Put aside your fraudulence and hypocrisy first… - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Put aside your fraudulence and hypocrisy first…

The European public was shocked at the terrorist attack on employees of the Charlie Hebdo magazine, which was an attack on Muslims, Christians, Jews, and all that is sacred.

But I doubt if it came as a shock to European governments, intelligence agencies, security units, or anyone associated with terrorism and security issues.

It was extremely eye-catching that two out of the three French citizens of Algerian descent entered a guarded building where the magazine team was holding a meeting, killed the caricaturists that had been identified beforehand; looked to be professionals, did not behave in a rushed or panicked manner, and killed the police officer lying wounded on the ground in cold blood.

Some are claiming that these people arrived from Syria two months ago; others claim they are members of Al-Nusra, and yet others claim they are members of Al-Qaeda in Yemen. According to them, these people are from among those who left Europe and went to Syria and the Middle East to wage war. It is impossible that the intelligence agencies of those countries would be unaware of the departure of thousands of these people to Syria from France, the United Kingdom and Germany. I personally believe that the path was cleared for them and they were intentionally sent to this part of the world.


I am in no position to carry out a criminal analysis of the attack. This might be revealed in time. But if the attack is anything like what I think, and am inclined to believe it is; the dossiers regarding the organizers behind the attack will be covered up after the hit-men are caught. Ever since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, all cases involving attacks that were used to equate Islam and terrorism were shelved in some manner, and no clear and correct conclusion was reached in any of the investigations.

This does not stem from the skills, special attributes, and good training that the attackers in question had. It stems from all these attacks having some sort of link to an intelligence agency or state. No light will ever be shed on these terrorist attacks, which serve no purpose other than paving the way for global anti-terror operations, including the occupation of some countries, preparing the grounds for covert intelligence operations all over the globe, and fanning the flames of the thesis of hostility to Islam. A few hit-men are nabbed and paraded in front of the public, while the rest remains a mystery.


The brains behind equating Islam with terrorism have made this the most efficient political discourse of the 21st century. Countries adopted positions on the basis of this discourse, security strategies were changed due to it, laws were prepared, and armies and intelligence agencies were mobilized. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed, hundreds went missing, and a global state of emergency was declared for the sake of the war on terror.

It is 2015 and we have come to realize that the global fight against terrorism was the sole and most significant strategy developed by United States and Europe for shaping the 21st century. Muslim countries suffered great pain and lows. They were accused of committing terrorism but also became victims of terrorism and the battles being fought with regard to it.

While such calculations were being made in the United States and European capitals, and while covert operations were being conducted on the basis of those calculations, every decision was resulting in the deaths of thousands of people in our geographical region. The same centers were behind the decisions which have resulted in 300,000 people being killed in Syria, 1.5 million people being killed in Iraq, and millions becoming refugees.


We have seen the fraudulence and hypocrisy of the Western press and media. None of them opposed and questioned these implementations. It shut its eyes to mass slaughter but as soon as its own coarse thoughts faced danger, it embraced freedom of thought. Even though the same Europe, soon after Sept. 11, had relegated the discourse of multiculturalism, coexistence and freedom to the dustbin of history. We did not see the slightest reaction and complaint from Western intelligentsia against the security paranoia that had rendered their world impotent and blind.

I don’t know if the Paris attack stemmed from the personal rage of the attackers, or was part of Al-Qaeda or some other organization’s plans. But we should remember that for the past 20 years such types of attacks have drawn attention due to their characteristic of being linked to intelligence agencies. Today, we are faced with a global problem far more dire than that attack, and the brains behind the creation of that problem reside in those capitals.

These countries, which used terror as a weapon to advance their projects for the 21st century, hid behind the notions of “combating terrorism” and “Islamic threat” and spread state-sponsored terrorism in every corner of the planet. They established organizations, armed and trained them. They pointed out the targets to them, carried out assassinations and conducted covert operations. They still continue to do so.

They nurtured countless organizations and a school of political thought on the basis of a strategy which sought to resort to terror to bring the world to its knees, and created a climate of instability in targeted countries to prepare the grounds for intervention. They planned and implemented this together with regional rulers and autocratic regimes.


Everyone was aware that this war in the Middle East and the world of Islam would one day spread to European capitals. This weapon created by them might be turned on them a lot more after this. It is impossible that while they were dividing the region into city states and almost sparking urban wars, they wouldn’t have thought of the possibility of similar clashes spreading to Europe’s cities.

They were quick to embrace the rising tide of racism emerging from the United States and the Israeli extreme right. They even surpassed the neoconservatives when it came to making use of the threat posed by Islam and terrorism. In recent years it was Europe rather than the United States that espoused the theses of hostility against Islam. This meant that racist groups started taking to the streets once again, with the tacit support of states. Muslims started being threatened and killed; and mosques started being torched. The organizations, which they had nurtured to spread instability in Muslim countries on the basis of their political and economic designs on the region, started directing their weapons at those countries in Europe displaying hostility toward Islam.


Hostility to Islam was allowed to spread from North Europe to Continental Europe and now to East Europe, and they identified Muslim institutions and circles as targets. Racism is being redefined on the basis of hostility to Islam. News continually pours in about mosques being attacked in all countries. They have now added covert operations targeting the expulsion of Muslims from their countries to the destruction they cause in Muslim countries.

In this context, an extremely strategic target was chosen in the latest attack. The perfect excuse has been handed to the rising racist tide by killing a magazine team with a previous record. No better target could have been chosen to spur the European public to action. No other place could be found to nourish hostility against Islam and spur the masses to action. No better example could be provided to depict the link between Islam and violence.


Our issue is far greater and not just limited to who carried out the Paris attack and the reason behind it; and why France was attacked. We won’t join in the hypocritical and fraudulent lamentations of Western countries, institutions, security units, media and intellectuals. We will continue to express the truth in a louder voice.

We unhesitatingly reject all types of terrorism in all places. But we have learned that for the past 20 years the brains behind terrorism and its managers are none other than them. They collaborated with such circles everywhere, ranging from North Africa to the Middle East to South Asia, nurtured them and carried out operations alongside them. They still continue to do so.

If we are to lament together, then the European media and intellectuals first need to confront this hypocrisy.

They will never do this. They never have. They never questioned or protested against these actions. On the contrary, they were always the greatest backers and disseminators of this accursed campaign. The violence and terror in Muslim lands always gave them great pleasure. Because they had blood on their hands as well. Because it was them that engaged in the mass marketing of these security strategies. Those dying were Muslim and they felt some sort of secret racist relief.


I see that the European media is still repeating the same messages by rote in the wake of the Paris attacks. It is nothing more than the repeating of the same stereotype. None of them mention any of the ills associated with the covert terror operations carried out by their countries.

If terrorism is to be combated, then the West will have to stop exporting terror operations to our region, stop nurturing violence, put an end to covert operations of occupation and instigation of civil conflict, and review its security strategies; while western public opinion and media will have to abandon their hypocrisy.

Their actions in Muslim countries fuel such rage that it might not be possible to prevent the explosion of this rage in Western capitals some day. Let me issue a reminder to Europe’s media, which continues to utter sentences learned by rote:

Thirty-five countries are signatories to the CIA’s hostage trade, secret prisons and rendition flights. The secret agreement in question was reached in Paris. Let’s see you do something about this…

Did you even once stop to think of how many people suffered as a result of this dirty trade? My commiserations to France, but there are a lot of things left unsaid with regard to what we have to say to Europe.



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