Patriots of the Good Party, Felicity Party and the CHP, abandon the ‘internal invader’ front! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Patriots of the Good Party, Felicity Party and the CHP, abandon the ‘internal invader’ front!

No political priority, no political plan or identity is above Turkey. No political formation is more important than the path our people have been on for centuries; no political formation is more valuable or reputable than this.

Hence, we have a fight we call the “Turkey axis.”

The dangerous changes and power shifts the world is undergoing and Turkey’s new rise are neutralizing the identities omitted from this “axis.”

Time to make a choice between the ‘Turkey axis’ and the ‘multinational axis’

This new situation is forcing all political discourses to change. It presents us with far more important and critical realities. No political show or political myopia can or should conceal these truths. We owe it to our country to identify the “foreign” priorities camouflaged among “innocent discourses” and take a stance accordingly.

Today, politics, political formations and individual stances face a choice between the “Turkey axis” and the “multinational axis.”

They’re building a ‘native invader front’

The conflict between the two axes became more obvious since the Gezi Park events, with the interventions of the multinational axis exacerbating. In response, the “Turkey axis” has managed to form a completely national resistance map.

We now have new terms such as, “closing in from the outside” and “internal siege.” We have identified threats such as “multinational intervention” and “native invaders.” There are operations to build the “native invader front.”

There is a systematic operation, political engineering aimed at gathering political parties, terrorist organizations, certain nongovernmental organizations, and individuals from every political background on this front.

From Liberals to Islamists, racists to conservatives

There is an international campaign to “stop Turkey,” and a front built within for this aim. There is a multinational will uniting various echelons on this front, ranging from Liberals to Islamists, nationalists to leftists, racists to conservatives.

Both this will and front’s target is Turkey. There is a "native invader structure" that is slyly networking in every area under different identities, spreading through politics to media, from capital to civilian fields.

In this country, nothing is limited to "internal politics." Every argument of Turkey, every fight, every dream, every resistance is regional and global.

The statement 'Do not launch an operation east of Euphrates' is the mouthpiece of PKK, US, and native invaders

Those who said, "Cancel the Istanbul Airport and Canal Istanbul projects" during the Gezi Park events—they were the voice of the U.S. and Europe.

Those who wanted to close off the bridge in Istanbul on July 15, 2016, and separate the European and Asian sides were the terrorist organization of the U.S. and Europe.

Those gathering today saying, "Do not launch a military operation east of the Euphrates River," are the mouthpiece of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), the U.S., and Israel. This is a voice that denotes a "native invader".

Therefore, everybody who feels that they belong to Turkey must immediately leave the front they call the "National Alliance," which is completely pro-mandate, has nothing whatsoever to do with the people and the country, and is adjusted to pave the way for the PKK.

The PKK and its foreign branches, FETÖ and its cryptos, and their fortresses of resistance

The patriots of the Good Party (İP), the Felicity Party (SP) and the People's Republican Party (CHP) that are a part of this front, which was established by those who have waged a war against the people, the people's past and future, which are part of a "map" project including Syria and Turkey, must return to the "Turkey axis."

The only ones remaining there should be the Peoples' Democracy Party (HDP) and the PKK and its extensions, the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and its cryptos, and those that are devoted to the U.S. and Israel.

The multinational axis is distributing new roles and tenders to every political party, formation and terrorist organization. The political vein that has been around since the Seljuks established its resistance fortresses, and time has run out for everybody to choose their side.

Those wanting to get a pat on the back from the US, those HDP members who are playing for votes are roaring against Turkey

The CHP held a "Syria conference." It was called the Syria conference, but it turned into a HDP and PKK show. It turned into the U.S. and Israel's sound of invasion aimed at our region.

A call was made saying, "Turkey should not launch a military operation east of Euphrates river." Those wanting to get a pat on the back from the US, those HDP members who are playing for votes are roaring against Turkey. Those saying, "Do not enter the east of Euphrates, do not enter Afrin; July 15 was a charade," are surrendering to the PKK and FETÖ's fury and taking a completely "native invader" stance.

Tomorrow, they are going to lobby saying, "The same corridor in the north of Syria should be formed in the south of Turkey," they are going to prepare the atmosphere and be used for political blindness operations.

Just as Turkey entered Afrin, it will go east of the Euphrates River in Syria

They think, "If we can prevent the operation east of Euphrates, or buy time for the U.S. and PKK, it is a gain." They are playing for time. They are playing with the instructions of the U.S., the instructions of the PKK, the funds of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Just as Turkey entered Afrin, it will enter the east of the Euphrates. Forget the U.S., this cannot even be prevented from within the country. Because we all know that not conducting this intervention will pave the most important step leading to Turkey's division.

Turkey will be in every corner of the region and do everything necessary to protect this country. Turkey has both the power and mind to do this, as well as political awareness dating back centuries.

A call, a promise from Erdoğan: Let's unite on the national axis. We may come suddenly one night

We knew for centuries that this country could not be defended at the zero point of its borders. Now we have seen it one more time.

Interpret President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's statement, "I believe that anybody who does not say ‘my people come first’ doesn’t the right to be under the roof of this holy institution. We call upon all factions of society that have put a distance between themselves and terrorism to unite at the national axis," as, "We may come suddenly one night."

There is a call and a promise here.

The call is to the patriots of the İP, SP and the CHP: Leave the "native invader" front, join the "Turkey axis." The promise is to the "native invaders": Do not bother, we are coming to you.


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