Political and economic terror are ensnaring Turkey. This is an overt intervention. They want Turkey to surrender to grant it ‘freedom’ - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Political and economic terror are ensnaring Turkey. This is an overt intervention. They want Turkey to surrender to grant it ‘freedom’

During his speech to 40 African leaders and representatives, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made powerful statements. Touching on myriad subjects, ranging from African history to the global system, from Western colonialism to emphasizing unity, changing Africa’s centuries-long colonial history to centralizing it in humanity’s future, he highlighted that Turkey has a ”joint plan for the future.” 

 This was a wake-up call. It was a call to awaken from an economic, political, and mental slumber. As the world is being rebuilt, it is a call to “unite forces to make a fresh start.” It was a promise that “Turkey will support Africa in every field as long as it is true to itself.” 


Erdoğan’s words, Turkey’s actions 

 Every speech Erdoğan has made, every step Turkey has taken has been along this vein. Every statement Erdoğan made in his speeches in Asia, in Africa, in Central Asia, and in the Middle East always followed this thread. This has always been Turkey’s stance. 

Turkey focused on itself during the 21st century, accordingly designed from scratch its relations with the East and West, strove to mobilize nations with which it has a common history, launched a regional and global game-changing initiative, and thus faced grave attacks. However, it overcame them all. 


A great struggle

Those who fail to understand Erdoğan, his team, a nation laying claim to a political legacy that goes back centuries, those who are unable to make head or tail of this trajectory, those who hold their animosity and interests above everything, those who display open enmity towards Turkey, those who try to stop Turkey both within and abroad, tried to belittle, trivialize and stop this great struggle, this great showdown as well. 

We are experiencing pains similar to those felt during the Ottoman Empire’s collapse in the middle of Turkey’s present rise. Those who tried to destroy the empire back then are trying to prevent Turkey’s rise today. 


‘We divided the Ottoman empire, we can stop Turkey’ once again! 

 Those who tried to carve out a share of the Ottoman empire back then are trying today to prevent Turkey from making a comeback. Those who banished us from the entire region back then are trying today to prevent us from returning to that region once more. 

Those who tried to drive us out of even Anatolia back then are trying once more to confine us within Anatolia’s borders, to shrink us. Those who captured Istanbul back then are trying to do the same thing today. 

Those who cooperated with them in the past are working with them again today. Those who attacked both from within and abroad back then are doing the same today. 

That very partnership is continuing today, and the faction that resisted back then are resisting again today. 


 They want Turkey embroiled in clashes both at home and abroad 

The same claims, discourses, and slogans that were used in the war against us during the Ottoman’s collapse and rise are being employed again. The same weaknesses are being exploited. 

Yet we, the people of Anatolia, an imperial generation, a legacy of great states and civilizations, cannot be confined, and they know this. We also know that if we remain small, we will shrink further. 

Those laying claim to Turkey’s 21st-century vision and those opposing it are clashing in the country. Meanwhile, those resisting Turkey being taken as hostage in the 21st century as well are clashing overseas. 


Economic terror, political terror striking as one

They have taken out all the big guns: political terror, economic attack, petty and selfish plans, fury and hostility, arrogance and greed. Considering all the destructive statements and stances, we realized that both their intentions and plans are destructive. 

They are using the names they promoted to us for years as political figures against us now as weapons. We saw that those who fully exploited the nation, the people, religious faith, and values are in fact the toy soldiers of those who strove to destroy all this in the 19th and 20th centuries. They lost no time in abandoning Turkey in this fatal clash, as they sided with their masters. 


 This comeback will shake the entire region

This century represents a great showdown of our nation, of Turkey, of the country’s political legacy. It is the century of comebacks; to the region, to history, to the present, to the future. 

This comeback is not limited to Turkey. It will shake Africa. It will shake the Middle East. It will shake Central and South Asia. This return will shake the earth’s main axis, the middle zone. 

This is how great the fight is. This is the magnitude of the foreign attacks, and betrayals within. Their attacks are in ratio with their fears, their secret agenda. 


‘Financial terror’, ‘political terror’ has started

 They tried every method known to man. They don’t stop. They won’t stop. They will continue to attack. They attacked from our borders. They attacked from the sea. They attacked from Ankara/Istanbul. They attacked from within the state. They attacked through terrorism, coup plots, and assassination attempts. 

They are continuing to attack now. They are attacking through the dollar, through financial terror! They hope that, if they destroy the economy, all geopolitical plans will collapse as well. They think that, if they develop a wave of social unrest, Turkey will crumble from within and stop.


They’re attacking our hopes 

They are attacking Turkey’s hopes, ebullience, plans for the future, and its great vision. They are saying, “Let’s get the people out of the way, the rest will follow.” Hence, they drove the “political terrorists” within to attack. 

As production and export booms, as employment rises, as steps are being taken to further strengthen production, they are attacking us with the dollar. Global pawnbrokers, the miserly in our midst are trying to conduct an economic coup with their capital power. 

They are using the people to further their own interests, to feed their greed, to exact revenge on Turkey. 


Using the poor for ‘greater gains’ 

They are using the country’s low-income faction to spar with Turkey. They are using the people as weapons in their showdown with the state, and despicably abusing their problems. 

If the dollar is rising in Turkey, like in no other country around the world, if the currency exchange rate is spiking in Turkey alone, then this is clearly an intervention. It is not an issue that starts and ends with Turkey’s economy. 


This is an overt, blatant intervention

 This is a blatant, overt intervention process. They are exacting revenge on all of Turkey. They are saying, “Surrender to be free, submit and we will stop this attack.” 

This is a vengeance operation of global pawnbrokers. It is not an economic but a geopolitical attack. It is the launch of a financial coup process by the London-Frankfurt-New York triangle once their interest revenues drop. 

A “non-electoral” pursuit has been launched by opportunists, by the weasels in our midst.


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