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PKK-Daesh partnership: There are even cryptos with conservative, Islamist identities

All the dirty relations, all the bloody partnerships between the U.S., the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)/ Democratic Union Party (PYD) and Daesh are surfacing. The ugliest, most dangerous examples of the partnership between the U.S. and terrorist organizations are being revealed one by one. The way the “terror card” is being used, how countries are torn to pieces through terrorism, that the “fight against terrorism” discourse is the biggest lie of the 21st century, that all terrorist organizations are part of the Western invasion targeting our region can no longer be kept hidden. 

PKK/PYD and Daesh are partners because they have the same boss

All of those who accused Turkey of “aiding Daesh” turned out to be partners with Daesh. All of those who poisoned the Turkish public’s mind through Syria and northern Iraq on the pretext of “fighting Daesh” turned out to be partners with Daesh. 

Because the PKK and Daesh turned out to be partners. Because Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) leader Masoud Barzani was apparently applying an invasion map through Daesh. Because apparently a large part of Syria was occupied by the PKK/PYD in secret cooperation with Daesh. Because both Daesh and the PKK/PYD have the same boss. 

There are secret terrorists, a treacherous circle in this country

We used to call out from here all the way back then that there was a project to “fight Daesh, open room for the PKK/PYD,” that this a trap set against Turkey, that a political blindness plan is being carried out, that the “terror zone” in the north of Syria is supported by a strong circle inside Turkey, that part of this circle immobilized the government and state against the terror corridor, that the negativities in the Syria policy are all the doings of these circles, that they sold out Turkey and inactivated it in many areas.

But they were more acceptable, their voices were louder, because they were part of a major international project. A significant amount of the problems our country is facing today is the work of these circles. And they are still continuing on the same path.

 They are apparently working in cooperation with both Daesh and the PKK

All of those who have been saying, “Turkey should support Barzani,” “Turkey should protect Kobani from Daesh,” “Turkey should fight against Daesh and keep away from northern Syria,” apparently knew about the partnership with Daesh; they turned out to be part of this partnership.

Barzani’s forces passing through Turkey and entering Kobani “to fight Daesh” was apparently part of that dirty relationship. Those who were fierce advocates of this activity in their newspaper columns back then, and we know who they are, were apparently writing in the name of the Daesh-PKK partnership. Barzani’s intelligence networks and PYD cryptos were apparently carrying out operations under the guise of conservatism.

Nobody is asking them, ‘What have you done?’

I will be frank, I was not mistaken on these matters. I saw what was right and always defended it. Because I did not believe in any plan outside the “Turkey axis,” nor did I defend any other project. As much as my strength allowed, I at least tried to share it with the public. Everything is coming out to the surface today, but the ones who promoted those dirty plans are still able to maintain their same strength and positions. Not even once are they asked, “You used to defend all this, look at the kind of relationship that emerged from it. Where are you in all this?”

Now, BBC is broadcasting the U.S.’s partnership with the PKK and Daesh. The involvement of the British in all this is another discussion topic. What they want from the U.S. with all these broadcasts is also another discussion topic.

However, it has now become clear as day that the U.S.’s Syria policy is established entirely on terrorist organizations, that it is carried out through the PKK and Daesh, that efforts are being made to divide many countries through these organizations, that plans to siege Turkey are implemented together with the PKK and Daesh.

Secret partnership between FETÖ and PYD cryptos

What’s most important is that the fact the PKK and Daesh were working jointly can no longer be hidden. Adding to this the theory that is being implemented through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization’s (FETÖ) that “Turkey is helping Daesh,” will reveal what kind of coordinated plan FETÖ and the other two organizations are a part of.

Let’s adapt this to Turkey: Let us also lay on the table the relationship between FETÖ, PKK and Daesh sympathizers and organization members and cryptos. Perhaps the secret relationship between PYD cryptos and FETÖ will become a little clearer. I guess a major debate can be started based on this, but let us postpone this debate for now.

All terrorist organizations in our region are invaders. They are either the Trojan horses or hitmen of the multinational invasion and attacks targeting our region. Hence, fighting against the PKK, fighting against FETÖ is a fight against invasion. It is a kind of national struggle. All countries in the region are being destabilized through these organizations and prepared for invasion, for division.

There are cryptos with conservative, Islamist identities

These are structures that were positioned against the continuity of the Seljuks, the Ottoman Empire, the Republic of Turkey, that have been placed under the shield against the grand state ideology we are trying to build today. If the effectiveness of those secretly supporting these organizations is not cracked, if their powers are not taken from them, the intervention wave after July 15 will overcome these circles. Certain circles that go into bed with the bosses of these terrorist organizations are similarly being prepared as Trojan horses.

Thus, if we are going to start a new rising period, first, these terrorist organizations – which are extensions of the invasion on the region – their crypto supporters must be eliminated, they must be weakened. These cryptos have no ideology. Some are even “conservative,” some “Islamists.”

Secret partners of terrorism are going to be humiliated

Almost all of the West’s terrorist organization projects aimed at the 21st century having a “Muslim identity” should be striking enough. They have succeeded in using Muslims as weapons against their own countries and region in such dirty bids aimed at “war against Islam, collapsing the Muslim world, destroying our region.”

Turkey should act with its centuries-old state mind, political foresight, and insight, and also fight in this direction. All multinational connections outside this spirit and ambition are threats.

This is the form of struggle of centuries. Our feet are fixated on this struggle.

Those who, after this stage, promote something in Turkey in the name of the PKK, in the name of the PYD, in the name of Barzani, will be considered as those who are secretly working as influence agents, those who have taken on roles in politics and media as the extras of a similar scenario.

I can see in advance how some will be humiliated when even more secret relations of the U.S. with the PKK and Daesh are revealed.


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