Sieging the Muslim world from the East: the terror wave in Asia will only intensify. Laying siege to Turkey from all four corners: That’s when all hell will break loose! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Sieging the Muslim world from the East: the terror wave in Asia will only intensify. Laying siege to Turkey from all four corners: That’s when all hell will break loose!

Sri Lanka experienced intense terror attacks that led the world to panic on Sunday. As many as 290 people lost their lives as bombs went off in churches and hotels. A total of 84 bomb detonators were discovered yesterday in the country.

After the attack that turned the Islamic Friday prayer in New Zealand into a massacre, this is the second phase of the terror storm that hit Asia, and it is going to intensify. There will be more to follow; there will be new terrorist attacks aimed at escalating the conflicts between the Muslim world and China and India.

Of course, a seemingly “Islamic” terror organization was going to be seen as responsible for the attacks, and so it came to be: the “National Tawhid Jamaat.” Do not attempt to understand these incidents through an organization – you will not be able to reach any conclusions.

Will the Muslim world be made to clash

with the Buddhist-Hindu world? Why?

For some time now, I have been trying to draw attention to certain things through the theme of “Sieging Islam from the East.” Immediately following the New Zealand attack, I had discussed the topic again, and shared my concerns with respect to new attacks.

Allow me to recall what I wrote:

Is Islam going to be turned into a common problem for all civilizations? Are the Buddhist and Hindu civilization going to clash with Islam now too, in addition to the clashes of Western, Jewish and Christian civilizations with Islam?

They are trying to indoctrinate the theory that “Islam has a problem with all civilizations”

Is Islam going to be turned into a common problem for all civilizations? Are the Buddhist and Hindu civilizations going to clash with Islam now too, in addition to the clashes of Western, Jewish and Christian civilizations have with Islam?

The Western political mind’s threat perception and interventions aimed at the Muslim world – though it tries to promote it through other discourses – are completely based on the civilization axis.

This mind, whose own intelligence organizations are revealed to be behind every terrorist group using the Islamic identity, sees the Muslim world as the sole powerful political theory and threat against the West’s global dominance.

In this case, a great plan aimed at sieging the Muslim world from all corners, leading it to endless wars amongst itself, turning all differences and identities into a reason for conflict for these civil wars, and bringing the Islamic civilization to conflict with all civilizations of the world is being implemented.

The West wants to use the Muslim world as a weapon, drag it into endless civil wars

The West is carrying out an open war against Islam and Muslims. It is applying a comprehensive plan aimed at collapsing the Muslim region and its political authorities. It did not stop there and started a brand new process to get Eastern civilizations to join the war against Islam. According to this interpretation, Kashmir, East Turkestan, China and the Malay world are going to be activated.

As the West does all this, it uses Muslims as its most effective weapon. It is also able to use Muslims as the most convenient tool in the global power struggle.

The effects of the power struggle between the Atlantic and China, the Atlantic and Russia, and the Atlantic and Europe is sensed the strongest in the Muslim world. We see the destruction this fight is leading to in every area, from the depths of Africa to Mesopotamia, from Central and South Asia to Indonesia, and we will continue to see a lot more. The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Syria war, the chaos in Libya, the coup in Sudan, and the July 15, 2016 attack in Turkey are all main fronts of this war.

Turkey under siege: A new multinational intervention?

Turkey is right at the center of this global conflict due to its geographical position and political history, and as the most deep-seated power of the Muslim world. Therefore, it is being sieged from the north of Syria. Therefore, there are efforts to corner it in the East Mediterranean.

Therefore, there are efforts to cut its ties to Libya, Sudan and Somalia. This is the reason why it has been made to deal with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) for years, and this is the reason why there are efforts to turn it into Syria through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ).

Efforts-- similar to the efforts to siege the Muslim world from all regions and drag it into endless wars-- are being made by circles in Turkey to drag the country into grave chaos,.

This alone indicates the kind of power Turkey is, the kind of upward trend it is following, the kind of great fights it is involved in. Preparations are being made for a new multinational intervention, similar to the foreign intervention in the Gezi Park events and the multinational intervention on July 15.

Turkey is being targeted because it turned to its own historical memory vault for guidance. This is the message!

If a message was being sent to Turkey through the terror attack on New Zealand, if a message is being sent through each and every development in the Muslim world, then those groups sending them are the masters behind the new formation in the country.

Turkey is the target of the West’s global civilization war. It i has become a target for being the leader of the Muslim world. It is the target as a result of its centuries-old struggle with the West .

It has become a target for being a country with the potential to challenge the West’s global colonial order. Turkey is a target because it has turned towards its own historical vault. Open your eyes and look around. Look towards the Aegean, the Mediterranean and towards Syria. Look at every country and region that Turkey has influence over. What will you see?

A new storm is brewing, preparations are being made for it

Conflicts and interventions are here. We are the country they want to siege. This is not paranoia; a storm is brewing, and we will soon see the sort of tremor it will cause. Right at this moment, look at what is happening within, who is working to settle into which front.

Whenever a web is woven around us, all hell breaks loose inside the country. If all hell breaks loose, the quietly-planned plots around us are revealed. What is happening in the country today is a part of what is happening abroad. Those forming the basis of the internal invasion are preparing for a severe new intervention on Turkey.

This new movement is the architect off the partnership between the PKK and FETÖ in the March 31 elections. It is that mind that openly assembled political parties and terrorist organizations together under a single roof. These groups are the architects of the organized theft targeting the election, the coup on the will of the voters.

They plan to attack whatever is national!

They are the ones who turned everyone who is devoted to Turkey’s fight into targets. They are the ones who are shamelessly attacking the political conscious that built the region, that has been making history since the Seljuks. They are the ones who made plans in Turkey for this new scenario, assembled men and unleashed them on the ground.

Turkey transcends its own borders through its millennium-long history in the region; just take a look at what transpired back then to understand what’s at stake. You just need to pay attention to which multinational mind those native agents agents are slyly hiding behind.


Are these less significant than that attack?

The attack on the leader of Turkey’s main opposition, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), at a martyr’s funeral is certainly unacceptable. Hence, it was condemned by all. I wish him a speedy recovery.


I am saying “but” here specifically, because this time there really is a need for it.

Was acting in cooperation with the PKK, those who point weapons at this country less significant than that punch? Was the cooperation with FETÖ, which openly attacked this country on July 15, which did the greatest betrayal in our history, lighter than that punch?

Was building a joint front with terrorist organizations lighter than that punch?

Was mocking those who were martyred in the fight against terrorism and their grieving families lighter than that punch?

Was mocking the religious values, the faith and morality of this nation lighter than that punch?

Was threatening Turkey for the S-400s, the F-35s, for Cyprus, for the most sensitive topics concerning this country’s survival less significant?

Is surrendering Turkey’s founding party to the hands of terrorists, receiving consecutive ultimatums from Qandil, getting blackmailed less significant than this?

Is applauding every country that intervenes in Turkey from abroad, while they could lean their back on Anatolia, on our people, on the Turkey axis less significant than this?

There is so much more to write…

But do not undermine or harm this nation’s conscience, its fury and memory!


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