Polymaths must come to the fore in Turkey. Make your presence known.Take your rightful place in the front rows. This country needs you! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Polymaths must come to the fore in Turkey. Make your presence known.Take your rightful place in the front rows. This country needs you!

Turkey’s virtuosos should take to the stage.

They should put their knowledge and experience to use.

The knowledge, experience, depth, heritage, mind and legacy should and must be channeled for our country and nation, which recovered after a century, for our future; a risk must be taken to bequeath a strong heritage to the future.

There should be a sense of responsibility based on the reality that this sacrifice is of the highest humane and national value.


Contribute to Turkey’s rise

The opinion that our country’s assets and values are economic, political and security-based only should be expanded. Contributions should be made to the rise of the country and nation in all aspects, without being restricted to the criteria of technology, communication, and wealth.

Culture, art, architecture, philosophy, civilization and welfare all thrive on power and opportunity. Just as the fields of defense, economy and technology produce power and thrive on it, the others must also similarly produce and share what they produce, and offer it to Turkey.


Threats, dangers renewed. Age of ruthless ambition, madness

We are going through times in which humanity is headed towards an ambiguous future, many countries are losing power, all nations are turning inward to channel something from their past, while also involved in all sorts of pursuits to build a strong future.

In a world where only the COVID-19 pandemic has been able to consume countries, destroy social psychology, shatter political authorities, and threaten countries’ integrity, threats and dangers have been renewed. Humanity may encounter even greater afflictions now.

We woke up to a “new life” in which the world’s power order collapsed and could not be restructured, where the balance has been destroyed, injustice has reached horrific dimensions, the human race has grown delirious to the extent of having the capacity to destroy masses because of its ruthless ambition and greed, and where there is no mechanism left to restrict all this.


It is not only the state’s responsibility

We are now seeking ways, means, opportunities to hold onto this life. Elevating Turkey, keeping it standing tall, guaranteeing our common good, common opportunities and common future in such a world is not the problem of politicians or the government alone.

Protecting Turkey is not limited to military and police efforts only. It is not the duty of those working hard at research and development centers to produce something “new.”

Limiting all expectations to the state, remaining outside this mobilization, not making any contribution, not devoting means to this area will shatter social solidarity and the national resistance. Every country that experiences this will incur heavy wounds in this age of extraordinariness.


Don’t doom our minds to a few ‘smart alecks’

 Political groups, civilian formations, universities, educational institutes, the media, all communication groups, science/knowledge basins, opinion leaders, the intellectuals spread out in even the farthest corners of Anatolia and keeping our society on its feet need to join this mobilization.

The issue is not about money, fame, power, relations, personal interest, anger, or grudges.

It is not about appearing on television, on social media networks and websites, criticizing, attacking, calling to account, paralyzing the social mind with lies and fiction, or dooming our thoughts, political plans, and historic claims to a few “smart alecks.”


Great plans, great claims, and ‘Turkey’s path’…

Because we are confronting others with our great plans. We are clashing with our great claims. We are opening doors with great objectives. We are drawing “Turkey’s path” in the age of extraordinariness. We are putting up the fight of centuries for this sake.

The centuries-old legacy in our intellectual world, in our information world must wake up and revive.

A perception, a discipline of thinking, an intellectual language, all specific to Turkey, discussions that will provide great contributions to Turkey and the world, that will open doors must be developed.


This country is overflowing with knowledge. Get out of your rooms, take your place, take risks

This country is overflowing with a cascade of knowledge. We have extremely intelligent people in every field, including politics, history, philosophy, art, geopolitics, technology, and communication.

Sometimes you read someone’s article or study, and you see that wisdom; then you lament, thinking, “Where is this person; why are they not involved, why are they not in an effective area that supports Turkey’s struggle?”

Get out of your rooms, get off campus; come out of your comfort zones. Open yourself to the political field, the social field, and media. Take the lead in Turkey, lead politics; take risks and take an active part in the struggle.


Turkey has set off on a path with claims that will shake world’s axis

No personal interest or plan is more important than Turkey and the world’s new pursuits. No personal gain, reason has greater priority over the great chaos and transformation humanity is facing.

The turn of centuries is happening. This region alone is going through perhaps the fourth great breaking point in history in the last thousand years. The world is experiencing the power shift of the last five centuries.

As Turkey, we stood out in the earth’s homeland and central region, with claims that will shake the world’s axis. The foundations of a great establishment are being laid. A wave has formed, similar to when great powers such as the Seljuks and Ottomans took to the stage of history.



Come on! Take your place in the frontlines. We need you!

This is something that can be achieved through a very powerful social solidarity, through the leadership of sagacious individuals.

Therefore, come out. Go beyond politics, bureaucracy, personal plans, mundane poisonous and dirty discussions, and get on the ground with all your knowledge and experience. Support Turkey.

You are the bearers of knowledge, tradition, memory, the region’s perspective, identity, our claims, as well as all our experience. Take your place in the front rows. You produce and we will follow.

We need you!


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