Putting a bounty on the heads of PKK ‘leaders’ is like the tactic of handing over Öcalan… The joint Iraq and Syria map: What about the map's Turkey leg? There is no longer a Turkey that falls for this game

The east of the Euphrates is neither a terror issue nor a Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK)/ Democratic Union Party (PYD) issue for us. The issue is not how the organization changes names, the tactics the U.S. and PKK employ, or the daily maneuvers those trying to distract Turkey with the "patrol charade" in Manbij are attempting.

We consider the region through more fundamental matters. We consider it as a regional issue, a map issue, an issue of history, and an issue of the past and future.

‘Estranging’ the state mind once again

In this sense, this is also our view of the PKK and the PYD, as well as the game set up by the U.S. and Israel through these organizations. The mind behind the game, which is being played in northern Syria, and Turkey are in a showdown much beyond all this. The showdown in question has been ongoing since World War I.

There is a strong connection between the charade being staged in Manbij and the Iron Hammer practice, the covert invasion attempt in our southeast along with the ditch cleansing post-July 15 coup attempt and the "terror corridor" in the north of Syria, the Euphrates Shield and Afrin operations and the PKK attacking Turkey for four decades, the July 15 civil war attempt and the invasion of Iraq as well as the Syria war, the covert "opposition” in our country and the "intervention" formations as well as the "map" operation spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean, and the attacks on the "state mind" that is forming a strong power domain for the first time since World War I and the "estrangement" attempts against it that is starting to be sensed once again these days.

Imminent threat inside Turkey: A national struggle and region issue

The U.S./Israel occupation in Syria has been shaped based on dreams to conjoin the north of Iraq and Syria. This is not only a plan to divide Syria but to open a hundreds-of-kilometers-long "Turkey front" in Turkey's south.

Thus, the U.S. presence there is the most imminent threat. The arming and protecting of the PYD is the most imminent threat for Turkey. The matter is so beyond being a Syria issue. Just like the national fight against terrorism, the fight against multinational attacks and invasion attempts, the nature of the fight in the north of Syria is the same. In this sense, both the PKK and PYD are invasion forces. It is a threat for the entire region and eliminating it is a national struggle, a regional issue.

Backbone of the 'terror corridor' must be broken

Nobody, no individual or group should be allowed to cause confusion in our country. Similar to the Euphrates Shield and the Afrin operation, an intervention on Tel Abyad and Ayn al-Arab, as well as Iraq's Sinjar is a matter of existence for us. Both the east and west doors of the "terror corridor" must be closed, and its backbone must be severely shattered.

Because for us, the "map" issue in question is as important as defending Anatolia for a millennium-long political continuity, for a founding state mind, and to build the region. We know and they know the goal behind the thousands of truckloads of weapons and ammunition the U.S. delivered to the PYD, and the photograph of U.S. troops and terrorists.

Bounty on the head of PKK ringleaders, a tactic to hand over Öcalan

Those who are in an overt partnership with the PYD today attacked our country with the PKK for decades through a covert partnership. There is a showdown of the past and the future here. Therefore, the maneuvers of U.S. troops should not blur our minds.

Placing a bounty on the heads of PKK ‘leaders’ is the same. There is no longer a Turkey that does not know the meaning of them handing over PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan to us. There is a Turkey considers itself, the region and the world with a centuries-old perspective and mind. And today, this country is the center of the world's most dynamic political activity.

The days that there was a Turkey whose mind would be confused by those who put up a bounty for PKK’s so-called leader Murat Karayılan and build a garrison for PYD members are long gone. The days Turkey could be tricked with such little games are long gone. You will see, a "covert plan" is going to emerge from this step too.

Our position is: No force and organization from outside the region can survive in this zone

Our position is that no foreign force or organization can have control in the area spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean, in Turkey's south, and in Syrian and Iraqi territory. No multinational will can carry out a map operation through some countries and terrorist groups in the region despite us. No foreign or “local” suggestion to this end can be considered legitimate, or shown as a reasonable political maneuver.

The U.S. immediately leaving Syrian territory is an obligation for the whole region. Clearing this zone of the PKK and PYD is an obligation for the whole region. An organization or community, a political or armed group preparing the field for a "foreign intervention" is an invasion, an occupation, and a threat for the entire region. Hence, fighting against the foreign intervention, the invasion of the U.S./PKK in this zone is the common aim not only for Turkey, but for all countries in the region.

Joint Iraq and Syria map: What about the map's Turkey leg?

Turkey must urgently intervene in the other areas of the "corridor" without wasting time with the distractions in Manbij. With every passing day or month, the cost of the intervention will further increase. Every formation in the north of the Aleppo-Mosul line is an imminent threat for us and cannot be tolerated. Because it is going to take the future of our country hostage.

Unless the U.S. stops protecting the PYD, none of its maneuvers will be responded to by this country. The next goal of those wanting to eliminate the PKK, leave the north of Iraq to Masoud Barzani, move the organization under the banner of the PYD to Syria, settle a PYD formation there, then through the PYD-Barzani, form a Syria/Iraq map there, is going to be to start the Turkey leg of the "map." Get over all of this.

The historic political and founding mind of Turkey and region are back

We have been getting duped since the Iron Hammer project. But it will not be happening this time. Turkey has presented its own agenda and will continue on this path. No organization or country can or will be able to openly resist Turkey's intervention in the region.

We are in a period in which the strongest will win. We are the ones who will nullify that project. Because both our political history and political mind are back. This is the way it will be from now on. This is a founding mind both in Turkey and in the region.


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