Piracy, banditry at our borders. ‘Turkey front’ expanded from Syria to the Mediterranean. Are international forces going to settle in the East Med? If so, the answer will be given east of the Euphrates. Those attacking from within: you will be remembered with shame! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Piracy, banditry at our borders. ‘Turkey front’ expanded from Syria to the Mediterranean. Are international forces going to settle in the East Med? If so, the answer will be given east of the Euphrates. Those attacking from within: you will be remembered with shame!

Pirate attacks targeting cargo vessels in the Pacific opens of East Asia, between Indonesia and the Philippines had started immediately after the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq (2001-2003). The world was given a new introduction to maritime piracy in the 21st century. Cargo vessels were being seized, never to be found again.

Yet there was no piracy to be seen. The U.S.-Israel front that turned the war against the Muslim world in to a global one was directly making the vessels disappear themselves. Why? It was boarding all the Muslims they took from the areas they invaded on these vessels, and using the vessels as a torture camp and prison on international waters.

CIA torture ships, Somalian Pirates. This is how the world was deceived!

Horrific murders were being committed in these vessels under the name of “anti-terrorism,” and those who were taken on these vessels never came back. The vessels would never enter a country’s territorial waters and be held under sail in international waters. Nobody had believed me when I wrote these back then. Two years after those articles, the torture ships and CIA’s torture planes were revealed.

Later, a similar type of piracy started in the Red Sea, along the shores of Somalia. A “Somali pirates” rush, which was a threat to the oil corridor between Bab-el-Mandeb and the Suez Canal, where maritime traffic is the world’s most intense, started. The world was surprised once again. Films were being produced, with a strong storm in international media.

Where did these London-controlled pirates disappear to?

Soon after it was revealed that these pirates were controlled from a London office. Immediately after, all Western fleets anchored in Djibouti. The Red Sea was now under their control. The aim had been achieved, the U.S. and Israel-led plan had worked. The “Somali pirates” suddenly disappeared. Nobody felt the need to ask, “Where have these pirates gone?” The piracy in the opens of East Asia similarly ended instantly. Nobody asked about that either.

Same piracy in Persian Gulf. Why?For this invasion plan.

In recent weeks, oil tankers that departed from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) port were attacked – as a matter of fact, two times! There was more than one open attack on oil tankers. This time, piracy was seen on the coasts of the Persian Gulf.

The U.S.-Israel’s hostility towards Iran was growing, while Saudi Arabia and the UAE were preparing together with the for an attack on Iran, and tensions in the region were escalating. The usual suspect was Iran. That is exactly what happened; Iran was held responsible for the attacks aimed at the tankers.

Only a few weeks after the attacks, the U.S. and Israel decided together with Saudi Arabia and the UAE to form a military supervision mechanism called “Right to Free Movement.” According to this, the U.S. and its allies would establish complete military control in the area from where the Red Sea opens out to the Indian Ocean to the Strait of Hormuz.

This means the formation of a new invasion map through piracy. Apparently the aim is to ensure the security of trade ships, oil tankers. This time it was revealed much earlier who attacked the vessels and why.

They’re going to carry the same plan to East Mediterranean. They’re going to set up a multinational invasion mechanism

The game is being set between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. A very dark future awaits this area. The U.S.-Iran showdown aside, the real trap was set against Saudi Arabia – as a matter of fact, it was set through their own lack of insight. This time they are going to experience destruction.

Let us think about the next step. Because that step is a lot closer to us. As a matter of fact, it is directly targeting Turkey. The U.S., Israel, EU countries, Egypt, the UAE, Saudi Arabia all stood against us in the East Mediterranean.

It is natural gas-based, but actually much beyond that, a map operation is being carried out, and this is a preparation aimed at confining Turkey into Anatolia, and in the final step, to hit it there.

The U.S. and its allies will attempt to establish an international supervision mechanism for the East Mediterranean. I believe the plans for this are already ready. They will carry the mechanism they built between Bab-el-Mendeb and the Strait of Hormuz today to the East Mediterranean. That is when we will be discussing the complete invasion of the East Mediterranean. That is when they are going to want to sacrifice the TRNC for this plan.

Answer to East Mediterranean will be given in east of the Euphrates

Let us discuss another map now: as a matter of fact, let us discuss a more inner ring. The east of the Euphrates issue was a matter of existence for this country and it still is. If Turkey had been able to intervene in the region until now, the siege in the East Mediterranean would not have been so possible. The TRNC was not going to be surrounded by such a threat.

The conflict was not going to be so focused in the Mediterranean. However, Turkey was pushed to a dead-end both from outside and within, and stopped from intervening. When the time comes, we will discuss more openly who pushed this country into a dead-end and why.

Now, in addition to the presence of the U.S., Israel and the Saudi-UAE duo in the terror zone, Germany, the UK, France and other EU countries have started to send troops to the region and increase the number of existing troops. They are all “Preparing to prevent Turkey’s intervention.”

If we don’t see this map we will devastate Turkey.

The “Turkey front” that started from the Iranian border and was expanded for hundreds more kilometers with the Syria war following Iraq, is now in the East Mediterranean stage. It is going to spread through the entire Mediterranean, from the Aegean to Libya.

We are going to be under serious attack especially in the Aegean. A while later, multinational mechanisms are going to be established in both the East Mediterranean and the Aegean, and Turkey is going to be under pressure. It is going to be threatened and, as a matter of fact, be exposed to open attacks

If we fail to see this map, if we make room for those sabotaging Turkey’s fight against this map, we will destroy this country. We will lose the century.

Inside attacks escalating right this moment.Those projects will blow up in your face!

The opposition inside becoming so intensified, gaining power, feeding on media formations, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his close circle being attacked in another field on a daily basis is, in no way an internal political matter.

All the activities inside are aimed at strengthening the outside siege’s hand. It is now known who is paving the way to whom with which political memorizations or projects.

Such a storm will spread through the entire region in the near future that their “political engineering” will blow up in their faces. It is during that storm period that nobody will be shown any pity.

‘Turkey axis’ will be part of the inside invasion

We are a side of a regional-scale power showdown that goes beyond borders, spreads through the seas and corridors. Our defense shields start in Syria, Libya, the TRNC, Sarajevo/Skopje. If we are not there, this means we are also not going to be able to be present at the zero point of our borders.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia staging a coup in Sudan with Israel’s suggestions, then sending the militia it gathers in this country to Libya and targeting Turkey, is part of this expansive showdown of forces. Turkey is being taken under attack through a project woven thread by thread.

An extraordinary struggle is starting in all seas, all borders. Whoever is outside the homeland axis, the “Turkey axis” in such a storm, all of their agenda will be identified as an “inside invasion,” an “outside intervention tool.”

There are those who will be remembered in shame. A major game in our south. Open your eyes!

Those who abandoned Turkey in such a time will be remembered in shame. Our country will, of course, break this siege, however pictures of the waves inside need to be taken very well, with every corner of the country being turned into resistance areas, a spectacular social awareness being built, and an extraordinary power build-up being essential.

This psychological intervention set to divide our people to their bones must be overcome. Whatever the price, even the most difficult threshold is going to be overcome. Do not allow your minds to be confused, your eyes to be blinded. The played the same “Great Game” a century ago as well. Open your eyes…


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