Posing with the pope after the glowing orb debacle says, ‘We are waiting on you hand and foot, we belong to you!’ The region is being taken hostage through MBZ and MBS! Arabs are going to miss the 21st century; a reckoning against the ‘internal invasion’ is essential - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Posing with the pope after the glowing orb debacle says, ‘We are waiting on you hand and foot, we belong to you!’ The region is being taken hostage through MBZ and MBS! Arabs are going to miss the 21st century; a reckoning against the ‘internal invasion’ is essential

They first abandoned the duty of being Wahhabi missionaries, a task given to them by the U.S. and U.K. during the Cold War period. As a matter of fact, they were not the ones who abandoned the task; that is what they were told to do. It was an order from their “masters.”

Because a new era had started and they were going to be tasked with new roles. The Arab world was going to be prepared for “another duty.” A new period of deception was going to be started through provocative discourses, which would be activated for the new agenda of those who ruined these lands for a century for a new imperial project.

The two crown princes’ dirty traffic: Arabs are being taken hostage

This was a plan to take hostage the Arab world and to use it as a weapon for imperial projects. Arab nationalism would be formed, the “interfaith dialogue” discourse would be shifted to the Arab region, and masses would be provoked through the wave of liberation to underhandedly apply the new regional design and new security strategies.

This is why Mohammed bin Salman was appointed as leader to Saudi Arabia. This is why the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Mohammed bin Zayed was tasked with such a role. These two people took control over the finance resources of coup-plotters and terrorist organizations, and mobilized them for U.S.-U.K.-Israel’s goals. They started managing that dirty traffic. They started to act as a proxy for the West’s terror and invasion projects. This was not a tender, it was an appointment.

The region’s two ‘native invaders’

They are going to do even more horrific things through these two native invaders of the Arab world and the region. Through these two enemies of Turkey, they have started to attack the country. Through these two princes, they have started carrying out all sorts of dirty business on the agenda of Western intelligence organizations, ranging from financial terrorism to covert assassinations.

They have now become more pro-Israel than pro-Arab, more pro-U.S. than pro-Muslim. They have now become the hitmen of attacks and invasions targeting our region. They have become the representatives of the great project aimed at excluding Islam and Muslims from history once again after a century.

An Arab force against Turkey, an anti-Turkey organization

They later emphasized that Islamist claims are a thing of the Cold War era and said, “This is no longer our claim.” What they opted out of was not Islamism. They were never Islamists anyway. They destroyed the Islamic identity, the regional identity, and the historical and fraternal identity associated with this.

The discourse was changed in using Islam and Muslims through Arab regimes for the global domination of the Atlantic alliance. There was no longer a need for this. The new discourse became Arab nationalism and anti-Turkey sentiment. Because Turkey was rising, consolidating power, and was considered a "threat" for the West's plans for the region. Therefore, the Arab force also had to be activated against Turkey.

They told them, "Iran is a threat," and promised, "We are going to protect you against Iran." There were Shiite-Sunni war plans behind this. But a Turkey force suddenly emerged. Mohammed bin Salman and Mohammed bin Zayed were instantly given the role to "Fight against Turkey."

The Arab world was prevented from 'consolidating power'

They did not stop at that. They waged war against Islamic movements, groups, and all factions against the West's invasion. They waged war against not only the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan), but everyone, every group that gave an identity and character to the region under that target. The project was massive, but they reduced it to the "Ikhwan threat" against the Sunni world and promoted it thusly.

As a matter of fact, the whole trap was set against the Arab world, and Arabs were prevented from consolidating power. They were going to fight the "Islamist threat" for the U.S., for the U.K., and for Israel. This role, which was given to numerous Muslim countries in the early 1990s, was given to Arabs through these two people this time around.

However, this fight did not include Turkey. Those fighting Islamist, Islamic movements in the Arab region, every group that can stand against the West's invasions, were underhandedly supporting and networking these groups against Turkey. They thought they were establishing an anti-Erdoğan front. They were cultivating certain groups within Turkey for the same reasons they were supporting Daesh and the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

The first victims of the project: Jerusalem and Palestine

Then they sat down to strike for a "deal" with the U.S. and Israel for "Jerusalem." They said "Jerusalem belongs to the Israelis." They said, "We have no problem with Israel." Arab regimes developed immense love for Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was saying "history-changing" steps were being taken. Palestine was left all alone.

Because the first of their desires had come true - the U.S. had relocated its Israel embassy to Jerusalem. The Arab world didn’t even say a word. Because they knew who the deal was with and what had been promised.

Mohammed bin Salman and Mohammed bin Zayed also made promises with respect to Mecca and Madinah. They will soon be revealed. After this stage, it is likely that the two leaders in question will not even have a say in their own countries anymore. They have no other choice or thought but to do what is asked of them.

Posing with the pope after the glowing orb debacle says, ‘We are waiting on you hand and foot, we belong to you!’

This means the region, especially the Arab region, has completely been taken hostage. After this stage, we will witness how wars, infightings, the new map drafts are going to divide Arab lands.

For three decades, all wars took place on Arab lands. It has always been the Arab lands that have lost. Their working for Western hegemony instead of protecting their own countries is the first factor of this disaster.

We saw a picture that was similar to the "glowing orb" picture they presented to the world with U.S. President Donald Trump in Riyadh, in Abu Dhabi the previous day. I guess everybody agrees on who and what the UAE leaders, who were waiting hand and foot on the pope, represent. Symbols have a language - and of course, grave consequences.

The "fight against Islamism" (this is actually a fight against Islam) tasked to Turkey during the February 28 period, is now been given to Mohammed bin Zayed and Mohammed bin Salman. The "interfaith dialogue" that was tasked to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) has now given to these two princes.

Arabs are being taken hostage through the two crown princes! Treading over all sacred values...

Those who have been wreaking havoc in the region for years have also appointed the same two people with the terror traffic and financing. Those who have been scaring the Arab world with Iran for years are now provoking all Arabs against Turkey through these two.

All of the world's power maps have been shaken. A new global power equilibrium could not be formed. This situation is offering extraordinary opportunities for some nations to build power. The Arab world had caught such a chance too. But now the exact opposite is happening.

Through the two crown princes, the entire Arab nation is being placed under a much dire tutelage and enslavement than before. And this time, they are doing it by treading over Islam and the region's sacred values.

'Tolerance to all but Islam'… Arabs are going to miss the 21st century. Showdown with 'internal invasion' is mandatory

Allow me to clearly state and note that the front established today has been set to destroy all groups in the region that are capable of forming a resistance. If it continues in this way, the Arab world is going to miss the 21st century as well. If it things go on like this, the storm that has been wreaking havoc on Arab lands for the past three decades is going to grow extraordinarily. It is going to cause greater destructions.

Let them think they are fighting against Turkey; let them believe the lie of a "Turkey expansion." Sooner or later they will understand that they are the actual target. I hope it will not be too late…

Powerful statements were not produced in terms of interpreting the message given to the Muslim world through the pope in the UAE. However, French author George Malbrunot interpreted that picture as, "Tolerance for everything but Islam." We will not make do with this much… We are going to continue to fight against this dire internal invasion.


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