Patriots of the CHP and nationalists of the Good Party, wake up! This is the final great defense before 2023. This is the final attempt of those who are pro-mandate. They opened the gates of the fortress from within. They are trying to topple Erdoğan, and others are attempting to destroy Turkey. They even turned Atatürk into a weapon for the PKK - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Patriots of the CHP and nationalists of the Good Party, wake up! This is the final great defense before 2023. This is the final attempt of those who are pro-mandate. They opened the gates of the fortress from within. They are trying to topple Erdoğan, and others are attempting to destroy Turkey. They even turned Atatürk into a weapon for the PKK

There is no longer such a concept as internal politics in Turkey. There is no such thing as an internal fight for the ruling power. There is a horrific fight between the “Turkey axis” and “multinational axis.” The fight in Turkey is global. It is a state concerning global power actions, new power maps.

This is the final showdown. This is is the last attempt of the pro-mandate politics that has been continuing its operations covertly since the founding of the Turkish Republic.

Right-wing, left-wing, liberal, conservative, Islamist, and nationalist political identities are all divided and separated in accordance with this showdown. Because these identities have now become vague and can no longer be classified.

They brought the fight into our cities, our homes. This is what you call the ‘inside invasion’

Everybody has joined this showdown with their old identities, but these identities are simply a part of what is being promoted to us. In reality, the fight is different. The fight belongs to Turkey and those against Turkey, and it has now been spread within the country. The fight we should have carried on beyond our borders is now taking place at home.

Plans to stop Turkey have been brought to our streets, our homes, our capital city, to Istanbul from the U.S., Europe, the norths of Syria and Iraq, the Aegean and the Mediterranean, and carved into our minds. This is what I have long been referring to as “inside invasion.” The alliances we call “native invaders,” and the groups linked to them are now in our midst.

The current political positioning is taking shape entirely according to this showdown. The language used, the method applied, the theories advocated are presented like an internal political struggle, when, in fact, there is no political identity or goal beyond this showdown.

The Kemalists are present, so are the Atatürk haters. The pro-Ottomans are present, so are the anti-Ottomans

Some were defeated by their political ambitions. Some by their anger. Some placed their hidden agendas among these alliances. Some found their individual dissatisfactions here.

An umbrella group, a shield, a roof was built. Those who want to destroy Turkey are under that roof, as well as those who present their personal issues like a matter of the state. Terrorist organizations are there, those shooting at the children of this country are there, and those who hate Turkey are present there. Those building fronts on our borders are there, those who have been holding conquest celebrations for years are also under that roof. Those who uphold the spirit of the Ottomans, the Seljuks are there, and those who hate the Seljuks and Ottomans are also there. Those who say, “We are the soldiers of Mustafa Kemal [Atatürk]” and those who have been against Atatürk all their lives are there too.

They turned Atatürk into a PKK weapon. Armies are being prepared for an attack greater than the July 15 coup attempt

Those who consider Turkey’s founding father Atatürk sacred are there too, those using the founding leader’s discourses to destroy Turkey are there too.

Their anger, their rage and ambitions are, for them, superior than this country, this nation and our past and future. But is it not possible that their anger is being abused by others? Could they not be exploiting their weaknesses to put Turkey in its place?

They are defending the July 15 coup attempt, the biggest attack on our country since the founding of the Turkish Republic, and they are defending the hitmen used for that attack. Armies are being readied through them for an attack much greater than July 15, 2016. Do they not see this?

A horrific, multilateral siege

During the Gazi Park revolts they wanted an Alewi-Sunni civil war. The U.S., Israel and EU countries’ intelligence elements carried out a civil war on Istanbul’s streets. Are we incapable of comprehending that the next step of the current alliance they established may be a bloody civil war?

Are we incapable of comprehending that they are preparing on the Syrian border, in the Aegean and Mediterranean, that they will take action once the atmosphere within the country is ready, that this alliance will self-destruct then because it will have completed its task?

Turkey is under a horrific and multilateral siege and attack. None of those within that alliance are want a strong Turkey.

They’re tying to topple Erdoğan, and others are trying to destroy Turkey

They are trying to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and others are trying to destroy Turkey through them. Those setting up a game through them have plans for the post-Erdoğan era, but they don’t have a single statement to keep the country together. There is nothing sacred, no principle about this relationship. They started with evil, fury, anger. They are soon going to spread this evil through our streets. Those who destroyed Istanbul, those who say, “The oppression started in 1453,” now control Istanbul. They are not running it but dragging it into an atmosphere of war. They are negotiating with terrorists of the PKK, holding secret meetings and making plans. This is a showdown that has been ongoing since 1453.

CHP’s patriots, Good Party’s nationalists, ‘locals’ of Felicity Party-Islamists, beware of the danger!

They could not transfer U.S. weapons, Israeli weapons to Istanbul, so they are trying to transfer PKK weapons. Very soon they are going to want U.S. aircraft to hover over Istanbul, and Anatolia too.

They prepared the invasion of many countries in our region by establishing “terrorist organizations disguised as being Islamic.” This is what they are preparing in Turkey under the guise of democracy. The patriots of the Republican People’s Party (CHP), the Good Party’s (IP) nationalists, the good- hearted members of the Felicity Party (SP), the locals of the conservative/Islamist groups, protect our country.

See this danger. They’re blinding through your political identities, implementing a project you can never digest. Wake up!

The gates of the fortress have opened from within. There’s no sacred, no principle, no identity. There are lies, slanders, ugliness

They have breached the fortress. They are destroying Turkey’s resistance fronts one by one, bringing down its defenses one by one.

The gates of the fortress were opened from within. They not only opened the door. They have specific targets. They are placing targets on lives, honor, dignity, everything. They are placing targets on everything we built in Anatolia in the last millennium. They are placing targets on everything national, everything Turkish, and on history.

Just as the Crusaders flocked around Jerusalem, just as they destroyed Anatolia, those who come into Turkey destroy everything they touch. They sow the seeds of anger, hatred, massacre and evil. They are preparing the country for new multinational interventions.

There is nothing sacred, no principles, no character. There are lies, slander and ugliness. They are bringing everything our country has, from the past to the future, to the negotiation table.

The issue is not AK Party. It’s a century-old matter

All those who are partners with foreign invaders, all those partnered up with treason, those who attacked Turkey to date, all powers are partners with them. All countries and organizations striving to stop Turkey, condemning it and making it kneel are partners with them.

You think the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) is the issue. You think the issue is political conflict. You think the issue is personal anger and resentment. The issue is a century old. Turkey was betrayed. It was invaded from within.

Look at history, all of today’s situations are prevalent

But this country has overcome many difficulties. It overcame numerous betrayals. It witnessed invasions, occupations. It witnessed many enemy alliances. It saw many sell out their country.

Turn back and look at the past. All the pictures telling today’s story can be found there. They too always had justifications, logical criteria that were shown as innocent.

But this country has an invisible resistance map. This is a mind, the insight of a nation that is extremely strong, that is a history-maker, that builds regions, that prevents invasions and negates the worst possible scenarios. Had it not been for that mind, would they have allowed us to remain on these lands for a millennium?

This is our last great defense before 2023

We dealt with it for centuries, we stood up stronger at a time we thought it was all over and all had been lost. It will be no different this time. The fronts built within and abroad are going to be destroyed once again.

Those resisting on the Turkey axis need no other political identity. The Turkey axis is our standing point as the most superior political identity. Those who are not defeated by the “mental stagnation” promoted these days have an obligation to gather on this axis. It is an obligation toward the country, the nation, history and the future. Because this is the last defense before 2023.


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