Resistance for Jerusalem is the same as the July 15 resistance. Showing resistance for Mecca and Medina is our responsibility

Turkey faced a very severe attack on July 15, 2016. The aim was to divide Anatolia and prevent a new rise that was going to start on these lands. We were under multinational attacks.

Those who supported the country’s national resistance joined at Istanbul’s Yenikapı district. They made a promise to Turkey and the world. They shouted to the world that this country will not kneel or collapse, that it will remain standing, gain strength, continue its rise, that it will resist, regardless of the immensity of the enemy front and that it will never allow the U.S./EU forces to implement the scenario of a century ago again.

Jerusalem was occupied for the second time.

We are in the same position today as we were in 1917

It was a challenge, a stance, a discourse of struggle that rose from Yenikapı. That day, some of those who are on the national resistance line later switched to the opposite front and now, they are trying to weaken and break the national resistance together with them. They are taking place among multinational alliances and strengthening the anti-Turkey front. They are preparing for the June 24 elections with a front that formed against us in Çanakkale. Various project figures, politicians and groups are being activated for this purpose and establishing destruction alliances against the rise.

Israel and the U.S. made a decision that insults the Muslim world and then applied that decision. The U.S. embassy moved to Jerusalem. This decision was the second occupation of Jerusalem. An occupation was happening once again in Jerusalem, a century after 1917. What is happening today is the same as what happened during World War I, it is the same as the invasion and occupation back then. The second occupation of Jerusalem and Anatolia facing a total attack on July 15 were both stages of the occupation projects launched a century later.

Defending Jerusalem is defending the homeland

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) were being used for this, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and Daesh were being used for this; this is the reason behind the invasion of Iraq, this is why the Syria war broke out; all the attacks, invasions, civil wars and instability projects aimed at our region since 1990 were part of this great plan.

Then, we have to know that defending Jerusalem is a homeland defense, that it is defending Anatolia. We are have to know that we are resisting the same thing in Jerusalem as we did on the streets on the night of July 15. We are going to do – and are doing – the same things for Jerusalem and for Palestine that the children of Anatolia fought for and defended in the Gaza wars, on the Palestine front in 1917.

Yenikapı is turning into a new political language, a language of resistance

The geography is a whole. It is our map, our heart, our mind and mentality. Defending Istanbul and defending Jerusalem, defending Baghdad and defending Sarajevo are one, they are all homeland defense. These cities complete one another and give each other strength; this is how history is written and formed. We exist as much as our memory allows.

We exist as much as our geography exists. And all the cities in this region protect and look out for one another. In this region, resisting in Palestine and resisting in Anatolia are one and the same.

A second meeting is happening in Yenikapı in this sense. From now on, resisting against all attacks aimed at our region, our geography with the Yenikapı spirit is going to become a political understanding, a tradition, a language. From now on, all attacks aimed at our region are going to be responded with the spirit of Yenikapı. From now on, every attempt targeting Turkey is going to be responded to with this resistance line. In this sense, Yenikapı is turning into – and will turn into – a political language that represents the resistance tradition.

These two countries sold off Jerusalem

The July 15 defense was done here; this is where the national resistance axis had shown itself. On June 24, those with the Yenikapı spirit and those against this spirit will clash. It is the same for Jerusalem, the same for June 24, the same for Istanbul.

Soon, there will be Jerusalem scenarios implemented in Mecca and Medina. We will once again stand against it in the same way. We are going to do this regardless of the cost. We are going to spread this feeling, this thought, this stance, and this political language throughout the entire region.

Today, Yenikapı is not the only place of gathering, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is also convening with Turkey’s call. They are gathering for Jerusalem by Turkey’s force. But none of them apart from Turkey and a few countries will say anything. Those leaders, those regimes, many of those countries have made agreements with the U.S. and Israel. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia’s new administration sold off Jerusalem.

We will be the ones showing resistance for Mecca and Medina too

What’s more is that they sold off their own homeland, the region. They sold off Mecca and Medina. If we are pouring onto the streets for Jerusalem today, tomorrow, we are going to do the same for Mecca and Medina. We are going to thoroughly read Fahreddin Pasha’s Medina defense.

This is the kind of spirit Yenikapı will be; it is going to be the spirit of resistance. It is going to be a resistance tradition that spreads climate by climate, that influences the entire geography. Do not forget that defending Jerusalem is defending Anatolia, it is defending Istanbul. If you do not defend Jerusalem, you cannot defend the homeland.

As we resisted against the whole world on the night of July 15, the Jerusalem resistance will also be our fortune. Because this is fate, it is the fate of the region and our political gene gives us this responsibility.


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