Qassem Soleimani: Legend or murderer? US assassinated Iran’s mastermind. How will Tehran retaliate? Not Iran but its deputies that will respond. Saudi Arabia will be struck, not the US. A ‘Houthi missile’ will either fall over Dubai or a Saudi oil facility. Turkey must act fast in Libya - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Qassem Soleimani: Legend or murderer? US assassinated Iran’s mastermind. How will Tehran retaliate? Not Iran but its deputies that will respond. Saudi Arabia will be struck, not the US. A ‘Houthi missile’ will either fall over Dubai or a Saudi oil facility. Turkey must act fast in Libya

He was a symbol of Iran/Persia’s imperial power. He stood at the intersection of the neural networks spread throughout the region within Iran’s deep structure. He was the mastermind behind the Revolutionary Guards Corps, Hezbollah, Hashd al-Shabi and other organizations and structures.

He was directly linked to religious leader Ali Khamenei, and was in charge of all covert operations, unofficial wars and interventions from Afghanistan to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. He was a man that left blood and grief in his wake at every place he went, stopped by or passed through.

He was triggering an Islamic civil war, ruthlessly implementing every type of terrorism

He was the front man to implement sectarian “Islamic civil war” plans, Persian-Arab wars. Even though he said it was resistance in the name of Iran, he was a man who used every format of “terrorism” and was made a legend by the Shiite world.

He was killed yesterday at Baghdad Airport by the U.S. Hezbollah and Hash al-Shabi leaders were also killed along with him. The order to attack was given directly by U.S. President Donald Trump. Prior to the attack, Trump had targeted Iran and said, “This is not a warning but a threat.”

US-Iran, Arab-Iran conflict in Iraq may take critical form

Tensions that have been escalating for some time now in Iraq were leading into another stage in the Syria and Iraq wars with the killing of Iran’s most important man. Qassem Soleimani had assigned his own man to command the Green zone in Baghdad, who opened the doors of the Green zone to Hashd al-Shabi militias, and they invaded the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

Those who have been holding demonstrations for weeks in Iraq welcomed the attack. It is now clear that the Iran-based U.S.-Iran, Arab-Iran conflict will lead to much critical results.

There is great fury and grief for Iran and its affiliated groups. While Hezbollah declared that war is now everywhere, cries for revenege are rising in Tehran and its surroundings.

Does US killing him absolve him? Can that photo he posed for in Aleppo be forgotten?

He was a hero according to the Shiite world, yet according to the overwhelming majority of the Muslim world, he was a war criminal murderer. The U.S. having killed Soleimani, his elimination by the U.S. and Israel, which have turned our region into a bloodbath, will not absolve him This is not possible for hundreds of millions of Muslims.

He was behind incredible human rights violations and war crimes in Syria. He was involved in mass slaughters. The Aleppo massacres in particular are impossible to forget.

Back then he had posed for a photograph in Aleppo. He seemed like a victorious commander. But in fact, he was walking over the corpses of the oppressed people of Aleppo.

He was fighting against Turkey in Syria

That day, I had written, “Qassem Soleimani is a war criminal. He should be held responsible for war crimes.” Soleimani and his murderous teams were openly fighting against Turkey through Syria, with Persian imperialism burning down the whole region.

Meanwhile, Soleimani was directly fighting Muslims – not the U.S. – and using all his might against them in all the countries and regions under his influence, without out any limits or room for anything sacred in his attacks.

Iran needs US-Israel’s invasions

Soleimani’s attitude was emblematic of Iran’s official, ideological attitude.

Iran is a state that appears to be fighting the U.S. and Israel but hides behind their invasions in our region and has control over the ground.

Those invasions are the reason why Iranian influence has become so widespread, not the U.S. Had it not been for those invasions, Iran would not have been as strong as it is today in Syria and Yemen.

Therefore, Iran is in great need of U.S. invasions and Israel’s animosity. Therefore, the U.S. and Israel’s opposition are a veil for it. It is completely sectarian and adjusted to take revenge from Sunni countries.

Mohammed bin Zayed, Mohammed bin Salman, Qassem Soleimani: Leading names of Arab-Persian war

Soleimani also appeared to be fighting against the U.S. and Israel when in fact he was fighting against Muslims. He was completely sectarian-motivated.

He was dreaming of attacking Saudi Arabia from Lebanon, Syria and Yemen. His main goals were Mecca and Medina. This is how the Muslim civil war plotted by the U.S. and Israel was being staged. One side of the war was Iran while the other was Saudi Arabia; both countries has claimed this role.

UAE Crown Prince Mohammad bin Zayed and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman were leading the Saudi front of this civil war while Soleimani was leading the Iran/Shiite front.

Forcing God to doomsday. US, Israel, Iran’s far-right standing in same position

The Muslim war, which appears to be set up as a Shiite-Sunni war, a sectarian war, was in fact planned as an Arab-Persian war. All the wars that erupted in our region since the 1991 Gulf War were planned as Arab-Persian wars and have always taken place on Arab territory.

The new situation we have been discussing with Soleimani’s killing is that it will take this war beyond the borders of countries and regionalize it.

The idea of U.S. neocons and Israeli far-right schedule the Armageddon war to an earlier date by “forcing God to doomsday,” was being turned into a judgment day war among Muslims. A dirty, bloody scenario was being prepared, and we are still yet to realize this today. Soleimani was one of this idea’s champions on the ground.

How will Iran retaliate?

What is going to happen next? Will there be a U.S.-Iran war? Will there be an Israel-Iran war? How will Iran respond to this assassination and where?

Iran will never fight against the U.S. and Israel. The crisis will not go beyond reciprocal threats.

Tehran did not respond even when the U.S. and Israel were hitting Iranian targets in Syria and Iraq. Could Trump’s statement yesterday, “Iran never won a war, but it never lost a negotiation” be indicating that the negotiation period is now over?

My probabilities are as follows:

There will be great ambiguity in Iraq. Not Iraq but its deputies will respond. They will hit Saudi Arabia not US

1. The retaliation for Soleimani’s killing will be in Iraq. The U.S. and Iran are going to escalate the war for influence in Iraq. This is actually going to take place between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

2. The Iran-Saudi power struggle that has been ongoing for weeks in Iraq is going to grow even bigger. There is great ambiguity in store for Iraq.

3. Iran will not fight directly. It will respond through indirect means, through proxy war. It might hit Saudi Arabia, Gulf countries such as the UAE via indirect means, through organizations.

A ‘Houthi missile’ might fall over a Saudi crude oil facility, Dubai

4. A “Houthi missile” might fall over Saudi crude oil facilities, the U.S. military presence in the country, or over Dubai. Iran will use this clout everywhere from Afghanistan to Lebanon.

5. The war and showdown will go beyond the borders of Iraq and intensify in the Gulf. This means Iran-Saudi clashes. It means the threat in the Persian Gulf is growing.

Turkey must act fast in Libya

6. What is happening in the Gulf as Turkey has turned towards Libya following the motion? Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt, the anti-Turkey actors of the Libya war, will be turning their attention towards Iran and the Gulf. This is a nightmare for Khalifa Haftar. Turkey must act fast.

7. 2020 got off on an extremely rocky foot. While it was expected in Libya, the Persian Gulf exploded instead. This means everything will be happen extremely quick. Of course, everything will happen very quickly and Iran will retaliate. A new Persian-Arab war will not be confined to a single country.


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