Pakistan pulled out of the summit after UAE, Saudi threats. Terror traffic center UAE launched an open war against Turkey. Now, the showdown is taking place in Libya! That bounty is placed over UAE, Muhammad bin Zayed’s head, not Dahlan’s. A single missile to Dubai will spell the end of the UAE; Money won’t help. End this brattishness! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Pakistan pulled out of the summit after UAE, Saudi threats. Terror traffic center UAE launched an open war against Turkey. Now, the showdown is taking place in Libya! That bounty is placed over UAE, Muhammad bin Zayed’s head, not Dahlan’s. A single missile to Dubai will spell the end of the UAE; Money won’t help. End this brattishness!

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia overtly threatened Pakistan and prevented it from attending the Kuala Lumpur Summit.

It appears they used the economy as a means of blackmail. All the other extortion that we were not privy to will soon be revealed.

We are aware of the problems, dilemmas and challenges Pakistan faces. Yet, it is still surprising and just as sad that it surrendered to a country like the UAE. Both countries made a similar threat against Indonesia, and thus Jakarta also refrained from attending the summit.

They’re fighting against Muslims on behalf of US, Israel, UK

The summit that was planned in aims to focus on the problems of the Islamic world and suggestions for solutions to these problems, was sabotaged by the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

These countries become involved in all formations and efforts outside of their initiative in this way and use threats and blackmail.

These countries attack in this manner everywhere Turkey has presence. They are carrying out an open war against Turkey in all parts of the region.

These countries are working to confine the Muslim world within Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE. On whose behalf and in whose name? In the name of the U.S., Israel and the U.K. They are fighting Muslim countries and communities on behalf of these countries.

Saudi, UAE, Egypt: These colonial administrations are primary threat for region.

The Saudi administration, the UAE and Egypt represent an “outside” will for the Muslim world, for their own peoples, for the problems and solutions, the common topics of the region.

The administrations of these three countries have become threats for their own people as well as the region and Muslim world.

These colonial administrations represent a new sort of tutelage, a new sort of invasion that has been formulated, particularly post-Arab Spring, under the leadership of Mohammad bin Zayed and Mohammad bin Salman.

They mobilized in accordance with the interests of the U.S., U.K. and Israel, because these are the countries that gave them power. They sabotage on behalf of their bosses any struggle that emerges anywhere in the region, and fight against the people of the region in capacity of their leading forces, their armed forces.

They’re financing terrorist organizations. UAE now regional terrorist traffic center.

Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries were the ones that led the invasion of Iraq. Saudi Arabia and the UAE are the reason Yemen is in this state today. They are the ones that staged the coup in Sudan. They are the ones that dragged Syria into such a disaster. They are also the ones staging the scenario of the invasion and division of Libya today.

They are tasked by whichever country has invasion plans concerning our region. Everything there is to plunder in our region, such as oil and natural gas, it is done through them.

They are the ones that finance and equip all the terrorist organizations in our region on behalf of the U.S., Israel, and the U.K. They are the ones that meet all costs of West’s terrorist organizations. In this sense, the UAE is the main base of the region’s terrorist traffic.

Muhammad bin Zayed: A war criminal.

What sort of end will he face?

They are the greatest obstacles standing in the way of the region’s political, economic and cultural rapprochement, revival and strengthening. They carry out their bosses’ dirty work in our region. In exchange, their power is preserved. These countries are the symbols, representatives, the Trojan horses of the new sort of invasion.

Muhammad bin Zayed of the UAE is the main undertaker of the U.S.-U.K.-Israel trio’s intelligence network. He acts in their name. He finances terrorist organizations in their name. He carries our covert operations and assassinations in their name and breaks out civil wars in their name.

He is a terror criminal, a humanity criminal, a war criminal. It is not hard to guess the kind of end he will face the day his dirty files are revealed.

This man, who supports the coups in Turkey, who directs hired hitman like Muhammad Dahlan and his team to conduct certain operations within Turkey, who funds certain political circles in Turkey, and is also behind the civilian massacres in Yemen and Libya, is dragging the entire region towards disaster.

He's convinced Mohammad bin Salman, he’s dragging the region towards disaster

He also convinced Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, but he is in fact preparing the ground for the division of Saudi Arabia. These two crown princes that made the deal to deliver Jerusalem, that brought Mecca-Medina to the negotiating table, that put up for selling all values of Muslims for their Western masters, have already dragged many countries to civil wars.

However, if they cannot be stopped, in a couple of years they will have the region in shambles, making it ready for open invasion, with Western armies settling in all countries.

UAE starts war with Turkey

They are currently carrying on the biggest war against Turkey. They are hitting Turkey in the economic, political and security fields. They are the ones behind the terrorist organizations attacking Turkey in Syria, in the “terror corridor” project.

From the July 15, 2016 coup attempt to supporting the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), from laundering Iranian money together in Dubai to acting together with those cornering Turkey in the East Mediterranean and the Aegean, and lastly, to settling accounts with Turkey in Libya, they are seeking enmity against Turkey in every area.

They appeared to be establishing an Arab league against Iran. But we understood that they were in fact building an alliance to fight against Turkey. And they started this war.

That bounty is placed over UAE, on Muhammed bin Zayed’s head, not Dahlan’s.

Turkey has released a search warrant for Muhammad Dahlan with a red notice, and placed a bounty over his head. The award is actually placed over the UAE, on Muhammad bin Zayed, mark my words.

What happened on the British front in World War I is happening against Turkey today, on the same front, and the UAE is spearheading this attack against Turkey . Of course, it is doing this on behalf of its bosses, with their weapons, their mind.

We settled that account in Afrin and when we launched the Euphrates Shield. We can settle in Libya as well. We have no trouble with settling scores in other places too.

A single missile towards Dubai will finish UAE.

Money won’t help either.

The UAE is a country whose economy would collapse, the country itself would collapse if a single missile fell on Dubai. It is a country “that has nothing were it not for its money.” And if that money can disappear with a single missile, then they need to think this through.

The UAE, which attempted to organize an assassination on this country’s president, to point a gun to our nation, to fight a war against us through terrorist organizations, is now no different to a terrorist organization in Turkey’s eyes.

If this country, which has been financing all the terrorist organizations in the region, wants to protect itself, it must deter Muhammad bin Zayed. It needs to decide, “either Zayed or itself.”

We are a patient, enduring nation. But we never forget.

The Arab world is being dragged into a great destruction through this person and these administrations. They are going to bring grief to the Arab land, the Arab people more so than to Turkey.

Turkey has never experienced problems with Arab peoples, and never will. Then, a new ground swell should be grown to prevent this disaster.

For the last three decades, all wars are happening on Arab lands. Arab lands are being divided and invaded. This person and these administrations are the only ones responsible for all this. The latest project being implemented through the two crown princes is Saudi Arabia-based, and will end with the invasion of the Arab motherland.

We are a patient and enduring nation. However, we never forget.


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