates River. It has to be prepared for all possible outcomes. It seem that a major military operation awaits Turkey, from the Aegean region to the East Mediterranean to Syria and the north of Iraq, to the Iranian border. Meanwhile, this also means the fight against the “internal” front will intensify.

Taking even one step back from Syria is suicide. Believing in fait accomplis in the east pf the Euphrates is also suicide. We did not believe these and will continue not to believe them. We had to be completely ready, and we are trying to be. In fact, we are completely ready.


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