Signatories! That answer was given on November 1 and can be given again! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Signatories! That answer was given on November 1 and can be given again!

The petition signed by 1,128 academics in support of terror, followed by the support campaigns carried out by actors and writers is not something to be taken lightly. When considered together with the troubles surrounding Turkey and the region, this attitude, which is beyond the revenge psychology that has become chronic, a completely different picture emerges. And this is a picture drawn in “hostility,” “treachery” and “slyness” and painted in dazzling colors and fancy words.

When you follow the crisis in Turkey carefully, the invasion attempts in certain parts of the country that are carried out under the name of “terror,” the reflections of the chaos right at the south of our borders, the complicated interventions aimed at taking our country hostage, you will see that there is no “freedom of expression,” to discuss, that a serious threat is being presented to Turkey and the attitude here is a clear “front attitude.”

It's not the Kurdish issue or terror, it is a new wave of war

A small number of “innocents” may have signed the petition unknowingly, but this is as foreign as its nature, reason to emerge, organization, backbone and the origin of the weapons used by the terror organization in Cizre. It is as much an enemy of Turkey as the invasion attempt in those regions. It is as filled with threat as much as the multinational anti-Turkey partnership formed in Syria.

The social separation projects, terror and “spokesmanship for invasion” presented under the “peace” pretext may have found a response in the past. Because back then the bad intention behind these actions would not be so clear. Because the sides were not clear, the crisis had not spread, the fronts were not certain and Turkey was never as much as a target as it is today.

This is the first time that Turkey is threatened with open war. Its cities and towns are being invaded. They want to turn it into Syria. We are now talking about a near threat that can no longer be discussed with the term “terror.” We are talking about a wave of war that has nothing to do with the Kurdish issue. We are witnessing a map work far beyond the terror and Kurdish issue.

That answer was given on November 1 and can be given again!

And our people understood this threat, defined it and saw what they are trying to put the country and nation up against. This is the response the people gave on November 1. This is why the people took control of the country's destiny on November 1. They felt the threat, noticed the danger approaching and figured out the game.

This is why, when everything is so clear, some people thinking that their slyness under the guise of “peace” will not be understood, is taking the entire country for fools. Those who dogmatize from their pedestal, those who back the invasion attempts carried out through the PKK, no longer have the skill and will not have the skill to camouflage themselves.

This is because the issue is no longer the PKK, it is a multinational partnership. It is an intervention – in which Western and Eastern invaders are involved – aimed at designing the interior, eliminating the current political understanding, trapping the country within borders again and in fact shrinking it further.

They are preparing a June 7 game

The position you take, your stance, the language you use, the words you speak in such a state, will give you away. You have no place to hide in such a time; everybody's every attitude can be questioned and defined.

We know that despite everybody behind this sly act being very aware that this no longer has anything to do with terror or the Kurdish issue, are trying to drag Turkey into a new wave of crisis starting from universities, to weaken social resistance, confuse us all and create uncertainty to form an atmosphere of domestic invasion through terror.

They played the same game before June 7. They succeeded too, to a certain extent. When their game was spoiled on November 1, they returned to their June 7 plots. The goal is the same, method is the same, the tool is different: Strike with terror, paralyze minds through psychological operations, set up a game with provocative terms.

'Open the Turkey front, we are ready'

Do those who have been feeding on gaining status and making a reputation through terror and the Kurdish issue for the last 30 years think we do not see the deadlocks to which they are dragging both politics and the people? Once this “market” weakened, they became the internal promoters of “open war.” With this they are trying to make a breakthrough, create a new “market,” regain their lost status and produce new strategic value for themselves. All these are a call for tender.

It is the “we are ready, give it to us,” call. Those who got the “Conditions have matured, open the Turkey front,” ahead of June 7 seem to have received a new order now. It is like they have received the order: “Yes, that front is out there, we have directed Turkey through terror to itself, weakened it in Syria and have put a couple states up against it. So start.” Some are now taking position in accordance with this order. They are finding a place for themselves in the front.

Both terror and the signatories are fighting a proxy war

Do not forget, the new front taking shape within Turkey and the joint front taking shape outside our borders are one and the same. Just as the states and organizations trying to push Turkey in a tight corner in Syria are working in cooperation, just as a new “terror umbrella” has been formed, the PKK and these signatories are working in cooperation on the inside. Just as the PKK is part of the open war, just as it is shooting bullets at the country and the people and it is making these attacks for a proxy war rather than the Kurdish issue, these signatories too are shooting bullets at the country and people, they too are in a “proxy war.” Do not forget, the “signatories” are the wick of all this. It will continue, be prepared for the next step of the campaign, it will become obvious very soon.

Those trying to stop Turkey through terror are providing arms to organizations while distributing tenders of internal conflict to these. Just as the weapons provided to the Iraqi administration, the weapons provided to the Democratic Union Party (PYD) in Syria are snuck into Cizre through Kobani, just as Turkey is struck with those weapons, the country is targeted through these and hit showered in bullets.

Those who joined the PKK and PYD with the other organizations, turned them into a single front, provide them with arms and logistics, those who strike Turkey through this front, who attempt to invade part of the country, are shaping brand new fronts through universities and certain social circles.

We will never respect you

This is what I mean when I say “Turkey is under attack,” “this is not terror, it is an invasion attempt,” when issuing warnings on the term “domestic invasion,” when making calls for a “ruthless resistance” against all this.

Do not pay attention to the “Killing campaigns have started,” “The political power is showing targets” discourses. They have always used these discourses as shields. Politics will not criticize, the newspapers will not criticize, but will do whatever they want. It is going to set up a trap for Turkey, arm in arm with terror. They are going to dogmatize from their pedestals and tune us all. Who do you think you are?

Why should we respect you, why should we take you seriously and believe your innocence? Have you for once done something in favor of this country and the people, have you for once defended this country and felt you belonged to it, have you ever respected this people?

The PRs of terror, those striking the country via the terror weapon, those insulting the people and those who take part in those covert operations have nothing left to say to us. They used their words like bullets and they have no more bullets left.

If Turkey resists, strike it, divide it into pieces, shrink it

The “100-year bracket” is not a simple expression. The “last war of independence” is not an ordinary statement. It is against these words that they waged war. A century later, they started to shoot bullets at their campaigns to stop Turkey. Although they speak in the name of the PKK, they are actually in the war in the name of much greater masters.

Those masters are the architects of the multinational division trying to besiege Turkey from all fronts and stop it. It is trying to exclude from this division and to strike and divide it into little pieces and re-draw the map of Anatolia if Turkey resists. These are the elements of the “first, elimination on the inside” plan which they have been re-formatting over and over again and presenting since the Gezi terror.

They are the extras of this big front…

We have known their type for the last century. They always existed and always will. But for the first time they have a great nation, a powerful political will and deep social memory against them.

You can be sure, this time, they will not succeed.


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