‘Relentless resistance’ lines should be set up on the ‘Turkey axis’ - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

‘Relentless resistance’ lines should be set up on the ‘Turkey axis’

What do the Saudi Arabia-based fatwas that say fighting Israel is not permissible, UAE-based political statements that say “Israel is our little brother, the U.S. is our big brother,” the unfortunate approaches by men of religion along the lines of “We are redesigning the region together with the U.S.” tell us?

What does the Arab-Israeli strategic partnership that is claimed to be against Iran, but which I believe is certainly against the entire region, Israel and Saudi Arabia’s intelligence sharing, their determination of common target countries and planning a joint military operation tell us?

What does the new bloc that is promoted through the UAE, that stands out as a new front line along the UAE-Saudi Arabia-Egypt line, that is trying to draw beside it Jordan, Iraq and Palestine, and in is being shaped in the background entirely according to the U.S. and Israel’s invasion plans targeting our region tell us?

Neither the NATO threat, nor the economic attacks will work

Think about the U.S. pouring weapons to all anti-Turkey terrorist organizations in the north of Syria and Iraq with the Israel-UAE-Saudi Arabia axis, together with surrounding Turkey from northern Syria and starting heavy attacks on Turkey through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Daesh terrorist organizations when it failed in the July 15 coup attempt perpetrated by the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ).

Think about it recently targeting all of Turkey’s sensitivities and trying to insult our country through NATO, together with its attempt aimed at activating the alliance against Turkey, its desire for Turkey to face NATO-U.S. aggressiveness, targeting directly now rather than through organizations, having decisions issued based on false bills of indictment to prepare for economic attacks on Turkey all together.

 Seljuks-Ottomans-Republic: This is the real reason behind the fight with US

Think once more about Turkey developing its own self-defense methods against all this, attempting to seek new alliances, sensing the threat and extraordinarily starting defense preparations, never taking a step back and challenging the threats targeting it and this challenge finding strong community support.

 Think once more about Turkey escaping the 20th-century tutelage, resettling on its own historic path, re-establishing itself based on the Seljuk-Ottoman-Republic continuity, activating its history-making political genetics, refusing to be a front country, starting a surprising rising period to be among the center countries, the East bloc rising while the Western bloc has come to a stop, the power maps changing, economic and political weight steering toward the East, Turkey seeing this change and taking position for its own future plans, the real issue with the U.S. being this change, Turkey  refusing one-sided dependency.

PKK, Daesh and FETÖ: Leading force of the ‘Crusades’

Think that this fight has been ongoing since the Crusade attacks, that this country, which was divided and taken under control with World War I, is only recently escaping that slavery and that it is related to the millennium-old showdown. Never forget that the current fight, the threats we are facing, the reason we are struck by the PKK and Daesh, the reason why they want to collapse us internally through FETÖ, is this great showdown. Take note that the PKK, Daesh and FETÖ are all actually foreign invasion attempts.

Accept the fact that back in the Cold War era, a Western Shield was established along the Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia line to protect the West from Soviet and Chinese communism, and after the Cold War, these shield countries, all Muslim countries were considered threats, all of these countries have today taken an anti-U.S. position and hence, the West has lost not only Turkey, but this entire zone.

They are going to destroy the Arab world

Hence, we are going to see that the U.S., U.K. and Israel have established a new axis, led by the UAE-Saudi Arabia, further south and further West in place of this zone that it lost, that the axis countries are using the fear of Iran, that this situation is a major withdrawal in the region for the U.S., that the new axis promoted with discourse such as Arab nationalism and moderate Islam is actually the operation to take hostage the Arab world, a destruction operation.

The new axis built through the young generation of Arab regimes, or emirates, is the plan to divide the Muslim world into two main fronts such as the Arab Muslims and non-Arab Muslims. Yet do not forget, the center of all wars in our region since the 1991 Gulf War has always been Arab territory.

‘Cousins’ war with Persians: No relation to Islam

This new plan will conclude with the division of the remaining Arab lands. The Arab political mind given hostage to the U.S., Israel and the U.K. will lose history. If it goes this way, if the Arabs do not come to their senses, while non-Arab Muslims countries rise, they will be torn to pieces. Very shortly, we will be discussing the new maps spanning the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi-based fatwas, UAE-based statements are not statements made with valor. Someone is bringing “cousins” together with the Arab-Israel alliance, while preparing those from the Semitic race for war against the Persians. That war is the war to destroy our region.

These wars, preparations have nothing to do with Islam, sects, identity. This is the way a geopolitical plan is globally promoted to Arabs. It has been planned to establish tutelage over Arab countries for another century through the young generation’s valor, excitements.

Mecca-Medina will be taken hostage, Jerusalem’s occupation will be legitimized

If it continues like this, very soon we are going to experience major tremors in our minds. Discourses and terms such as the Arab-Israel issue, the Palestine case, Islamism or political Islam debates are going to fall apart; deep changes will take place in many people and circles’ positions, and perhaps our regional perception will also change. The Arab world is going to face the threat of losing the power it gained through Islam.

What’s most important is: The Arab-Israel partnership will legitimize Jerusalem’s occupation. After Jerusalem, the Muslim world will see that Mecca and Medina will also want to be taken hostage.

On the global scale, everybody is withdrawing to their own political pool, defense line. The internal political debates in the U.S., the EU collapsing and starting to disperse, the East-West tension line in the Baltics becoming clearer, the power showdown in the Pacific along with many other indicators, signal that countries are re-positioning throughout the world. This is the era of a bandit world order; nobody is able to ascertain where the great bomb will explode and who it will affect.

Turkey axis: ‘Relentless resistance’ lines should be established

We are the junction point of the great tension and we have entered a historic rising period. While most have lost position, while certain center countries are leaving off the stage, our challenging and determined progress is shaking the global power map. They tell us, “You stand aside, submit, do not intervene in any of this, do not take independent action.” We will not listen to this at all. We are going to continue the great march. Perhaps we are going to experience another wave after July 15, but we will overcome this too.

We are going to take sharper steps throughout the country on the path of self-defense, establishing relentless resistance lines for national solidarity, gathering in a single front, the Turkey axis, against Israel’s preparations to attack Turkey jointly with FETÖ and the PKK.

The extraordinary defense preparation, if necessary, nuclear armament, has become an urgency for 2018. But this is a turn in history. It comes once every few centuries. And that history is making vast room for us and we are going to fill that space. Regardless of the size of the threat, the severity of the attacks, the global power shifts tell us we are going to win this fight.

And we really are going to win.


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