Should Istanbul be handed over to the FETÖ terror group, and the mandate to Pennsylvania? You can’t conceal this vote pilfering through blackmail and threats and take up office. The public conscience will not rest unless this election is re-held!

Has “organized theft” officially been detected in the March 31 elections held in Turkey? Yes, it has.

Has it been detected that, through intricate and esoteric plans, thousands of votes belonging to the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party were to be stolen and transferred to the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) as well as other parties? Yes, it has.

Has it been determined that the overwhelming majority of invalid votes belonged to the AK Party? Yes, it has.

Were the approximately 15,000 AK Party votes revealed to be systematically stolen? Yes, they were.

Can the CHP and Ekrem İmamoğlu, its mayoral candidate for Istanbul, deny these facts? No, they cannot.

You cannot take office with this fraudulence!

So, the CHP’s votes are important and valuable, but does the AK Party voter’s preference have no value?

Why do none of them say a single word about this thievery?

Why are they trying to cover and hide something by making a racket, and yelling and shouting?

Do the findings to date not reveal that the March 31 Istanbul elections have been rigged? Yes, they do. Is this election doubtful even in this state? Yes, it is doubtful.

Does this alone not necessitate the annulment of the election? Yes, it does. Can İmamoğlu take office despite this thievery? No, never – he never should.

Who organized the FETÖ and PKK terror groups for you?

Let us continue…

Isn’t it obvious that the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), and the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) acted in coordination for İmamoğlu, and that they are behind this fraudulence? Yes, it is painfully so.

Well, will nobody question whether they have anything to say about this covert support? Who garnered the support of these groups in your name; who organized them; and how is it that so many “organized threats” are following you, cultivating you, and supporting you?

Is it not clear that local and foreign operations have been conducted to give Istanbul not to the CHP but to İmamoğlu? Yes, it is clear.

Was an “İmamoğlu project”, which goes beyond the local elections, implemented? Yes, it was.

Well, who planned such a dubious project? Who assembled them in the name of İmamoğlu? Who unleashed them on the ground? Who is provoking social conflicts through all these groups?

An Istanbul plan, the same picture again

Was an Istanbul plan, which goes beyond the issue mayoralty, drawn up? Yes, it was.

Are the traces of electoral fraud, traces of the Gezi Park incidents, the Dec. 17-25 and July 15 coup attempts intertwining? Yes, they are. Is that the picture we are seeing? Yes, it is.

Are FETÖ and PKK terrorists vigorously making a commotion for the mandate? Yes, they are.

Are these groups and the U.S. and European circles sharing in on this joy? Yes, they are. Are they all using the same discourse? Yes, they are.

Has there been organized support through social media networks before and after the election? Is this support not the joint operation of FETÖ and the same groups once again? Yes, this is exactly the case.

‘Love will win’… Tutelage will win. Turkey will be threatened!

Who is presenting all this thievery as “injustice” and threatening Turkey? Why is this threat and the threats from the U.S. and Europe expressed using the same words?

Do the CHP and İmamoğlu have response to give? No, they do not.

They are trying to make us all buy into a “multinational project” hiding behind the statement, “Love will win.” The true meaning behind the statement, “We have been fighting for democracy for 145 years” is, “We have been fighting for tutelage and mandate for 145 years.”

Statements such as, “If you do not give the mandate to İmamoğlu, we will destroy Turkey,” contains the threat, “If you resist tutelage, new July 15s will happen.”

How are the U.S. and Europe able to threaten Turkey through someone whose mayorship has not even been finalized yet? What kind of solidarity is this? Will this not be questioned by anyone, will they not question why?

What are those who stole exam questions hiding through the ‘mandate’ commotion?

You cannot make a commotion saying, “Give Ekremoğlu the Istanbul mandate,” establish organizations, provoke stadiums and cover the theft. You cannot camouflage that atrocity with claims of “injustice.”

You cannot have the covert tricks forgotten by promoting love. You cannot deny that those who stole exam questions and destroyed the future of thousands of children of this country are the same groups who organized the March 31 theft.

You did this on Dec. 17-25, 2013. You also did it in the prep school incidents. You did it during the Gezi Park terror as well. You did it before and after July 15, 2016. You started doing it again with fresh hope, with a new promise.

So, the CHP and İmamoğlu’s votes are of value, but is it not an issue of justice to steal the AK Party votes and shift them to other parties? Is this not a democracy problem?

Is this the inside operation of the new ‘siege’ plan? There is nothing ‘local’ about it…

It is clear that İmamoğlu is a project from him running for mayor, to the organization of vote pilfering, to their provocative outbursts after the elections. A man who has not even been declared as mayor yet has already started the great provocations expected of him in Turkey.

The mask hidden behind the sweet-tempered face dropped way too early. It is obvious that that face has also been worked on for the project in question. It is clear that the matter is not the elections or mayorship but that building and “anti-Turkey front” is in question.

From his candidacy, election campaigns, organized theft, provocations that started post-election, to the inside intervention and blackmail, that picture is now crystal clear.

His speech, behavior, the method he uses, the path he is taking are all part of a worked and planned project. There is nothing “local” about this.

The only solution is to renew elections in Istanbul

Because we witnessed such projects in the “Baykal Conspiracy.” We saw it in the Gezi Park incidents. We witnessed it on July 15. Now, we are seeing it once again with a “touch of conservatism.”

Yes, there has been organized corruption in this election. İmamoğlu’s mayorship will have no legitimacy before this shame is cleared.

If he takes office, he will go down in history as “the man who became mayor by stealing votes.” He will go down in history as a sort of national security problem due to the forces behind him.

Since we believe in democracy, since we value our people’s votes, this election has no legitimacy. The only solution is to re-do the Istanbul elections.

The contrary is nothing other than giving Istanbul to FETÖ ringleader Fetullah Gülen, and sending the certificate of election to Pennsylvania.

‘This election is tainted’

The statement by AK Party’s Istanbul mayoral candidate, Binali Yıldırım, who has been following the process to date with great maturity, summarizes it all. You cannot deny any of these words…

“Votes were stolen. It is as clear as day. Our votes were shifted to the opponent candidate. The irregularities in the election are not limited to mistakes, doubts and vote theft. There are many more mistakes. This election is completely tainted…”

Turkey has greater problems than İmamoğlu. There are efforts to stop and siege Turkey from the Mediterranean, through Syria, from the Aegean, and the Balkan region like Romania. There is a picture showing that the İmamoğlu project is one of the inside legs of this.


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