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Siege… There’s a much greater plan at work here! What should Turkey do?

A complete siege plan is being implemented around Turkey. This can be witnessed in the power map being drawn in our region, the physical maps, the showdowns occurring, and the military buildups.

This siege first started with the 1991 invasion on the Iranian border, in Iraq. It became certain with the 2003 invasion. Then, with the start of the Syrian war, it extended to Syria. Immediately after, it moved to the East Mediterranean.

It is now obvious that, after Greece, the same line is going to be extended towards Bulgaria, Romania, and the Black Sea. The U.S. and Europe’s military buildup and activity in these regions, all indicators point to this.

Fronts established against Ottoman Empire are now established against Turkey

The crisis rising today in the East Mediterranean and Aegean, which we are seeing a new dimension of every day, is the same thing as the siege of the Ottomans followed by its collapse a century ago. Those fronts that were established on Ottoman territory back then are being established against Turkey in the same regions again today. The groups and communities that were unleashed against the Ottomans back then are being positioned on the front against Turkey today.

In order to comprehend the events transpiring in Iraq, Syria, the East Mediterranean and the Aegean, everybody needs to very clearly understand this siege plan, the idea and the strategy behind it.

Turkey’s rise, geopolitical plans scare them

Those who implemented the plan to destroy the Ottoman Empire a century ago are now implementing the “Stop Turkey” plan.

Those who carved up an empire that was collapsing a century ago are now trying to prevent a rising power.

Those who shared spoils a century ago are now striving to maintain those spoils for another hundred years. They see Turkey’s surprising power surge, influence over the region, and geopolitical plans as the greatest threat.

Thus, they are establishing a regional front consisting of countries such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia, and a Western front led by Greece, Southern Cyprus, and France.

The siege is based on a Western ideology

However, the ideology behind the siege is based on a much deeper, much more fundamental ideology: Preventing Turkey from establishing a central power domain in the global power domain through its imperial heritage.

They know how this will shake the region. They know the sort of tremor it will cause, from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts. They know how the West’s centuries-old geopolitical formation will be harmed.

Hence, the Western ideology is behind this siege, which they are conducting by driving certain countries to the front.

West’s dangerous hypocrisy, 21st century’s biggest lie

In this state, the new Western colonial wave intended for the 21st century, which was launched immediately after the Cold War, which was turned into an open attack with 9/11, and promoted as anti-terrorism and an “Islamist threat” by fooling the world, entered a new stage. This stage is all about cornering Turkey with all the force they can muster.

The plan led by the U.S., Europe and Israel, and what they called anti-terrorism was in fact the plan to siege the Islamic world and carve it up all over again.

Their actions, which included exhausting countries, shrinking and invading them, pitting them against each other, were in complete opposition to their words. This plan is the West’s greatest hypocrisy in the world, especially towards to Muslim world.

Turkey is the sole country capable of reviving this power

Turkey was with the Muslim world during every stage of the fight against terrorism, because it knew terrorism would be destructive for the region. It had been fighting terrorism for half a century. But it was not enough. It would never be enough, because the West had other ill-intentioned plans.

Turkey is the region’s biggest power. It has been shaping this region for centuries; it has a rich imperial heritage, a long history of struggle with the West, and is the sole country capable of reviving this power.

A century later, they had no choice but to accept that the project aimed at detaching Turkey from Islam failed.

Yes, the empire is making a comeback. There’s nothing anyone can do to prevent it

The threat targeting our country today is being implemented with methods similar to those the West used in its fight against the Soviets, the plan to eliminate it and distance it from the power domain.

The more Turkey defiantly rejected surrendering, the harsher the attacks became. The front was also further expanded and new members joined.

The Western media’s “comeback of the empire” descriptions, articles stating that Turkey, China and Russia are aiming to shake up the Western world order and the global system explain the extent . Hence, it is not difficult to guess how far the siege will extend and where new fronts will be established.

The siege cannot stop Turkey. Don’t expect this to happen in 21st century!

Turkey no longer has the luxury to say “yes.” It certainly does not have the luxury to re-enter the Western system and become a “front country,” a “garrison country” all over again. The siege cannot possibly stop Turkey, and it will not happen in this century either.

They have much bigger problems than we do. The world is changing at a scale never before seen in the last two world wars. The colonial era, which had been continuing for five centuries, is becoming history. The world order that is associated with this is collapsing. Wealth and the power domain are falling apart. There had never been such power domains against the West. This is happening for the first time.

This is clearly visible not only in Turkey-West relations but in the West’s relations with the rest of the world as well. The Atlantic axis will never again have the power to rule the world by itself.

July 15 is a milestone: That resistance took action

Efforts during such a transition period to keep Turkey on their puppet strings is nothing but a dream. If Turkey were to succumb to this, it would be suicide.

The defeat of the July 15 coup attempt in 2016 was a milestone. Had it been successful, the 21st century would have been over for Turkey. But the exact opposite happened. Imperial experience, a state mind dating back centuries, and the political legacy took action. In this sense, July 15 led to a shock effect and caused Turkey to gain momentum.

What happened next?

The siege from the Iraqi border was broken. The siege from the Syrian border was broken. The plans to corner Turkey in the East Mediterranean collapsed. The Turkey resistance took action in the Aegean and claims were laid on the table.

Regardless of what they do, this is how things will pan out from now on. In every location they form a siege front, Turkey will establish its own – much deeper than theirs.

No threat, no plot can make Turkey kneel

Frankly, no siege is capable of stopping Turkey. No threat can make it step back. No game can muddle its political mind. No internal political operation can weaken the central power domain.

The West and its allies in the region have no option – and will have no option – other than to accept Turkey’s power and rise. They think they are going to be victorious again like they were a century ago.

We were on the verge of collapse a century ago. We were worn out and they were becoming stronger. Thus, they struck the final blow. But today, we are rising. We are in a rising period; they have become old, weak, stagnant, and tense. Those tactics and plans will not work.

It's time to decide who’s on Turkey’s side and who isn’t

All these developments need to be carefully scrutinized. No political plan, party, identity, objective or concern is above this. Every move, every person and group that will weaken Turkey, this great struggle, will be responsible for the showdown of centuries.

What matters is not which party, which political circle you belong to but where you stand. Everyone’s responsibility, the roles they have assumed will be identified based on this.

There is now a Turkey axis. It is time to determine who is on the Turkey axis and who is against it.

A fight as great as World War I has started! While they are almost declaring another series of Crusades, nobody has any patience left for those causing confusion within the country.


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