‘Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital will not go unanswered.’ Only Turkey is capable of saying such a thing. Who are you to threaten Turkey on behalf of the US, Israel! We've seen your agents in politics, the business world, in intellectual circles, media

Time and time again people have threatened Turkey on behalf of others with an iron hand in a velvet glove. We have had our fair share of people threaten Turkey, the nation, the homeland, the state, our past and future many times in the name of the forces, the circles they feel a belonging, loyalty toward, in the name of their priorities and interests.

We have had our fair share of those who invade the highest positions in state be appointed to its most critical positions, who feel no attachment to this country, who strive on the behalf of multinational circles, who see their interests and gains above this state, this nation's interests and gains, who secretly serve them.

We saw them in politics, media, intelligence, diplomacy, business world...

We saw such people in politics, the business world, in intellectual circles, media, intelligence, and in diplomacy. And we will see more of them.

Those who underestimate the growing threats in the east of the Euphrates today are going to appear before us as such people tomorrow. Those who cooperate with multinational circles to stop Turkey's great march today, who veil this under the guise of innocent opposition are going to appear before us as such people tomorrow.

Those who act upon the priorities of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) today, and carry this on in state authorities, among the people, are going to appear before us as such people tomorrow.

Those who seek refuge in other identities because they cannot act openly in the name of the PKK today, those who were made to replace FETÖ are going to appear before us in the same way tomorrow. Those hiding PKK terrorists in their list of mayoral candidates today are going to appear before us in new multinational interventions tomorrow.

Why are you so disturbed by the S-400 missile system?

There will always be those who publish headlines such as "NATO is disturbed" when Turkey refuses to buy air defense systems from the U.S., those who say, "NATO should come to the southeast," those who say, "NATO should take control over the east Mediterranean," and those who will attempt to readjust Turkey on behalf of the U.S., Israel, and the EU.

Those who make threats concerning the steps Turkey has taken to break the West's military technology embargo, who say, "Do not dare buy S-400, the consequences will be severe," do not say this out of their personal fears. They speak on behalf of the circles to which they belong, on which they are dependent on and serve.

Turkey's former ambassador to Washington, Namık Tan's objections are of this kind. They are no diplomatic projection or warning. It is an attempt to adjust this country for the "U.S.-Israel axis," to which he is close.

Looking at the lobby that made Namık Tan ambassador to Israel, US

I am not surprised at all about Namık Tan, who was confronted with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's harsh words, "You are in betrayal. So, you want to make a living off this nation, be an ambassador, and then make a statement in such a rude manner. First of all, is it your place? Who gives you the right to say such a thing just because you were ambassador, just because you retired?"

Instead of being surprised, I would question the lobbies that directed him to the Israeli embassy, the U.S. embassy. Why? Allow me to relate a memory.

It was years ago. Israel was attacking Lebanon. Covert operations were being carried out on Feb. 28 within the context of secret Turkey-Israel agreements. There were very serious claims that some special units were working together with Israel. When I mentioned this, Namık Tan showed a strong reaction. Back then he was the Foreign Affairs speaker. It was Sept. 15, 2006.

He was concerned for Israel

Such a reaction from a speaker was natural and necessary. This is what he had to do. But the reaction was more protective of Israel than it was of Turkey. It was obvious in every way that his concern was for Israel. I was extremely disturbed. He called, and we agreed about a statement and publishing this. An hour after the call, he had Anadolu Agency, Turkey's public news agency, publish a vitriolic statement.

My first response to the reaction was: "Namık Tan might be appointed to Israel as ambassador..." That is exactly what happened. Because Tan's sensitivities and priorities regarding Israel have always drawn my attention. Hence, he was appointed on Sept. 29 as ambassador. The reason behind the concern and extreme anger was revealed.

He now waves his finger at Turkey for the US, Israel!

On Oct. 31, 2006, I wrote in an article titled, "Am I very ill-intentioned," "I still maintain my opinion that Tan's method of denying the claims in question, and his strange concern are related more to his personal career than they are to concerns aimed at Turkey's foreign policy. It appears that he had already made great effort to establish good relations with Israel even before being appointed!"

Tan later became Turkey's ambassador to Washington. I remember exclaiming, "Oh no!" when I heard the news.

The same Tan is now waving his finger at Turkey on behalf of the U.S., on behalf of his friend Israel, and on behalf of their common circles. He is making threats such as, "Do not dare buy the Russian S-400s." And he is saying this under his diplomatic identity. Are we going to take this as diplomatic wisdom? Or as acting in capacity as a speaker of other agendas? I had personally noted that back in 2006. I have been watching him ever since, and his place in my mind is quite clear.

Regardless of your political identities, it is where you stand in history that counts

Let us take a look at what happens after this. Let us look at what happened after the attack aimed at dividing this country through FETÖ. Let us look at those who act on behalf of the PKK and camouflage this with a conservative identity. Let us look at circles adjusted to stop Turkey's great march from within the country.

Let us look at the mind and will that gathered unrelated political identities under a single roof for the March 31 local elections and turned it into a joint front. Let us take a look at this new agenda whose political aim is in no way to strengthen Turkey.

Let us look at the multinational attacks controlled from abroad and adjusted to weaken Turkey's backbone and leave it defenseless. Let us look at the groupings inside that are parallel to these attacks.

Let us look at those who have taken positions in politics, bureaucracy, the business world, media, and nongovernmental organizations in this context. If we do not look at them today, we will come face to face with big surprises tomorrow.

Regardless of your political identities, it is your position in history that counts.

The Turkey axis is a single political identity

This is valid for both the region and Turkey. Regardless of your conjunctural realities, regardless of your affairs and interests, your angers and objects, regardless of your ethnic identity, it is where you stand in political history that is important.

If you have been acting in this region with the history-making political gene and wealth for a thousand years, if you are on the "Turkey axis" today, you belong to this country, you are this country's past and future.

If you are not there, if you have other friends and partners, you can never be local. Now is the time to take a good look and see who stands where. Now is the time to pay attention to who is standing where and with whom.

'There will be a response for Jerusalem.' Only Turkey would say such a thing.

The previous evening, while speaking about Hagia Sophia, President Erdoğan said something along the lines of, "You are going to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital city. Now there has to be a response to this..."

There is no country other than Turkey that can say such a thing. There was none in the past, and there will be none in the future. This is Turkey, this is what it means to be local, this is the thousand-year political tradition and genetic.

Regardless of your political circle, this is the true political identity. This is where we stand. We will never allow those who determine a position other than this to threaten Turkey, this nation.


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